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 In the end, Zhao Fu obtained 160,000 Kobold residents and 40,000 soldiers, which added up to roughly 200,000 people. With these people, Great Qin's population reached 2.5 million.

The 40,000 Kobold soldiers were all Stage 1, which essentially meant that he had obtained 40,000 Stage 1 soldiers for free without having to expend any resources to nurture them.

Apart from the people, they also obtained a large amount of money and items. They could once again take back the equipment containing Shattersteel Iron that had been sold to Westpan City - Great Qin never made a loss when trading, and it instead made incredible returns each time.

"Your Majesty, this person knows the recipe for Ceylon Spice, and I've brought him here," one of the Generals respectfully said.

"Ceylon Spice?" Zhao Fu was a bit interested in this, so he nodded and had the person brought up.

"This lowly one pays his respects to you, Lord." Belin awkwardly walked up and paid his respects.

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised that it was Belin. Zhao Fu didn't feel much towards Belin; his impression of Belin was someone who had some potential and could take care of matters well.

"Tell me the recipe for Ceylon Spice!" Zhao Fu got right to the point. Ceylon Spice was an expensive item, and if they could mass-sell it, they would be able to reap massive profits.

Belin lowered his head and obediently told Zhao Fu the recipe for Ceylon Spice, as well as how they had discovered it.

Kobolds' noses were extremely sensitive, and they had a good grasp of smell and taste. According to Belin, Ceylon Spice was first created by an elderly Kobold, but he had long since died.

However, the recipe for creating Ceylon Spice was quite complex, and it required 20 or so orchids and Ceylon Wood, which was fairly rare.

Great Qin had the Flower Fairy's Blessing and massive buffs from the City Heart, so there was no need to worry about the orchids. Zhao Fu went to take a look at Ceylon Wood.

Ceylon Wood came from Ceylon Trees, which were five or six meters tall and had pink branches and dark green leaves, making it took quite interesting. There weren't many Ceylon Trees in Westpan City, so they were unable to mass-produce Ceylon Spice.

Zhao Fu dug up all of the Ceylon Trees and brought them back to Great Qin. Only after developing a large number of Ceylon Trees would he start mass-producing Ceylon Spice.

After taking care of these matters, Zhao Fu took his people back to Great Qin, and re-established Westpan City, and had the Kobolds settle in.

Following this, Zhao Fu made Westpan City's City Lord Seal a Subsidiary Seal, which resulted in it becoming a bit smaller and a portion of its power to be absorbed by the Great Qin Seal.

Zhao Fu then gave the City Lord Seal and a Stage 3 Blood God Pill to Doke.

Doke excitedly and emotionally held the City Lord Seal, and he quickly half-knelt as he said, "Thank you, Your Majesty!"

Zhao Fu nodded and dismissed him.

Doke was the first Kobold leader to join Great Qin, and even though he had only been a Village Chief, with Great Qin's nurturing, he had become an important figure. His grade and cultivation were both good, so it was only fitting to give the City Lord Seal to him.

Because they had just taken down Westpan City, Zhao Fu wasn't in a rush to move on to their next objective, and he instead gave the soldiers some time to rest and recuperate.

The next day, a muffled explosion sounded out from within Zhao Fu's room, after which a formless pressure rippled out. Zhao Fu relaxed as his cultivation broke through to Stage 3.

Being Heaven Grade meant that his cultivation speed was incredibly fast, and he had long since surpassed Bai Qi. Before, Zhao Fu's cultivation had been far below Bai Qi's, but he had quickly overtaken him because of his Grade.

After breaking through to Stage 3, Zhao Fu felt his strength increase a bit more. His strength, bloodline, and constitution had become more powerful.

Zhao Fu walked out of his room to move about and get some fresh air. Even though it was midday and the sun was in the middle of the sky, it was still a bit cold.

"Your Majesty, the team from Gloomy Jungle has returned with a large number of essences," a soldier came up and reported.

Gloomy Jungle provided a large number of Stage 1 and above corpses, and because the soldiers collected these corpses, they also collected a large number of essences.

1,200 of each type of essence could fuse to form a Silver Lake Immortal weapon, and Zhao Fu had already fused together a Silver Lake Immortal Sword.

The sword was Legendary grade and had a type of martial conception. The sword was quite powerful, but because it wasn't easily wielded, it was quite difficult for Zhao Fu to find a suitable person for it. As such, it had remained within Zhao Fu's ring all this time.

There were seven Silver Lake Immortal weapons in total, and after Zhao Fu had enough essences to fuse the sword, the Goblins no longer dropped sword essences. This meant that there could only be one of each type of equipment.

Zhao Fu had been collecting these essences this entire time, and he had gathered quite a lot. Now that the team was returning with a large number of essences, they should be able to fuse together the six remaining pieces of equipment.

Zhao Fu went to an empty area and took out the Saber Essences first. They gave off a sharp white light and were the shape of a saber. They were also about as long and wide as a finger.

Zhao Fu didn't have to do much; after taking out the Saber Essences, they seemed to call out to each other as they flew into the sky. A massive saber qi rippled out, destroying the surrounding clouds as the Sword Essences turned into resplendent motes of light, looking as beautiful as the stars.

A beautiful image of a peaceful lake appeared, and the power of a martial conception slowly appeared.

Finally, the motes of light fused together and turned into a long, silver saber that gave off a bright silver light and slowly descended.

Zhao Fu stretched out his hand, caught it, and examined it.

The saber was about one meter long, and it was longer than most ordinary sabers. It was about three fingers wide, and there were patterns on the blade. The hilt was also quite long, allowing one to grip it with both hands, and overall, the saber was quite beautiful.

After fusing together the Silver Lake Immortal Saber, Zhao Fu took out the Spear Essences, which looked like little spears that were as long as a finger and gave off a piercing aura.

Zhao Fu took out the 1,200 Spear Essences, which called out to each other and flew into the sky. They also turned into resplendent motes of light, after which the image of the lake appeared and the countless Spear Essences fused together to form a silver spear that slowly descended.

Zhao Fu grabbed the spear and looked it over.

The spear was about two meters long, and the body seemed to be made of silver. The spearhead was quite long and sharp, and it gave off a chilling, sharp glow. There were patterns on the body, and it also looked quite exquisite and beautiful.