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 She was, of course, Fragrant Moon City's City Lord, Trần Xiangyue. If it wasn't for her Phoenix Qi, Xianru would not have asked Zhao Fu to stop, and he would have killed her.

As a City Lord, the Fate that Trần Xiangyue possessed was more powerful than ordinary families because she controlled at least a quarter of a region's Fate. Because she was a woman, this was the same for her Phoenix Qi, so she would be able to provide a large amount of Phoenix Qi for Great Qin.

After Zhao Fu destroyed Fragrant Moon City, took her City Lord Seal and killed her residents. She obviously looked at Zhao Fu hatefully.

Apart from Trần Xiangyue, there was also one of Fragrant Moon City's Generals, whose name was Fu Qing.

She looked both a bit feminine and masculine, and she also looked quite pretty. Her body was tall and slim, and she had short hair and a relatively flat chest. She also furiously glared at Zhao Fu because he dared to treat her City Lord in such a manner.

The third woman was a player called Hu Meile, a star in Vietnam. She was quite famous and was naturally quite beautiful, and she also had a slim figure. She had been forced to eat a Reality Fruit already, so her real body was now within the Heaven Awaken World.

The remaining two women were direct descendants from large Vietnamese families, and they were called Yi Banxue and Yang Xi. Their looks were quite delicate, and they had willowy figures and noble auras. They were both players who had also eaten Reality Fruits.

These three people looked at Zhao Fu in fear because their lives were completely within Zhao Fu's control. He could do whatever he wanted to them.

Back when he had attacked Heavenstone City, Zhao Fu had wanted to capture some women from the large families to provide Phoenix Qi for Great Qin. He had not forgotten what those large families had done to Great Qin, so he would not show any mercy to them.

It was a pity that he had used most of the players to attack Heavenstone City, so it would not have been good to then capture some of them afterward.

However, this time, things were different - even though he had used players to attack the two Vietnamese system main cities, these people were instead the 'enemy,' so Great Qin could openly capture women with Phoenix Qi.

However, there were very few women with Phoenix Qi, only a few of them out of the hundreds of thousands of people. Not including Trần Xiangyue and Fu Qing, they had only found three people.

"What do you want with us?" Trần Xiangyue asked vehemently as she coldly looked at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu slightly frowned and ignored her. He stretched out his hand, and Xianru handed five pieces of paper to Zhao Fu.

Because Zhao Fu had wanted to see how the Emperor Phoenix Statute absorbed Phoenix Qi, Zhao Fu personally took the two women to the Heaven Prayer Platform last time. Now that he had seen it, there was no need to go all the way there; he could give them titles as Imperial Concubines anywhere.

Zhao Fu opened his hand, and a formless energy lifted the five pieces of paper into the air. Zhao Fu then took out the Imperial Ruler's Seal and stamped it on the five pieces of paper. The five ordinary pieces of paper started to give off a golden light and an aura of holiness and might.

"We, Great Qin's Legatee, the future ruler of the Great Qin Empire, confer on the five of you the title Imperial Concubine of Great Qin!"

Trần Xiangyue's face fell - she now knew why Zhao Fu had spared her; it was to make her his woman. However, how could Trần Xiangyue agree? Zhao Fu had just destroyed Fragrant Moon City, killed countless residents, and executed Hồ Ming, who she had had a good relationship with.

"I refuse! I won't become your woman. You're better off killing me!" Trần Xiangyue said resolutely.

Seeing this, Fu Qing also said, "I refuse as well! I won't become my enemy's woman!"

The three other women reacted completely differently. Hu Meile looked quite delighted - even though she was a star in Vietnam and seemed incredibly rich and popular, she did not have any real power.

The fact that the Heaven Awaken World would devour the real world was no longer a secret, and only some naïve ordinary people still did not know about this. Hu Meile wanted to find a powerful backer, and Great Qin was the best choice. With Great Qin's power, she would be able to obtain everything that she wanted.

"Your Majesty, I'm willing to be your concubine. I'm also a virgin, and I'll do my best to serve Your Majesty and fulfill all of your desires!" Hu Meile's face was a bit red, but she still spoke with a confident smile on her face. She knew that any man would want a virgin, so perhaps Great Qin would want her virgin body.

Yi Banxue and Yang Xi hesitated. As women from large families, they did not care too much about such a thing, as their main role was to form marriage alliances for their families. Even if they refused, they had to marry whoever their families chose for them.

Now that their lives were in his hands, they could not resist, so they might as well agree. Perhaps that would allow them to have better lives, and they might even be able to help their families.

"Your Majesty, we're also willing to become your concubines," the two women said as they paid their respects to Zhao Fu.

Fu Qing coldly harrumphed, despising the three women for lusting after wealth and power and fearing death.

Zhao Fu ignored the five women's words and flicked his hand, and the five pieces of paper turned into five golden rays of light that shot into the five people's bodies. Zhao Fu looked at them calmly and said, "You have no right to refuse!"

As the five golden rays of light shot into their bodies, their bodies trembled, and they felt a formless power descend into them - this was Great Qin's Fate, and as Imperial Concubines, they obtained a large amount of Fate.

At the same time, a golden aura rose up from their bodies, floated towards the Heaven Prayer Platform, and entered the Emperor Phoenix Statue.

The five people's Phoenix Qi caused the Emperor Phoenix Statue to look even more real, and it became even more powerful.

"Hmph!" Trần Xiangyue could feel the changes in her body, and she could tell that she had indeed become Zhao Fu's concubine.

However, she coldly harrumphed and grabbed her hairpin, aiming it at her neck. Even though her Cultivation had been sealed and her spatial ring taken, she still had all of the accessories on her body. "Indeed, I can't resist, but I'd rather die than be your woman!"

Seeing this, Fu Qing took out a small blade and also aimed it at her neck, saying, "This subordinate is willing to die with the City Lord; I'll never submit to this person!"

Just as they were about to slit their own throats, a massive and terrifying aura burst forth, causing the atmosphere within the hall to freeze. A formless energy instantly locked down the two women.

The other people fearfully looked at Zhao Fu, whose calm face was now incredibly cold. Everyone could feel his anger, and none of them dared to make a sound.

"You can try that again, but if you do, I'll slaughter everyone in Fragrant Moon City. I'll make sure everyone close to you will wish they were dead!" Zhao Fu's voice, filled with killing intent, filled the hall.