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 There were 400,000 people below, and half of them had Stage 1 cultivation while the other half were close to Stage 1. This force completely exceeded Whiteleaf City's strength.

Upon seeing this, Bai Rusheng immediately gave out emergency quests to gather players. With tWhiteleaf City's own power, it was impossible to defend Whiteleaf City, and the situation was quite dangerous.

The army below suddenly stopped and did not attack, making Bai Rusheng feel quite surprised. After all, attacking now while they were unprepared was the best time, yet they had suddenly stopped.

Following this, the army parted, and 20 or so people riding on black warhorses appeared. Seeing these people, Bai Rusheng's pupils constricted and felt quite shocked, as eight of these people were City Lords.

Five of them were the City Lords of system main cities, and three of them were the City Lords of Basic Cities. None of them hid their auras, so Bai Rusheng was able to tell this immediately - this was what Zhao Fu had wanted.

"City Lord Bai, I would like to discuss some matters with you," Zhao Fu loudly said with a trace of a smile.

Bai Rusheng still felt quite nervous because no matter how strong he was, he would not be able to fight against eight City Lords; this was a battle that he would definitely lose.

After hearing Zhao Fu's words, Bai Rusheng thought about it and realized that he might be able to turn the situation around, so he felt a bit relieved and asked, "What is it, sir?"

Zhao Fu did not hide his identity or his aim, and he said directly, "I am Great Qin's Legatee. The Vietnamese side has offended China and insulted us, so I am here to destroy it and restore honor to China. I heard that Whiteleaf City has enmity with Flowing Water City, so I came here to invite City Lord Bai and all the Chinese players to work together with us to destroy them!

"Don't worry. There will be great benefits for all of you: Great Qin won't touch any of the resources within the Vietnamese system main citie, and will gift all of them to City Lord Bai and the Chinese players."

Zhao Fu did not bother hiding his identity because he wanted to scare the ordinary players into submission and give them confidence. After all, only with a large number of players would they be able to fight this battle, so he had to use Great Qin's name to make them join him. As for his aim, there was no need to hide that either, as his aim also served to motivate the players to join, nor was it even possible to hide it.

Just as expected, after Zhao Fu said Great Qin's name, the countless players' expressions became ones of fear - the terror of Great Qin still had not disappeared.

However, after hearing the second half of Zhao Fu's words, the players couldn't help but feel excited. Great Qin's Legatee wanted to destroy the Vietnamese side, which they had great enmity with. With Great Qin leading them, they would definitely be able to destroy the other side.

What's more, after destroying the other side, Great Qin did not want any resources - just thinking about the equipment, skills, and money that would belong to them, the players couldn't help but feel excited.

After hearing Zhao Fu's words, Bai Rusheng thought deeply - Great Qin wasn't inviting them to fight with them but forcing them.

However, he could not do anything about this, as Great Qin was too powerful. Bai Rusheng did not want to face the attack of eight City Lords, so he could only take a step back and agree.

After all, he did have enmity with Flowing Water City. If he did not destroy them, they would come and destroy his city sooner or later. Since that was the case, it was better to take initiative and act first. Who knew, perhaps they would obtain some great benefits, and Flowing Water City's resources would belong to Whiteleaf City.

What Bai Rusheng didn't know was that the battle between them had been orchestrated by the person standing in front of him, Zhao Fu.

Seeing that Bai Rusheng had agreed, Zhao Fu immediately took out a Contract and had Bai Rusheng sign it before telling him the plan, and soon, Whiteleaf City's people started to move out.

The players were extremely excited to the point that their faces went red. After all, living in a boundary region, they clashed with the Vietnamese players on a daily basis, and their enmity was extremely great. Now that they could finally take revenge, they almost couldn't control their emotions.

After taking care of Whiteleaf City side, Zhao Fu took his army and Bai Rusheng to the other Chinese system main city.

This system main city was called Fierce Mountain City, and it was about as strong as Fragrant Moon City, a Vietnamese city, and it was a decently sized system main city.

When 400,000 soldiers surrounded Fierce Mountain City, an elegant young man's expression changed and lost his calmness.

When Zhao Fu walked out with a group of people, the young man's expression became even more shocked because he remembered Zhao Fu - back when Zhao Fu had ambushed Flowing Water City's City Lord, he had been there too.

He knew that Zhao Fu was a Dynasty Legatee and had a Nation Armament, which was incredibly rare.

However, what the young man had never expected was that Zhao Fu would become so much stronger. Was he here for revenge? Back then, the young man had wanted sit by and watch the two of them fight before reaping the rewards; could it be that this person was here for revenge?

Zhao Fu remembered this City Lord; it was because of him and the other Vietnamese City Lord that he had been unable to kill Flowing Water City's City Lord and been forced to leave.

If it wasn't for them, Zhao Fu would have long since killed Flowing Water City's City Lord and obtained a system main city. When he thought of that, Zhao Fu felt quite annoyed.

However, he had to think of the overall situation, so he put aside this matter and said the same words that he had said to Bai Rusheng. He also called Bai Rusheng out.

Seeing Bai Rusheng, the young man looked quite serious and asked, "Brother Bai, have you really agreed already?"

Bai Rusheng looked quite helpless and nodded - he had no choice but to agree; otherwise, he would have been destroyed.

Seeing this, the young man sighed - in the face of Great Qin's power, he could only agree to join. After all, if he did not agree, he would have to face nine City Lords, Great Qin's soldiers, and the soldiers and players from Whiteleaf City.

There was no chance of victory, and even though Great Qin had said that it was all for national pride and honor, they just wanted to use them to destroy the Vietnamese system main cities.

Even though he knew Zhao Fu's true intentions, the young man had to agree, as he did not want to be destroyed.

Following this, Fierce Mountain City's people also started to move out just like Whiteleaf City's people, and all of them were just as excited.

Zhao Fu also found out that the young man's name was Xiao Ce.

Following this, the two system main cities started to move out, and such a large movement could not escape the notice of the Vietnamese system main cities.

However, it was only the Vietnamese system main city factions that knew that Great Qin's Legatee had allied with the two Chinese system main cities to them; if the Vietnamese players knew about this, they would be scared witless. As for the Vietnamese system main cities, they had no idea who Great Qin's Legatee was.