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 Even though Trần Xiangyue could not take the City Creation Stone, staying alive was not a bad result. What's more, as long as she controlled the City Lord Seal, even if the enemy conquered Fragrant Moon City, they would not be able to truly control it. In the future, she would still have an opportunity to make a comeback.

Trần Xiangyue held onto this bit of hope and quickly flew away. The scenery around her flashed by as she traveled incredibly quickly with her secretly technique.

Clang, clang, clang...

The massive sounds of chains rang out, giving Trần Xiangyue a big fright. She felt that her speed had suddenly decreased, but just as she was about to do something, countless chains shot out from the air and locked her up in the air.

Chi, chi, chi...

Trần Xiangyue turned, and her pupils constricted as she saw Hồ Ming's body being pierced by chains. His body had been completely destroyed by the chains, and there was a look of confusion on his face. The scene became silent, and blood dripped down from the air.

Zhao Fu had been watching from afar this entire time, and he finally decided to step in.

"Your Majesty, forgive us for being incompetent!" Great Qin's seven City Lords came over and lowered their heads as they spoke. They had almost let one of the Vietnamese City Lords escape - if it had been a one on one situation, that would have been fine, but they had had an overwhelming numbers advantage.

Zhao Fu nodded but did not blame them - Hồ Ming had used up almost all of his lifeforce to release that attack, and the power it contained was quite terrifying, and it had been difficult to block. If they directly went against it, they would have been heavily injured.

However, because of that, Zhao Fu had been able to easily kill Hồ Ming.

Zhao Fu grabbed at the air, and the City Lord Seal that floated out of Hồ Ming's corpse came into his hands. Zhao Fu went over to Trần Xiangyue's side and looked at her with his blood-red eyes as he coldly smiled and said, "Did you really think that you could escape? Have you forgotten what I said back then?"

Trần Xiangyue furiously and spitefully looked at Zhao Fu before turning her head aside, ignoring Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu did not mind and lightly stretched out his hand and grabbed her neck. Feeling that she was about to die, Trần Xiangyue's body started to struggle, but Zhao Fu's grip tightened...

"Your Majesty, it's best to let her off," Xianru said as she smiled and flew over to Zhao Fu.

Because Xianru could see Fate, Zhao Fu often brought her along, and because she had a Flight Stone, she could also stand in the air.

Seeing that Xianru had come, Zhao Fu knew her intentions, so he stopped. However, he grabbed at the air towards Trần Xiangyue's stomach.

Trần Xiangyue cried out in pain and coughed up a mouthful of blood as a green City Lord Seal slowly floated out of Trần Xiangyue's body and came into Zhao Fu's hands. After this, Trần Xiangyue's constitution greatly weakened.

Zhao Fu released Trần Xiangyue from the chains - now, not only had her City Lord Seal been taken away, but Zhao Fu had also sealed her Cultivation with the City Lord Seal's power. She was now just an ordinary person.

"Why don't you just kill me?" Trần Xiangyue hatefully looked at Zhao Fu, feeling quite surprised. She could tell that this person had been about to kill her, but he had suddenly stopped.

Zhao Fu did not bother replying to her, and turned to Xianru and said, "I'll leave her to you then."

Xianru nodded and looked at the Trần Xiangyue. Facing Xianru's gaze, Trần Xiangyue felt an ominous feeling.

Zhao Fu went above Fragrant Moon City and said loudly, "I have killed Flowing Water City's City Lord and captured Fragrant Moon City's City Lord. If you surrender, you will live - but this is limited to the indigenous residents. For those of you on the Chinese side, do not touch anyone who has surrendered, but you may do as you wish to those who resist!"

After hearing Zhao Fu's words, some of the Vietnamese indigenous residents immediately knelt on the ground and chose to surrender, and the Chinese people did not dare to do anything. Now that Great Qin had said such a thing and after seeing how terrifying Great Qin was, none of them dared to offend Great Qin. Moreover, they had only been able to take down Fragrant Moon City because of Great Qin, so they could only comply.

However, even though some Vietnamese indigenous residents surrendered, there were still other Vietnamese indigenous residents and players who did not surrender, and they were killed.

Looking at the pitiful state of the city below, Trần Xiangyue couldn't bear to watch on. They were her residents, so even though she was unwilling, she still said in a loud voice, "Fragrant Moon City Residents, now that things have come to this, don't resist and please surrender!"

Zhao Fu looked at Trần Xiangyue in surprise - he had never thought that she would help convince them to surrender. However, he understood that she didn't want those innocent people to die for nothing.

Hearing their City Lord speak, many of Fragrant Moon City's residents decided to surrender, but most of Flowing Water City's residents still vigorously resisted.

Zhao Fu did not say anything and brought the two City Lord Seals to the City Halls. Zhao Fu first chose to conquer Flowing Water City. It was a pity that it had just been relocated, so he barely obtained anything - there were no Achievement Points, War Points, and EXP. There was only some Fate, which was even less than a normal system main city's - it seemed that cities could not be rashly moved about.

Following this, Zhao Fu went to Fragrant Moon City's City Hall and chose to conquer and relocate it.

"System announcement! Congratulations, you have conquered a system main city and obtained 5,000 Achievement Points."

"System announcement! Because you are a Legatee, you have obtained a large amount of this region's Fate."

"System announcement! You have relocated a system main city and obtained 860,000 EXP."

"System announcement! Congratulations, you have obtained 200 War Points."

"System announcement! Your Chaotic World Stone Stele has reached Level 4 and can exchange Legendary grade items."

Zhao Fu looked through these system announcements and did not pay them much mind, but following this, he received three more system announcements that he did care about.

The first was a region system announcement: "This region's two Vietnamese system main cities have been conquered, so this region will no longer spawn Vietnamese players unless a Vietnamese system main city is re-established!"

The second was a nation system announcement, which all Chinese and Vietnamese players could hear: "Tree Nam region has been conquered by China, and Vietnam's collective Fate has been weakened while China's collective Fate has increased."

The third was a world system announcement: "The requirements for unlocking Boundary Medallions have been fulfilled. From today onwards, Boundary Medallions will appear all over the world, and they will transport one to a boundary region."

The three system announcements were quite important. The first system announcement told everyone in the region that Vietnamese players would no longer be spawning here, meaning that this region now belonged to China.

Zhao Fu had actually expected such a thing - relocating four system main cities before had resulted in a similar system announcement, but that one had been a nation system announcement that all of China could hear.

This system announcement meant that all of the remaining Vietnamese people in this region were in an incredibly weak position, and they could only be bullied by the Chinese side.

After all, as the Vietnamese players died, there would be less and less of them; how could they fight against China? The Vietnamese players and indigenous residents in the wilderness would lead difficult lives from now on.