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 Those 100,000 or so Kobold residents had taken many medicinal pills containing Hidden Evil, so they were immune to the smoke. Now, they were the main force in defending the city.

Zhao Fu once again shouted, "Westpan, I'll give you another chance: are you willing to surrender? If you're still unwilling to surrender, we'll have to kill you all!"

Now, Westpan was being completely suppressed by the six City Lords. If it wasn't for him dodging about and being covered by the residents, he might have died already.

However, the reason that the six City Lords hadn't killed Westpan was because they weren't using their full power.

After all, there were six of them against one of him, and five of them were City Lords of system main cities. They had an absolute advantage. Westpan was only the City Lord of a Basic City, so it was impossible for him to win.

The three City Lords of the region could only watch from afar. Great Qin was too powerful, and they didn't dare to rashly throw themselves in.

Moreover, Westpan City was just an Outlander city and had no relation to them, so they wouldn't make trouble for themselves by getting involved.

However, Westpan was still unwilling to surrender, and he seemed to want to escape with the City Creation Stone.

"Hurry! Cover me!" Westpan yelled, causing the countless residents to fire arrows towards the six City Lords in the air while Westpan rushed towards the City Hall.

Westpan wasn't stupid, and he knew that he definitely wouldn't be able to defeat six City Lords by himself. Now that his 60,000 soldiers had collapsed, it seemed that there had been something wrong with the medicinal pills.

Now that there were only 100,000 residents defending, it was simply impossible to protect the city. After all, the residents had low stats and low cultivations, so how could they defend against an army of 400,000 people?

Since he knew that they would lose, Westpan decided to take the City Creation Stone and run. With the City Creation Stone, he would at least be able to start over again.

If he surrendered, he would always have to obey others and submit, and if Zhao Fu wanted to kill him, he wouldn't even be able to resist. He would no longer be able to enjoy the power that he did now, so unless he had no other choice, he wouldn't surrender.

The countless residents obeyed and shot out a wave of arrow rain towards the six City Lords in the air. Even they couldn't disregard so many arrows.

The six City Lords used their City Lord Seals' power and created a formless barrier that blocked the arrows. However, because of how many arrows there were, they were greatly slowed down.

Even though the 100,000 residents were able to slow the six City Lords down, Westpan City wasn't the only one that had Archers. Great Qin also had Archers, and it had far greater numbers.

Swish, swish, swish...

The sound of the air being torn could be heard as Great Qin started to counterattack, and a wave of arrow rain densely fell towards the city walls. The sharp aura of the arrows caused the residents' hairs to stand on end, and their bodies instinctively trembled.

The many Kobold residents were instantly suppressed by Great Qin, and the six City Lords continued to chase after Westpan.

Zhao Fu didn't show any mercy and said, "Kill him!"

After hearing Zhao Fu's command, the six people's bodies exploded out with even greater power, and their expressions became serious as they used their full strength.

Bai Qi gripped the Seven Murders Sword, and it hummed as it gave off an incredible killing intent and flashed with a blood-red light.


An explosion sounded out as Bai Qi slashed out, sending out a massive wave of blood-red sword light. This was accompanied by a blood-red sword wind, which rushed towards Westpan.

Westpan was given a big fright, and he was forced to dodge to the side.

The terrifying blood-red sword light continued on to the ground, demolishing multiple houses and leaving a 100 meter wide sword gash on the ground.

Even though Westpan had avoided this attack, he was forced to change his route to the City Hall. He still wanted to fly towards the City Hall because after seeing how powerful Bai Qi was, he was even more determined to escape.

However, how could Great Qin allow him to do as he wished? Wei Liao also attacked, raising his Voracious Wolf Sword, which gave off a green light, causing a green aura to gather towards him. He then slashed down, causing a ten-meter long wolf too rush out with a ferocious aura towards Westpan.


A muffled explosion sounded out - Westpan had been a bit careless and was hit by the giant wolf. The massive impact caused Westpan's body to fly and crash onto the ground, creating a ten-meter wide crater.

"Arghhh!!" A trace of blood leaked out of Westpan's mouth as he furiously roared and exploded out with a terrifying power. He had been suppressed this entire time and felt quite angry, causing him to explode out with his full strength. A red aura flame burst forth, and Westpan swept out with his spear.

Savage dogs appeared in the air, numbering in the thousands. They were all two meters long, and they savagely howled as they rushed at the six people in the air.

Facing the onslaught of these savage dogs, the six City Lords' expression didn't change at all, and they all unleashed their most powerful attacks.


Saber lights, sword images, and spear lights, which gave off destructive power, shot towards Westpan.

The savage dogs were instantly annihilated, and the various attacks continued on towards Westpan. Westpan did his best to block, but he was still easily sent flying. He only stopped after crashing through ten or so houses and coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Elsewhere, Zhao Fu had ordered the 300 Hundred Ghost Illusionists and 300 Ghost Summoners to go to another city wall while Zhao Fu drew most of the people to the front of the city. Zhao Fu wasn't in a hurry to attack the city, so he had his Archers shoot out waves of arrows to suppress and draw in their targets.

The 300 Hundred Ghost Illusionists came to another city wall and raised their staffs and chanted, causing ghostly qi to rise up from the ground and cover that area.

There weren't many people defending there, as most people had been attracted over to the front by the rest of the army. With the fact that the residents' cultivations weren't very high, they were drawn into the illusion very easily and tormented by the Ghosts in the illusion.

The Ghost Summoners pressed their hands against the ground, summoning Malicious Ghosts that rushed towards the city walls. Their sharp claws easily sank into the city walls as they climbed up and started to slaughter the residents in the illusion.

Pained cries sounded out within the ghostly qi-filled area, causing others not to dare to step into it.

Zhao Fu's soldiers started to move towards where the Hundred Ghost Illusionists were and started to attack from there. The soldiers either propped up ladders or threw grappling hooks as the Hundred Ghost Illusionists dissipated the ghostly qi, allowing them to climb up.

The soldiers worked well together with the Hundred Ghost Illusionists, and with the Malicious Ghosts leading the way, the soldiers quickly started to slaughter the remainder of the residents on the city walls.