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 Following this, Zhao Fu took out another type of essence, which looked like a small shield that was one finger long and three fingers wide, and it gave off a firm aura.

1,200 Shield Essences automatically flew into the sky and fused into a large silver shield.

The silver shield was circular and half as tall as a person. There was a blossoming daffodil at the center of the shield and flowery patterns around it, making it look incredibly beautiful. Moreover, this silver shield gave off an aura of firmness that seemed to be able to block everything.

Following this, Zhao Fu fused together the Bow Essences, Hatchet Essences, and Hammer Essences.

The three pieces of equipment all seemed to be forged from silver, and they were covered with patterns, making them look quite exquisite. At the same time, they gave off different powerful auras.

The silver bow gave the feeling that anyone who held it would be able to shoot with 100% accuracy and kill all enemies; the silver hatchet gave off a ferocious power that seemed to be able to split open mountains, and the silver hammer gave off a berserk power that seemed to be able to destroy everything.

Now, Zhao Fu had fused all seven of the Silver Lake Immortal pieces of equipment, and all of them gave off different auras. They seemed to be connected to each other and had some consciousness, which would allow them to choose their own masters.

This made Zhao Fu think of the 12 Assassin Equipment Sets, which also seemed to be connected and represented different types of power, and they could choose their owners and contained legacies.

However, the difference was that the Silver Lake Immortal equipment was focused on direct battles and gave off direct, powerful, destructive auras, while the Assassin Equipment Sets were mainly for assassination. Even though they all had different fighting styles, their core was the Assassin profession.

Moreover, the Assassin Equipment Sets were only Gold grade equipment, but they could evolve to much higher grades, though they only started at Gold grade.

On the other hand, the Silver Lake Immortal equipment started off as Legendary grade equipment and contained martial conception that only high Stage cultivators could grasp, so they would definitely be more powerful than the Assassin Equipment Sets.

It was a pity that the more powerful the equipment, the more difficult it would be for it to choose an owner. Looking at the seven pieces of equipment floating around him, Zhao Fu felt quite troubled.

These pieces of equipment were suitable for warriors, not Generals - this was because the General profession wasn't centered around battle but leading troops. As such, it wouldn't be suitable for Generals to use these pieces of equipment.

Right now, apart from Generals, Zhao Fu only had Civil Ministers or people who had already been chosen by the Assassin Equipment Sets.

The only person remaining was Ge Nia, as he was not a General nor an Assassin. Instead, he was a Swordsman. However, Ge Nia wasn't suitable either, as he walked the path of the sword - he didn't care how powerful his weapon was, only how powerful and sharp his sword arts and his heart were.

As such, Ge Nia was still using that iron sword he chose from the armory. However, as Ge Nia continuously fought, it had become more and more powerful, and it had become a decent sword.

With Ge Nia's strength, he would be able to develop a sword conception that suited himself, so he wouldn't need the Silver Lake Conception. If Zhao Fu gave the Silver Lake Immortal Sword to Ge Nia, it would instead hinder his progress.

Now, Zhao Fu didn't have anyone suitable for any of the seven pieces of equipment. Of course, it was best to find suitable owners for these legacy pieces of equipment as soon as possible so that they could quickly grasp their power.

However, there was nothing that Zhao Fu could do about this, so he could only sigh, put the Silver Lake Immortal equipment into his Disaster King Ring, and wait until he could find suitable owners for them.


Suddenly, an explosion sounded out, and Zhao Fu was given a big shock and looked into the distance. A star giving off a green and black light and a boundless aura had appeared in the sky, and it was slowly descending.

This wasn't a General star 'entering' one's life but 'returning.' In other words, a historical figure's Fate Seal had been unsealed.

What was even more shocking was that this General Star not only gave off the Voracious Wolf's green light and its mysterious and cunning aura but also the Army Destroyer's black light and conquering aura.

The two lights covered half of the sky, and the aura from the star was immense, terrifying countless living creatures. Everyone in China was incredibly shocked as they looked at the two-colored General Star in the sky.

This definitely wasn't one of the 13 General Stars, as they all represented different attributes and there wasn't a single General Star with two types of attributes.

Moreover, this General Star was quite extraordinary as it possessed both the Voracious Wolf and Army Destroyer's attributes, which were two of the three stars that could send the world into turmoil. This proved that this General wasn't simple and contained immense power.

Who had awakened this General Star? Countless people felt incredibly curious, but none of them could guess just who could awaken such a General Star.

Zhao Fu also felt quite curious as to who this person was. Whoever it was, he definitely surpassed his three most powerful Generals, Bai Qi, Wang Jian, and Wei Liao.

Within the Great Zhou City, inside a massive magic formation, a white-haired, ruddy-faced elder, who gave off a boundless aura, was standing there.

He was the renowned Grand Duke Jiang - Jiang Ziya!

Apart from him standing at the center of the magic formation, there were six people around him: one held a sharp sword, one held a book, one held a black and white painting, one held a command medallion, one held an ink stick, and one held a Taichi diagram.

The six people gave off different powers, and they represented the School of Military, the Confucians, the Logicians, the Legalists, the Mohists, and the Taoists.

They sent their own powers into the formation to boost its strength, lifting Jiang Ziya into the air as a two-colored pillar of light rose from his body and shot into the sky, making him seem like a deity.

Jiang Ziya's abilities were unrivaled in the history of China - he was adept at not only military strategy but also internal affairs, fengshui, philosophy, writing, and politics.

He was skilled in almost every regard, and many Schools of Thought held him to be part of their School, which was why he was called the 'Hundred Schools Grandmaster.'

Many of historical classics greatly esteemed him, which was incredibly rare, showing his abilities.

Perhaps only he was able to awaken a two-colored General Star. Luckily, Jiang Ziya wasn't fond of killing, or he may have awakened a three-colored General Star that possessed the Voracious Wolf, Army Destroyer, and Seven Murders powers.

As Jiang Ziya's General Star descended, all of Great Zhou's Fate greatly changed - its Fate started to toss and turn like an ocean, and it grew larger and larger and more and more powerful.

This was just from Jiang Ziya's Fate being added to Great Zhou's Fate, and it even purified Great Zhou's Fate.