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 There was a tall and muscular Kobold on the city walls, and he was most likely City Lord Westpan.

Westpan looked at Great Qin's countless soldiers with a serious expression - he had never expected anyone to attack Westpan City, and there were at least 400,000 enemies. Just what was going on? How had such a massive army suddenly appeared?

Could it be that these people were all Otherworlders?

However, from their auras and looks, they didn't seem like 'Otherworlders' or 'players,' but it was impossible for the system main cities to have so many people. After all, the three system main cities would only have 300,000 soldiers combined. How could there be an army of 400,000 soldiers?

Moreover, after being in this region for such a long time, he hadn't made any trouble, so there was no need for those system main cities to expend such great efforts to attack Westpan City. Moreover, if they were going to attack, they would've attacked long ago and not have waited until now.

As such, just what faction was this below?

Westpan couldn't figure it out at all - just who were these people and why were they attacking?

The army slowly parted, and Zhao Fu rode out on Little Black with a few Generals following behind him.

Westpan didn't recognize Zhao Fu and his people, but beside him, when Belin saw Zhao Fu, his expression greatly changed. After all, Zhao Fu was the person who he had been trading with and who had boosted his position, so how could he not recognize him?

Wasn't he going to consider trading Stage 3 medicinal pills? How come he had brought so many people to attack Westpan City?

Moreover, he seemed to be the boss of this faction - Belin had never expected this at all. Before, he had been treating Belin with such respect, but after thinking about it, Belin realized that he had been duped.

Westpan could detect the changes in Belin, and his gaze became cold as he asked, "Belin, do you recognize that person? What's going on?"

Belin didn't dare to trick him and quickly explained to Westpan from when they had first started trading.

After listening to Belin's explanation, Westpan felt quite confused - if they had long since planned to attack Westpan City, why would they trade with them and provide a large number of medicinal pills and equipment, which would boost Westpan City's strength? After all, the other side wasn't an idiot.

Could it be that there was something wrong with the medicinal pills and equipment? But he had checked everything over, and there was nothing wrong with them. Just what was their aim?

Could it be that they wanted to use those benefits to convince Westpan City to surrender?

Zhao Fu looked at the city walls, and a trace of a smile appeared on his face as he said, "I recommend that you surrender; I will treat all you well. If you resist, the only conclusion is death. Don't even dream of resisting an army of 400,000 soldiers; that is simply impossible."

Hearing this, Westpan's expression became grim because he knew that it was indeed almost impossible to stop the attack of 400,000 soldiers. What's more, the person speaking seemed to be the City Lord of a Basic City. Even if they fought, Westpan wouldn't have an advantage when fighting him and might even lose.

However, he couldn't just surrender so easily.

"Sir, it's impossible for us to surrender so easily, but we can form an alliance. In the future, we will sell everything to you at half price. How does that sound?"

Westpan knew that it was likely that they would lose, so he planned to become alliance members to avoid this battle and sacrifice some of their profits in order to keep the peace.

Hearing Westpan's words, Zhao Fu couldn't help but laugh - who wanted their items? The only thing that Zhao Fu wanted was the city itself and the people.

"That's impossible; all I want is Westpan City. You can either choose to submit or die," Zhao Fu said with great confidence and domineeringness.

Westpan felt quite furious - he had already taken a step back and spoken civilly, yet the other side was still being so overbearing and didn't put Westpan City in its eyes at all. It was as if they thought that Westpan City was scared.

"Then you can try us. Westpan City will show no weakness!" Westpan said angrily, his words filled with hostile intent.

"Hahaha..." Zhao Fu loudly laughed before ordering, "Attack!"

As soon as this command was given out, Great Qin's soldiers' aura became incredibly serious and oppressive, shocking the Kobold soldiers on the city walls.

First, the six figures beside Zhao Fu shot into the sky, and the terrifying auras they gave off caused the weather to change, shocking everything within the entire region.

The three City Lords within the region felt this burst of strength, and their expressions became grim. They quickly left their system main cities and turned into rays of light as they flew towards Westpan City. Just what had happened there

Back at Westpan City, the Kobolds all looked at the six powerful people in the sky. They were all City Lords - five of them were the City Lords of system main cities, and only one of them was the City Lord of a Basic City. How could they not be shocked at seeing six City Lords gathering?

After all, City Lords weren't as common as radishes, and at most, a region would have four of them. And yet, the enemy commanded six City Lords, and this didn't include their leader. This caused Westpan to feel incredibly shocked.

Swish, swish, swish...

As all of the Kobolds stared in shock, countless ballistae bolts with Hidden Evil roots tied to them tore through the air and flew towards Westpan City.

The numerous Kobolds quickly reacted and raised their shields, and those without shields immediately ducked for cover as well.

However, the targets of the ballistae bolts weren't the Kobolds on the wall. The countless ballistae bolts hit the city walls, and even though not many Kobolds were injured or killed, a white smoke started to spread because the Hidden Evil roots had been set alight.

Westpan immediately realized that there was something wrong with this smoke, so he wanted to dissipate it. However, before he could do anything, the six people in the air started to attack him, forcing him to dodge about.

Within the white smoke, after breathing a mouthful of the smoke, the Kobold soldiers felt their bodies weaken and felt incredibly powerless. Beads of sweat ran down their bodies, and they soon collapsed on the city walls.

Westpan City had 60,000 soldiers, and because they had all consumed medicinal pills containing Hidden Evil for a long time, they all instantly collapsed and lost the ability to fight.

However, there were also many residents who were participating in the defense. There were 230,000 residents, and apart from some women, elderly people, and children, there were about 100,000 or so Kobold residents defending.