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 After looking at the Elf Chief, Zhao Fu ordered his soldiers to start attacking the Elf Village. Zhao Fu was not easily allured by beauty, and of course, he would not have his soldiers actually attack the Elf Village with their full might. Rather, he ordered his Archers to attack in order to act as if he wanted to take down the Elf Village.

Facing Zhao Fu's provocation, since he only had a few hundred soldiers, the Elf Village quickly responded. 2,000 Elves rushed out of the village, and when Zhao Fu saw this, he immediately chose to run.

The Elves didn't want to chase after him. After all, the Elves were not a race that loved to fight, but when they started to retreat to their village, Zhao Fu once again came to provoke them. By the third time this happened, no matter how well-tempered the Elves were, they couldn't stop themselves from becoming furious, and they started to angrily chase Zhao Fu's soldiers.

However, after chasing for a while, though Zhao Fu's soldiers had disappeared, the Elves heard fighting from nearby. They looked over and saw that the Orcs were fighting with the Goblins.

The Elf Chief immediately realized something, and a look of shock appeared on her beautiful face as she yelled, "Hurry and leave!"

However, it was too late. When the Orcs saw so many Elves rush over in such a bloodthirsty manner, they thought that the Elves were here to help the Goblins, so some of the Orcs started to rush towards the Elves.

The Goblins, on the other hand, thought that the Elves were here to help the Orcs destroy them, so they also started to attack the Elves.

By now, it was too late for the Elves to run away even if they wanted to. They could only retaliate at the Orcs and Goblins rushing at them, and a chaotic three-way battle ensued.

Zhao Fu and his subordinates coldly watched the battle unfold, waiting to be the fisherman that caught the sandpiper and clam after they fought.

Each side steadily lost people, and blood and corpses covered the ground. After the massive, chaotic battle, there were only 300 out of the 3,000 Orcs left, 400 out of the 2,000 Elves left, and 700 out of the 5,000 Goblins left.

Zhao Fu saw that the time was ripe. He and his forces revealed themselves and formed a massive encirclement that surrounded the 3 factions.

Right now, Zhao Fu did not fear them at all. Combined, they had less than 1,400 soldiers, and all of them were wounded and exhausted from the taxing battle. The Orcs were in the worst state after going through two big battles.

When they saw that the enemy surrounding them included Goblins, Gnomes, Kobolds, and Humans, the surrounded Elves, Orcs, and Goblins were stunned. They all stopped fighting and warily looked at the people surrounding them.

Of course, the Elves were the clearest about what was going on because they knew it was Zhao Fu who had lured them into this massive battle, resulting in the present situation. The Elf Chief furiously looked at Zhao Fu and called out, "You shameless humans!"

The Goblins were the most confused. Why did the Orcs suddenly madly attack them? Why did the Elves suddenly join in? Why were they now surrounded by Humans for no reason?

The Orcs, on the other hand, were the most furious. When they saw Zhao Fu's appearance, they understood everything: why the Kobolds had dared to kill the Second Chief and why the Goblins would attack their village - the one behind all of this was the human in front of them.

All of the Orcs roared and furiously charged at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu calmly watched the Orcs rush at him and turned to signal at Bai Qi. Bai Qi loudly shouted, and 20 ballistae, which gave off terrifying auras, were wheeled out.

Back then, when Zhao Fu was about to set off, the Gnome Mechanics Scholars came to inform Zhao Fu that they had successfully researched the ballista. Zhao Fu ordered the Gnomes to start researching the ballista the day he had conquered his first Gnome Village, and they had finally succeeded. That was why Zhao Fu waited a few days before leaving the village.

Ballistae were quite difficult to create, so even though Zhao Fu had poured all his resources during those days into creating ballistae, they were only able to create 20 of them.

Now, it was time to test the might of the ballistae. Each one of them could shoot 3 bolts at a time, and each bolt was 1 finger-length wide and 1.4 meters long. When the 300 Orcs rushed at them, the soldiers readied the ballistae and took aim.


As Bai Qi gave the order, the soldiers operating the ballistae started to release the bolts.

Swish, swish, swish...

The bolts tore through the air, and they traveled incredibly quickly, making them look like dark rays of light that could only be seen for an instant.

Chi, chi, chi...

The Orcs were already completely exhausted, and they were using the last of their strength to charge towards Zhao Fu's forces. The bolts pierced through Orc after Orc, and some even stabbed into the Orcs behind them, turning them into skewers as blood erupted from their chests.

In just an instant, 70 or so Orcs had suddenly died. The might of the ballistae caused the Orcs that were running and shouting to stop in their tracks.

Odeis, who was leading the charge, was hit in the abdomen by a bolt, and the massive impact almost destroyed all his organs. He half-knelt on the ground and vomited up blood as he hatefully glared at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu calmly took out a bow and slowly drew it, aiming at Odeis's chest. Zhao Fu did not want to do this - if possible, he wanted to live in a peaceful world where he didn't have to fight, kill, plot, or do things that he didn't want to do.

However, right now, the world was extremely chaotic. If he did not become powerful, his end would be like Odeis's - after all, this world was one that belonged to the strong; the weak simply could not survive.

Facing Odeis's hateful eyes, Zhao Fu completely understood how he felt, and Zhao Fu did not feel angry at all. However, Zhao Fu still had to kill him.

Zhao Fu released the arrow. Just like that, Odeis, the orc Chief who had dominated the surrounding 50 kilometers, died at his hands.

Zhao Fu looked around and yelled, "Put down your weapons and surrender or die!"

As Zhao Fu yelled, Old Logue and Orc Anlun interpreted what Zhao Fu said.

Those within the encirclement became completely frightened by the ballistae's might. After considering how many soldiers Zhao Fu had and the fact that they were completely surrounded, they knew that they simply could not win. As such, the Goblins were the first to surrender.

As for the remaining Orcs, a few of them were stubborn and willing to die rather than submit to Zhao Fu. They raised their weapons and charged at Zhao Fu, and they were quickly killed. As for the other Orcs, when they looked at their dead Chief again, they decided to surrender.

Finally, after the Elf Chief looked at Odeis's half-kneeling corpse, a complicated look appeared in her eyes. The Orc Chief that had dominated this region and caused countless villages to tremble in fear had died at the hands of this human.

The Elf Chief looked at Zhao Fu and thought about the elderly and young Elves in the village. She sighed and half-knelt on the ground with the other Elves.

"System Announcement! Daisy Village has surrendered to you. Would you like to accept?"

Hearing this system announcement, Zhao Fu looked at the beautiful Elf Chief and chose to accept.