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 After the wave of arrows, the Vietnamese people decided to retaliate. Even though Great Qin's arrows were terrifying, they couldn't just sit there and wait to die.

However, a sudden chill could be felt as ghostly qi started to spread over, covering most of them in an instant.

Within the ghostly qi, it was incredibly dim, and the atmosphere was quite terrifying. There was a gray ghostly moon in the sky giving off eerie moonlight, making those who saw it feel their hairs stand on end.

"Arghhhh!!!" Malicious Ghosts howled as they suddenly appeared and dove at the Vietnamese people. Facing this ocean-like attack, the Vietnamese people were scared out of their wits and screamed as they started to run.

The minority of people who hadn't been covered by the ghostly qi heard those screams and immediately retreated, not daring to get close to the ghostly qi.

In just a few moments, the eastern city wall fell silent, making the scene seem quite strange.

After detecting the changes at the eastern city wall, the other Chinese people attacked the three other city walls even more ferociously. This was no less than expected from Great Qin - they had controlled the eastern city wall in an instant and pushed them even closer to victory.

"Charge, brothers! Kill them all and take their things!" a man roared, and the Chinese people started to attack even more savagely. The Vietnamese people's expressions became quite grim, and their morale plummeted.

The two Vietnamese City Lords battling in the air could not pay any attention to the situation below because the slightest bit of careless would spell the end of their lives.

Seeing that the eastern city wall was under their control, Zhao Fu took out a gray rock orb and summoned the five Rock Puppets. A formless energy rippled out as large boulders started to gather and formed five Rock Puppets that were ten meters tall.

After the Rock Puppets appeared, Zhao Fu sent his power into the rock orb floating above his hand, causing it to buzz. A formless energy lifted up the five Rock Puppets, causing them to slowly float upwards until they were on the city wall.

The five Rock Puppets did not have any life, so they were not affected by their environment. After being delivered by Zhao Fu onto the city wall, Zhao Fu gave them the order to kill everything around them, which were the people within the Dark Ghost World.

The Rock Puppets swung their arms, their massive power causing gusts of wind. Their attacks either crushed people on the spot or sent them flying dozens of meters, gravely injuring them or killing them.

Blood and corpses instantly covered the eastern city wall, and the five Rock Puppets were like war machines that continuously took life after life.

Even though the five Rock Puppets were massacring the people on the eastern wall incredibly quickly, Zhao Fu felt that it was still too slow.

As such, Zhao Fu pointed forward, and ten Disaster Cavalrymen covered with a black fog and leading an army of Skeletons entered the battlefield.

Skeletons were Undead creatures and only had a bit of intelligence, so they had some resistance to illusions. These Skeletons also had the Disaster attribute, so they were more powerful and intelligent than ordinary Skeletons, who only had basic instincts.

Black tongues of flames flickered in the heads of the Skeletons, and they gave off a monstrous aura as they slowly climbed up the eastern city wall and started killing the people there.

With 150,000 Skeletons joining, the rate at which the Vietnamese people on the eastern city wall were being killed became many times faster. A while later, Zhao Fu felt that they were about done, so he ordered the Hundred Ghost Illusionists to cancel the Dark Ghost World. The eastern city wall was now covered with corpses and blood, and the putrid stench of blood hung in the air.

Only now did Zhao Fu have Great Qin's soldiers advance. Zhao Fu was not so stupid as to use his soldiers to directly fight against the enemy; since he had better methods, why would he go for a direct confrontation?

The Rock Puppets and countless Skeletons started to move towards the two adjacent city walls. Zhao Fu did not care too much if they died here, because he could re-summon them at any time. However, Great Qin's soldiers were different - they were alive, so Zhao Fu treated them as if they were precious gems.

Great Qin's soldiers easily took control of the eastern city wall and opened the city gates. Countless soldiers flooded in, and even though some people ran over to try to stop them, they were instantly killed by Great Qin's soldiers.

After the eastern city wall was breached, the Vietnamese side's morale plummeted greatly. The northern and southern city walls were now also being attacked by the Rock Puppets and Skeletons, and with their help, the other Chinese people were able to take over those two city walls.

Now, only the western city wall was still resisting. However, after hearing that the three other city walls had been breached, the people there scattered and ran because they knew that they had already lost. If they didn't escape, all that would be waiting for them would be death.

As these people ran, the western side was also easily taken down. Now, all of Fragrant Moon City had been taken by the Chinese side, and the Vietnamese side had lost.

Countless Chinese people excitedly rushed into the city and killed any Vietnamese people they saw, pillaging anything of worth. Some people even lewdly grinned and leaped at some Vietnamese women. Immediately, Fragrant Moon City descended into chaos, and screams sounded out everywhere - this was the consequence of losing.

Great Qin's soldiers remained at the eastern city wall and did not enter Fragrant Moon City because of the promise Zhao Fu had made. Even though Fragrant Moon City had lost, it still had a bit of resistance left in it, and because Great Qin would not be taking anything, it would not help in killing the remnants either.

In the air, under the combined attacks of nine City Lords, the two Vietnamese City Lords' bodies were covered with wounds, and their clothes were stained with blood, making them look quite pitiful.

"Xiangyue, I'll stall them; you need to run!" Hồ Ming sad as he looked at the nine people surrounding him and Trần Xiangyue.

Seeing that Fragrant Moon City had been taken over and that they had lost, Hồ Ming knew that if they didn't escape, they would definitely die here. He had dragged Trần Xiangyue into this, so he felt quite guilty. As such, he planned on using all of his might to allow her to escape. Trần Xiangyue sighed, and her eyes looked quite dim. However, she understood that this was their only option. It was a pity that even if she escaped, Fragrant Moon City's residents would still be slaughtered.

However, as long as she was able to escape, there would be opportunities in the future. Trần Xiangyue's gaze became determined, and she looked at Zhao Fu hatefully before nodding at Hồ Ming and saying, "In the future, I'll take revenge for you and myself!"

Hồ Ming smiled and suddenly exploded out with a terrifying burst of strength. His hair gradually became white, and he rapidly aged - he was burning his lifeforce in order to obtain great power.


Hồ Ming vigorously slashed out with his sword, seeming to cause the heavens and earth to become dim. A massive crescent-shaped saber light that gave off an incredibly sharp saber qi blasted out, and it was as if he wanted to tear space itself apart.

Such a terrifying attack shocked the nine City Lords, and they retreated. At that moment, Trần Xiangyue grasped this opportunity and used a secret technique to raise her speed to the limit, and she turned into a ray of light as she escaped.