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 After everyone surrendered, Zhao Fu left the management of all of these people to Bai Qi. Zhao Fu stepped over corpse after corpse and went to the Goblin Village's Village Hall. Unsurprisingly, the Goblin Village was an Advanced Village and Blue grade.

Zhao Fu chose to conquer it and [Relocate] it, and he received a system announcement telling him that he had obtained 200 Achievement Points and 4,340 EXP.

Zhao Fu was quite happy that he had obtained so many Achievement Points and so much EXP all of a sudden - these were the benefits of conquering an Advanced Village. Right now, the Great Qin Village was only an Intermediate Village and required 30,000 EXP to level up to an Advanced Village. After receiving so much EXP, it was quite close to leveling up again.

Because the Elf Village was quite close, Zhao Fu took his soldiers to the Elf Village. The Elves inside the village received system announcements that their Chief had surrendered, but they were still surprised to see so many Outlanders walk in: there were Kobolds, Goblins, Gnomes, and even the terrifying Orcs.

As such, most of the Elves did not dare to approach, and they stood far away as they looked at them fearfully.

Daisy brought Zhao Fu into the Elf Village and walked towards the Village Hall. At this moment, a 15 or 16-year-old Elf girl ran over and tugged at Daisy's arm before burying her head into Daisy's embrace. She asked nervously, "Mother, what's going on?"

Daisy looked at her daughter lovingly and stroked her head as she said softly, "We'll talk later!" Daisy then turned to Zhao Fu and introduced them, "Your Majesty, this is my daughter, Asani."

Zhao Fu looked at Asani. She was also quite beautiful and had delicate features. She looked a lot like her mother, but she had an air of tenderness about her.

Zhao Fu nodded, indicating that he understood.

Following this, Daisy brought Zhao Fu into the Village Hall. Zhao Fu looked at the Elf Village's stats and found that it was also a Blue grade Advanced Village. Just as he was about to conquer and [Relocate] it, he suddenly thought of something and went to the Elf Barracks.

[Elven Archer]: E- grade Military. Description: All Elves are proficient at archery and using swords. Effect: Receives [Bow and Sword Control].

[Elven Priest]: D- grade Military. Description: A Priest among Elves. Effect: Receives [Power of Life].

Zhao Fu was quite surprised when he saw a Profession Change Stone Stele for Elven Priest. After all, a Priest was a special profession, and one could only obtain that profession through a godly spirit. That was why Zhao Fu felt that this was quite strange.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu asked Daisy about it. She explained that every Elf was a child of the great Goddess of Life, so all Elves could become a Priest through such means.

Zhao Fu remembered that the most eye-catching profession in the chaotic three-way battle was the Strong Orc. When the Strong Orcs started to fight, their eyes became blood-shot and their muscles became incredibly taut. They became incredibly valiant and fearless, making anyone feel terrified when seeing them fight. Next were the Goblin Warriors, who brandished their short sabers as they took life after life.

After them were the Elves holding wooden staffs. They could release a green light to heal the injured and could also use offensive magic - wooden spikes that were 1 meter long and would pierce the enemies.

Those were most likely the Elven Priests. Just like Zhao Fu's Demon Priest profession, it was also a D- grade profession. However, Zhao Fu felt that the Elven Priest profession was better. After all, there could only be 100 Demon Priests at any point in time, while any Elf could use this Profession Change Stone Stele to be an Elven Priest. Moreover, the Demon Priest profession had a weak godly spirit while the Elven Priest profession had the great Goddess of Life as its godly spirit.

After looking at this information, Zhao Fu went back to the Village Hall and chose to [Relocate] the village, resulting in him obtaining 200 Achievement Points and 3,650 EXP for the Great Qin Village.

Finally, Zhao Fu went to the Orc Village. By now, there were less than 50 Orc warriors and 200 or so elderly and young Orcs left in the Orc Village.

The Orcs wisely chose to surrender when they saw Zhao Fu's massive army, and Zhao Fu went straight to the Village Hall and looked at the village's stats. He was surprised to find that the Orc Village was a Silver grade Village.

After choosing to conquer and [Relocate] the village, Zhao Fu received 200 Achievement Points and the Great Qin Village received more than 7,000 EXP. After conquering 3 Advanced Villages, Zhao Fu's total Achievement Points were now over 800, and the Great Qin Village had more than 26,000 EXP. Zhao Fu's status and the Great Qin Village's level were both close to increasing.

Their greatest gains this time, however, was the population increase. There were 300 or so Kobolds, 700 or so Goblins, 400 or so Orcs, and 1,400 Elves. Because the Elves were the weakest faction and Zhao Fu had involved them last, they had the most people remaining.

After taking care of all of this, Zhao Fu's 100-kilometer expedition came to a perfect conclusion. Not only did they rid themselves of the Orc threat, but they also gained 2,800 villagers, 1 Silver grade City Heart, and 3 Blue grade City Hearts.

After a few days, Zhao Fu and his soldiers returned to the Great Qin Village. After settling in the new villagers, he took three rotting corpses to the altar at the region of bones. These three corpses belonged to the Kobold Chief and the two Orc Chiefs.

Zhao Fu selected the option to refine them, and he obtained 3 Grade Orbs. He received 1 SS grade Orb, which had most likely come from Odeis, and 2 S grade Orbs.

Zhao Fu was ecstatic when he saw that Odeis had been refined into an SS grade Orb. Zhao Fu remembered seeing a quest to kill Odeis at Holy Light City, and the rewards were quite good: an abundance of Merit Points and a Silver grade weapon. However, the requirement to complete the quest was to surrender Odeis's corpse or head.

The Merit Points and Silver grade weapon simply could not compare to an SS grade Orb. Zhao Fu didn't try to be greedy by cutting off Odeis's head - he was worried that the corpse wouldn't be refined into a Grade Orb or that the Grade Orb would be incomplete if it was lacking anything important. If that were the case, it simply wouldn't be worth it for Zhao Fu.

As for the three Grade Orbs, Zhao Fu quickly decided who to give them to. After returning to the surface, Zhao Fu called Bai Shan to the Village Hall. Bai Shan was the Great Qin Village's first B grade villager and Scholar, and he was around 60 years old. At the same time, he was also the Captain of the Research Team, and now that the Great Qin Village was at Intermediate Level, the maximum number of Scholars had risen to 20.

When Bai Shan heard that Zhao Fu had summoned him, Bai Shan thought that Zhao Fu was angry that he had not been able to research a skill that determined the grade of a corpse even after such a long period of time. As such, as soon as he arrived, he knelt on the ground, his face pale, and said, "Your Majesty, please punish this subordinate for not being able to successfully research the skill after so long!"

Zhao Fu was sitting on a chair and just about to raise his teacup. Zhao Fu paused in surprise when he heard what Bai Shan said, but Zhao Fu realized that it had indeed been quite a while since they had discovered the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation. However, this was not something that could be rushed, so Zhao Fu did not blame Bai Shan.

"You may rise, Elder Bai," Zhao Fu said after sipping his tea.

From Zhao Fu's tone, Bai Shan felt that Zhao Fu wasn't angry, and he quickly got to his feet. Following this, Zhao Fu handed him a blood-red orb.