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 Soon, Great Qin's soldiers controlled the city wall, and they had done it incredibly easily. In fact, if Zhao Fu had brought the Wyverns and the 150,000 Skeletons, it would've been even easier.

After taking control of this city wall, Great Qin's soldiers were able to open the city gates, allowing the rest of the army to rush in. After hearing that the city wall had been breached, the other Kobolds were unable to help because they were still resisting the attacks from the main force of the army with great difficulty, and they had no resources to spare.

Great Qin's soldiers, who had flooded in quickly, took control of the elderly, women, and children before attacking the three other city walls from the inside.

Now, Westpan City was destined to lose!


A muffled explosion sounded out as Westpan's body was sent flying after being hit by Meng Tian's spear. No matter how hard Westpan fought, he was only the City Lord of a Basic City, and even a single City Lord of a system main city would be able to take him down. Even though it would take some effort, with six City Lords, there was no hope of victory for Westpan.

Westpan crashed onto the ground and coughed up a big mouthful of blood, his body covered with wounds. On the other hand, the six City Lords were essentially unscathed, and even their clothes were perfectly fine.

The conclusion was already set, and in order to prevent anything unexpected from happening, Zhao Fu stood in the air to ward off the three hidden City Lords. He had long since sensed them and wanted to prevent them from interfering.

Right now, Great Qin's only aim was to conquer Westpan City, and those three City Lords weren't targets yet. However, if they dared to get too close, Zhao Fu wouldn't mind making them his targets as well. However, since they were so far away right now, if Zhao Fu approached, they would most likely run.

"Arghhhhhh!!!" Westpan was already seriously injured, and he roared as he exploded out with the rest of his strength. His muscles went taut as he gripped his spear and stared at Zhao Fu, preparing to throw his spear at Zhao Fu with his final attack.


Bai Qi appeared behind Westpan, and his face was extremely cold as his Seven Murders Sword stabbed through Westpan's chest.

Blood flowed out of Westpan's mouth, but he gripped his spear, still wanting to throw his spear towards Zhao Fu.

However, Zhao Fu didn't give him the opportunity to - the Seven Murders Sword shot out with blood-red sword light, destroying Westpan's organs. Westpan's eyes lost their focus, after which all trace of life left his body and his corpse fell to the ground.

After Westpan finally died, an iron-black City Lord Seal that gave off a faint light floated out of his body.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu felt quite surprised - he had thought that Westpan would surrender, but in the face of such adversity, he had still chosen to fight to the death.

However, now that Westpan had died, Westpan City lost all ability to resist. Nearly all of the ones defending were residents, and there were practically no soldiers. Westpan was their only hope, and now that he had died, the Kobolds had lost their hope.

Of course, there were still some Kobolds who were loyal to the death, and they continued to resist. However, when they rushed up and fought with Great Qin's soldiers, they were shocked to find that their weapons immediately shattered, and they were ferociously killed by Great Qin's soldiers.

As such, many Kobold residents died, and the rest started to quickly surrender. Following this, Great Qin easily took control of Westpan City.

After seeing this, the three City Lords in the distance chose to leave in order to prevent being dragged into this.

Now, it was time to wrap things up. Some soldiers first gathered the captives, including the surrendered residents and the unconscious soldiers, while others collected everything of value.

Bai Qi walked over and handed over the iron-black City Lord Seal to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu smiled as he looked over it and felt the power that it contained. Great Qin had obtained another City Lord Seal, and the Great Qin City was one step closer to becoming a Great City.

Zhao Fu held the City Lord Seal and entered Westpan City's City Hall, and he chose to conquer and relocate the city.

"System announcement! Congratulations, you have conquered Westpan City and obtained 1,000 Achievement Points."

"System announcement! You have relocated Westpan City and obtained 340,000 EXP."

"System announcement! Congratulations, you have obtained 100 War Points."

It was the same system announcements as normal, so Zhao Fu didn't pay too much attention to it. The surrounding buildings started to crumble, and the light from the City Heart grew fainter as it became a City Creation Stone again.

Finally, the golden cube automatically floated into Zhao Fu's hands. Zhao Fu grabbed the City Creation Stone and immediately put it away.

After coming outside, the countless surrendered Kobolds had already been gathered together. The unconscious Kobold soldiers had been woken up and tightly bound, making it impossible for them to break free.

As Zhao Fu walked over, countless Kobolds knelt in fear, and Zhao Fu looked over and found that Belin was among them.

Feeling Zhao Fu's gaze, Belin thought about what had happened before, with him acting all high and mighty in front of Zhao Fu and not placing him in his eyes.

Who would have thought that Zhao Fu's identity would be far grander than his by thousands of times, yet he had been acting high and mighty in front of him - it was like a mouse trying to scare a lion, and he might be skinned alive now.

Belin was scared to the point that his head was pressed against the ground, and his body trembled. He was terrified that Zhao Fu would kill him, so he couldn't help but yell, "Lord, this lowly one unintentionally offended you before. Please have mercy on me!"

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and ignored him as he said to the captives, "Westpan City has lost. Those who submit to Great Qin will be treated as subjects of Great Qin, but those who refuse to surrender will be killed. Don't even dream of being released."

These words were primarily spoken to the soldiers who had just woken up. By now, most of the Kobold residents had chosen to surrender.

"Lord, we're willing to surrender and become Great Qin's subjects."

"Lord, please don't kill me. I'll do anything you say; I'll even give my body to you."

"You scum, you killed our City Lord. I'll kill you and take revenge for the City Lord!"

After Zhao Fu spoke, countless voices sounded out - some expressed their willingness to surrender, while others cursed at Zhao Fu.