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 Of course, it was impossible for Flowing Water City to defend against the combined attack of two system main cities; if they wanted to survive, they would have to think of a plan. The only choice they had was to ally with the other Vietnamese system main cities, which would not be a problem because they were in the same situation.

This was because the Chinese side's objective was not just any system main city but the entire Vietnamese side, including the players.

As such, it was only natural that the Vietnamese side would ally together. The relationship between the two system main cities was quite good; otherwise, why would Fragrant Moon City's City Lord help out?

Flowing Water City's City Lord, Hồ Ming, immediately contacted Fragrant Moon City and told them about the situation and asked how to defend against the Chinese side's attack.

After hearing about this, a beautiful woman in green looked quite serious and considered what to do about this - she was Fragrant Moon City's City Lord, Trần Xiangyue.

After hearing about this, she had no idea what to do, as the other side was simply too powerful, and there was no way to deal with them.

This matter was quite serious, so she felt that it was best to talk about this in person. Because of this, she personally went to Flowing Water City.

Within a room, Hồ Ming and Trần Xiangyue both looked quite austere as they sat across from each other. Hồ Ming said first, "Xiangyue, what do you think we should do? If they attack either of our system main cities, neither of us will be able to defend against them."

Trần Xiangyue nodded earnestly and said, "We're indeed unable to defend against so many people, but what I'm worried about is that we don't even know who Great Qin's Legatee is and why he's targeting our system main cities. Could it be that there are grievances between us and him?"

Thinking of grievances, Hồ Ming suddenly thought of a familiar figure, the person in the black cloak. He hadn't seen that person's appearance, but he remembered a pair of blood-red eyes.

That person had most likely killed his adoptive father and blamed it on Whiteleaf City, resulting in that battle between Flowing Water City and Whiteleaf City, causing both of them to suffer heavy losses.

Hồ Ming naturally felt great hatred towards that person, and he wanted to reduce that person to dust. He had almost died at that person's hands, so Hồ Ming had a deep impression towards Zhao Fu.

"I feel that it could be that person because he's a Dynasty Legatee. According to the reports from the Otherworlders, Great Qin Legatee's appearance is just like that person's!" Hồ Ming said as his eyes shined icily.

Hearing this, Trần Xiangyue's expression became one of shock. Back then, when she and the other City Lord had saved Hồ Ming, that person had said that he would make them pay for their actions.

Who would have thought that the person would really come back for revenge? Two system main cities added together were already incredibly difficult to deal with, and with an extra Dynasty Legatee, it would be even more difficult.

After thinking for a long time, Trần Xiangyue sighed and said, "Right now, we can only combine our system main cities and gather our power to defend against the Chinese side. It's best that Fragrant Moon City moves over!"

"How could I let you do such a thing? It's better that I move Flowing Water City over. Now that the Flowing Water City is so weak, it should be moved over," Hồ Ming said resolutely.

Hearing this, Trần Xiangyue could only nod and agree.

Hồ Ming relocated Flowing Water City as well as all of its residents and players. Because only the City Creation Stone could be moved and all of the structures were left behind, Flowing Water City's people had to enter Fragrant Moon City.

Fragrant Moon City, which had already been a bit cramped, became incredibly overcrowded now that so many more people had entered. However, with more people, the Vietnamese side felt much more confident in stopping the Chinese side's attack.

Hồ Ming re-established Flowing Water City's City Creation Stone next to Fragrant Moon City's City Hall. Even though it seemed like Fragrant Moon City now had two City Halls, it still had the stats of one system main city.

This was because simply re-establishing a city inside another city did not stack their stats - if such a thing was possible, if Zhao Fu stacked all of the system main cities with the Great Qin City, its stats would become heaven-defying.

However, because of how massive the Heaven Awaken World was, there were lots of interesting cities - some twin cities had two City Lords but only one City Hall, and they had the stats of two cities combined in one city.

Of course, twin cities were quite rare, and they could only be formed under special circumstances.

After Flowing Water City was moved over, the two City Lords gave out orders, and all of the residents and players started to work together. Because they were resisting a foreign force, they were all incredibly united.

In this time of life or death, the two system main cities were not stingy with each other at all, and they took out all of their equipment and skills and gave them out to the defending players to increase their defenses.

The countless players felt incredibly grateful, and they made the decision to guard Fragrant Moon City to the death. They also prepared arrows, oil, and heavy objects, and this teamwork greatly boosted their morale. Let alone Great Qin, it felt as if anyone could come and they would not feel afraid.

The Vietnamese situation was soon reported to the Chinese side, and Zhao Fu sat in a hall with his Generals, as well as Bai Rusheng and Xiao Ce, and discussed this matter.

"Now that the two system main cities have joined together, it won't be easy to attack the city, and our advantage will not be as great," Bai Rusheng said as he frowned.

"This is indeed quite difficult to deal with. Sir, do you have any ideas?" Xiao Ce agreed before looking at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed, "Even though this is a bit problematic, with our combined strength, Fragrant Moon City will not be able to stop us. As long as you give me your full support, Great Qin will definitely break through them!"

Hearing Zhao Fu's words, Bai Rusheng and Xiao Ce felt quite reassured. With the other side's formidable power, they most likely had some powerful cards up their sleeve.

Following this, the Chinese side completed their preparations. There were 1.9 million players, 160,000 Stage 1 soldiers, and 100,000 residents. With Great Qin's 450,000 soldiers, they had a military force of 2.6 million people, and they began to march towards Fragrant Moon City.

Even though the Vietnamese side did not seem weak at all, the Chinese side's aura was incredibly powerful. They were led by Great Qin, and they all had great faith in Great Qin, as they had seen just how terrifying Great Qin's Legatee was.

Yet another heaven-shaking battle was about to erupt!