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 Zhao Fu stared at the two-colored star in silence for a while until it gradually disappeared. He didn't know how that person had undone his Fate Seal, but he felt that it probably wasn't through a General Armament.

It was only natural that others would have opportunities as well, but they had to investigate who this two-colored star belonged to, as he could be a great obstacle to Great Qin in the future.

This person would be an immense obstacle, so they had to investigate in advance to make good preparations.

"Ai!" After thinking about this, Zhao Fu couldn't help but sigh. Great Qin's path in the future would be more and more difficult. Moreover, after such a long time, Stage 1 soldiers still weren't even common yet, so just when would they be able to have Stage 9 soldiers? This road was an incredibly long one, and Great Qin's growth was still too slow.

Following this, Zhao Fu called Guo Binglin over and had him prepare intelligence on their second objective, which was Vietnam's Flowing Water City.

Guo Binglin quickly returned with quite a lot of information.

Zhao Fu sat on his chair and looked through the information in detail while Guo Binglin stood beside him, ready to answer any questions. The room was very quiet, and the only thing that could be heard was Zhao Fu turning pages.

An hour later, Zhao Fu finished looking through the information. He found that the boundary region was still as volatile, and the factions were still like fire and water. The situation there hadn't calmed down at all.

In the face of national pride and enmity, personal gratitude and grievances didn't matter much. There were factions that would betray their nation for benefits, but most ordinary people still loved their nation and would choose to fight against their nation's enemies. Perhaps they would suffer some losses, but while they were still feeling hot-blooded, such things didn't matter as much.

Since the people on both sides were like this, how could boundary regions be peaceful? Of course they viewed each other with enmity and attacked each other.

Zhao Fu didn't care much about other boundary regions; he only cared about the region that Flowing Water City was in.

In the last battle, Flowing Water lost a large number of soldiers and players. Currently, there were 330,000 residents and 100,000 soldiers, but only 40,000 or so of them were at Stage 1. Even though players had been respawning, there were still only 600,000 or so of them.

In other words, Flowing Water City's battle power was only about 1 million people. However, because Great Qin was a Chinese faction, the Vietnamese people would still desperately resist, so the battles would be incredibly intense.

There was also the other Vietnamese City Lord; she would definitely get involved, so Zhao Fu had to take her into consideration as well. Her system main city was called Fragrant Moon City. It had 400,000 residents, 100,000 soldiers, and 1 million players, totaling 1.5 million people. If these two factions joined together, they would have a battle force of 2.5 million people, so Zhao Fu had to take this seriously.

Great Qin now had 450,000 soldiers after adding the 40,000 Kobold soldiers and another 10,000 soldiers.

Even though Great Qin had good equipment, Great Qin would still suffer quite a bit against a force of 2.5 million people. Even with 150,000 Skeletons, it was likely that they would still lose.

Perhaps they could work together with the two Chinese system main cities - if they allied with those two system main cities, Great Qin would be able to take down the two Vietnamese system main cities.

After making this decision, Zhao Fu gathered his Generals to discuss in order to make sure that there wasn't anything that he was overlooking or missing.

The Generals were quite supportive of Zhao Fu's plan, and Wei Liao smiled as he said, "Your Majesty, this plan is quite doable. The main thing is how we'll convince the two Chinese system main cities to participate. Even though they have enmity with the Vietnamese system main cities, they won't let Great Qin reap such great benefits."

Wang Jian also nodded and said, "Indeed, those two system main cities are the key. If we can mobilize them, there won't be any worries for this battle."

Suddenly, Bai Qi thought of something, and a trace of a smile appeared on his face as he said, "Your Majesty, I have an idea that we can try."

When he heard this, Zhao Fu smiled and nodded, saying, "What is your plan, Bai Qi?"

Bai Qi cupped his hands as he said, "Your Majesty, with Great Qin's strength, a system main city is already unable to stop us. Ordinary players tremble at the name of Great Qin and don't dare to make an enemy out of Great Qin. We can have the army surround one of the Chinese system main cities and have our seven City Lords reveal themselves, forcing them to join our side.

"With Great Qin's strength, if they don't want to die, they'll have to agree to join us. However, Great Qin can also give up some benefits, such as some of the items and money within the Vietnamese system main cities, and use those as rewards for the players, motivating them.

"Moreover, Great Qin can also give some of the resources to the Chinese system main cities so that they'll be more willing to cooperate with us."

Hearing this, everyone nodded. Zhao Fu felt quite satisfied with this plan, so he asked the other Generals what they thought. After hearing their approval of the plan, they decided to use Bai Qi's plan.

By now, Great Qin soldiers had rested and cultivated for a few days, so they were full of vigor and battle intent. They marched into the teleportation channels and arrived at the boundary region.

Suddenly, an isolation barrier's power covered Whiteleaf City, making it impossible to use any teleportation channels within the city. Everyone inside felt quite surprised, and they wondered why the teleportation channels no longer worked.


A massive rumbling sound came from outside the city, and it was simply deafening. A shocking and boundless aura covered Whiteleaf City, making countless people's expressions become grim.

The soldiers standing guard on the city walls saw Great Qin's massive army, and they revealed expressions of terror and immediately yelled, "Enemy attack! Hurry and close the city gates!"

Seeing this petrifying scene, the players outside the city quickly returned to Whiteleaf City, and soon, news that Whiteleaf City was being attacked spread throughout the city.

Whiteleaf City was the city that had fought with Flowing Water City, and it had also suffered some losses. It was weaker than the other system main city, so Zhao Fu had made it his first target.

Whiteleaf City's City Lord, Bai Rusheng, received this news and felt quite startled. He immediately came to the city walls and looked at the dense army heading towards them. He felt quite shocked - who was attacking Whiteleaf City this time? Could it be that Flowing Water still wasn't done after last time?

At first, Bai Rusheng thought that it was one of the Vietnamese system main cities, but after looking closer, he found that it wasn't a system main city faction - after all, there were many Outlanders within the army, and no human system main city had Outlanders as soldiers.

However, there were also Humans among them, so Bai Rusheng couldn't understand just what faction this was. However, this faction was incredibly powerful.