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 The second system announcement was even more important than the previous one because it concerned the collective Fate of a nation.

When this system announcement sounded out, all Chinese and Vietnamese players were greatly shocked. From the beginning, they had all paid close attention to this battle, so they had quickly found out that the Vietnamese side had lost. This was not very surprising, as they were facing Great Qin.

With Great Qin's mighty power and terrifying methods, it had almost caused the destruction of the Heaven Awaken World, so how could ordinary people be a match for it? As such, it was not a big surprise that Great Qin had won.

However, what shocked them was that destroying the two Vietnamese system main cities would increase a nation's collective Fate.

Nonetheless, after they thought about it, they understood - there was a correlation between territory and Fate, and now that this region belonged to China, the Fate from that region would belong to China.

This was incredibly good for the Chinese side. More Fate meant better opportunities, better luck, and more power. After all, the strength or weakness of a nation's Fate determined its direction.

When this system announcement sounded out, the Vietnamese players continuously cursed at Great Qin for being ruthless and savage, while the Chinese side was delighted and praised Great Qin for being mighty and bringing glory to China.

The third system announcement was about the Boundary Medallions. No one knew how many Boundary Medallions there would be; if there were many of them, people would swarm to the boundary regions, causing the chaotic boundary regions to become even more bloody and cruel.

Zhao Fu felt that there probably were not many Boundary Medallions, but there wouldn't be too few either. If there were too many, massive battles between nations would erupt when it was not time yet. After all, it would be more convenient after the paths between regions were opened up.

Zhao Fu felt that the Boundary Medallions foreshadowed the hatred between nations, and there would be incomparable battles between nations in the future. As such, there probably were not just a few Boundary Medallions either.

The appearance of Boundary Medallions made it difficult for Great Qin to continue to act against boundary regions. Zhao Fu thought about it and did not plant to continue attacking other boundary regions.

After putting away Flowing Water City and Fragrant Moon City's City Creation Stones, the battles inside the city had more or less finished, and most of the Vietnamese people had been killed. There was also a small portion of Vietnamese people who broke through and escaped while the Chinese side had been pillaging.

There were roughly 80,000 to 90,000 Vietnamese people who had escaped, but they would not be able much of a threat in the future, so no one paid much attention to them.

There were roughly 400,000 or so injuries and casualties on the Chinese side, which was quite good. After all, the Vietnamese side also had more than two million players, so suffering such a relatively small loss was incredibly good.

Apart from losing some Skeletons, Great Qin did not suffer many injuries or casualties. After all, Great Qin's soldiers had not participated in a lot of direct fighting, and most of that had been done by players.

There were 320,000 people who surrendered. 270,000 were from Fragrant Moon City while only 50,000 were from Flowing Water City. The others either fought to the death or escaped with the Vietnamese players.

The Chinese players who had survived were ecstatic, as they had made great gains. Just the equipment and coins that they picked up were enough to make them rich.

According to their agreement, all of the Vietnamese resources, such as mines, forests, and medicinal gardens, were given to the Chinese system main cities.

Even though they had received massive benefits, the two Chinese City Lords couldn't feel happy. Seeing Great Qin obtain so many people as well as two City Lord Seals, its power had once again greatly increased, and they felt even more afraid of Great Qin.

Luckily, Great Qin had immediately left afterward, allowing the two City Lords to let out a sigh of relief. The battle had finally concluded!

After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu re-established the two Vietnamese system main cities and gave Flowing Water City's City Lord Seal to Zhang Han.

Zhang Han was still only SS grade because Zhao Fu had not found any other Legatees recently. It was not easy to find the corpses of historical Generals, so Zhang Han was still SS grade and did not have a main General Star yet.

However, Great Qin already had two S grade corpses, and it was still lacking one SS and one S grade corpse to fuse together a SSS grade Innate Talent Blood Crystal.

As for Fragrant Moon City's City Lord Seal, Zhao Fu planned to give it to Xianru. She would always be by his side in the future, and giving her a City Lord Seal would increase her battle potential.

Xianru had powerful Yin Yang techniques, which were mysterious and useful. With the power from a City Lord Seal, her Yin Yang techniques would definitely become more terrifying, and they could be of great use in key moments.

Xianru felt quite surprised, as she had never expected Zhao Fu to give her a City Lord Seal.

However, to be valued so highly by Zhao Fu, Xianru felt quite happy, and she accepted the City Lord Seal after thanking him.

None of Zhao Fu's Generals had any objections to giving the City Lord Seal to Xianru because they supported Zhao Fu's decisions.

Only Xiao Jian and Zhang Dahu were a bit disappointed. After all, Zhang Han was Great Qin's final historical General, and even though there were historical Generals from the surrendered States who had not joined for very long, Zhao Fu would not give something as important as a City Lord Seal to them.

If it wasn't for Xianru, one of them would have obtained the City Lord Seal, boosting them to be one of the most important and powerful figures in Great Qin.

Even though they were a bit disappointed, both people could understand Zhao Fu's decision. With Great Qin's strength, there would be more and more City Lord Seals in the future, so they didn't have to be too disappointed as they would receive one sooner or later.

These two system main cities were both Vietnamese system main cities, but they could still have Chinese City Lords. Even though they belonged to different nations, they were still of the same race.

However, after a Chinese City Lord was instated and the majority of the residents were Chinese, the system main cities would only spawn Chinese indigenous residents. The fewer cities that a race had, the less its population would be. Without any cities, a race would die out completely.

After taking care of these matters, Zhao Fu dismissed the Generals before turning to Xianru and saying, "Bring them in!"

Xianru lightly smiled and nodded before turning to the people beside her, who quickly went out. Soon, five women were brought into the hall.

These five women were all very pretty, and they had snow-white skin and graceful figures. Their demeanors were quite extraordinary, and they could be said to be rarely-seen beauties.

After the five women were brought in, their gazes were either filled with hatred, anger, or fear. One of them was a person Zhao Fu had seen not too long ago.