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 "Hmph! It's best that you don't try to incite discord between us; you'd better think about yourself first!" Bai Rusheng coldly harrumphed, which greatly surprised Hồ Ming.

In actuality, Xiao Ce had already told him about this before. When he had found out, he had been quite angry because no one liked to be used. That disaster had caused many deaths in Whiteleaf City, and under normal circumstances, he would definitely take revenge.

However, things were different now - Great Qin was simply too powerful. Not only did it have eight City Lords, but it also had 450,000 Soldiers, and the two million players seemed to obey them.

If they wanted to resist, not only would they die, but their cities would also be butchered as well. Because the gap in power was too great, Bai Rusheng had to take a step back.

Hồ Ming had never thought that Bai Rusheng would say such a thing, and his gaze became icy as he said, "Don't you want to take revenge for those who died? Even though I was the cause, if you help me kill that person, I'll let you do whatever you want to me after this is over."

Hồ Ming didn't want to let off the person who killed his adoptive father, but it would be incredibly difficult for him to kill that person by himself. If Bai Rusheng worked with him and Trần Xiangyue, they should be able to kill him.

At the same time, they would be able to resolve this battle - if they could achieve such an outcome, Hồ Ming would be willing to die.

Bai Rusheng inwardly sighed - this offer was quite tempting, but how could he accept? Just as he was about to refuse, the sound of someone's laughter could be heard, making Bai Rusheng and Xiao Ce tremble and back down.

Zhao Fu smiled as he lightly laughed and looked at Hồ Ming. He stretched out a hand and beckoned with his finger, saying, "Come at me if you want to kill me. I killed your adoptive father, and he died incredibly painfully and pitifully!"

"You..." Hồ Ming instantly became incredibly enraged. His adoptive father was the most important person to him; otherwise, he would not have sacrificed so much to attack Whiteleaf City. And yet, the person who had killed his adoptive father dared to be so arrogant, and he even described how his adoptive father had died.

How could Hồ Ming endure such a thing? A terrifying aura exploded out of him as a blue aura flame appeared around him. The bricks beneath him shattered as he shot forwards.

"I'll kill you!!" Hồ Ming roared as his body turned into a blue blur and rushed towards Zhao Fu.

Trần Xiangyue looked at Bai Rusheng and Xiao Ce's expressions and found that something was off, so she immediately rushed out, wanting to stop Hồ Ming.

However, just as the two of them flew off the city walls, seven monstrous auras burst forth, causing even the weather to change. Seven people surrounded Trần Xiangyue and Hồ Ming, and Bai Rusheng and Xiao Ce sighed as they joined those people.

Immediately, Trần Xiangyue and Hồ Ming's expressions became stiff. How was this possible? From their auras, they could tell that these people were all City Lords. Five of them were the City Lords of system main cities, and two of them were the City Lords of Basic Cities. This was not even including Great Qin's Legatee.

After being surrounded by nine City Lords, Trần Xiangyue immediately understood why Bai Rusheng would be willing to go along with Great Qin's Legatee's plan - with this immense force, how could he not submit?

Hồ Ming felt incredibly shocked and realized that he had been tricked. He had never expected the other side to be hiding such an immense force, and now, not only was he in danger, but he had also dragged Trần Xiangyue in.

A trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face as he looked at Trần Xiangyue and Hồ Ming. A cold look appeared in his eyes as he said, "Kill them quickly and finish this battle!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!" the seven City Lords said as they unleashed their most powerful attacks, and Bai Rusheng and Xiao Ce also joined in. Instantly, the terrifying attacks from the nine City Lords shook the entire sky.

The battlefield below was also affected by the shockwaves from this battle, and feeling those immense auras, the countless Chinese people felt incredibly delighted. None of them expected their side to have ten City Lords - they would completely annihilate the two Vietnamese City Lords.

The Vietnamese people's expressions were extremely unsightly, and their hearts sank - they were most likely doomed this time.

The reason why Zhao Fu did not have them appear from the start was because he wanted to lure Hồ Ming and Trần Xiangyue out first. This would make sure that they could not receive help from the defenders, and it would also prevent them from taking the City Creation Stones and running away.

Otherwise, Zhao Fu would not have provoked Hồ Ming like that. Everything had progressed as expected, and the battle was about to be finished.

Zhao Fu personally gave out the command, and his voice, which was filled with might and dignity, could be heard by everyone present, "Heed my orders! All of you attack the northern, southern, and western sides; the eastern side, which has the most people, will be handled by Great Qin!"

Hearing this, the countless Chinese players felt quite delighted - Great Qin was finally going to act. What's more, they were going to attack the side with the most people, relieving a lot of the pressure that they felt.

At the same time, they understood that victory was completely within their grasp, so they excitedly ran towards the other sides. Not only would they be able to relieve their hatred, but the things within the city would also belong to them.

The Vietnamese players on the eastern wall all looked quite scared, and many of their bodies trembled because they were about to face the terrifying and legendary Great Qin.

Groups of soldiers that gave off powerful auras marched out from the ocean of people, immediately changing the situation. Great Qin's 450,000 soldiers' auras completely suppressed the auras of the 600,000 defenders, making them feel as if they couldn't even breathe.

"Fire!" A loud shout suddenly sounded out as countless arrows with immense force tore through the sky and shot towards the city wall.

The Vietnamese people quickly reacted and lifted their shields, but the arrows shot out by Great Qin were completely different to those shot out by ordinary players.

Bang, bang, bang...

Muffled sounds rang out as countless arrows pierced through the shields and the people behind them. Some of the better-quality shields were not pierced, but those holding them were sent flying backward. Only the few Stage 1 soldiers were barely able to stop the arrows completely.

In an instant, a massive arrow rain descended, killing countless Vietnamese defenders on the eastern city wall. They had been careless because they had assumed that Great Qin's arrows would be the same as the players' arrows, resulting in them taking a great loss.

Not only did Great Qin have powerful Archers and better-quality arrows, but it also had ballistae. Great Qin had nurtured many elite Archers who had good skills, high-quality equipment, and high cultivations. The arrows that they shot out were incredibly powerful.

As for the ballistae, they contained immense force as well. They had taken Great Qin a lot of time to research, and they were completely made out of Blue grade materials.

As this wave of arrow rain landed, ghostly qi started to spread out - the arrow rain was only to cover for the Hundred Ghost Illusionists.