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 Since they had decided to act against Westpan City, they had to first gather some information. Zhao Fu called Guo Binglin over and asked him to bring over the latest intelligence on Westpan City.

After looking through the intelligence reports, Zhao Fu found that not much had changed in Westpan City except that the population had increased by 30,000 and that there were a few new buildings. It seemed that they hadn't put the equipment and medicinal pills to good use.

Even though there were negative side-effects from the medicinal pills, if it wasn't for Great Qin, those pills and pieces of equipment would have boosted Westpan City's battle strength. That way, Westpan City would be able to attack others and plunder a large amount of resources and territory.

And yet, nothing much had changed, and they continued to just defend their city and not expand outwards. It was a pity that they had taken so many resources from Zhao Fu.

It seemed that these Kobolds were far too peaceful, and even though they were powerful, they didn't attack anyone. There was nothing wrong with this, and in fact, some would describe them to be quite righteous and just.

However, in Zhao Fu's eyes, this was a mistake. If you didn't attack others while you were strong, did that mean others wouldn't attack you when they were strong? Of course not. Because you were strong and possessed great resources, others would definitely attack if you became weak.

Even if you upheld justice and didn't bully the weak, it wasn't reasonable to expect others to do the same. China was the same, so in ancient times, it had often been attacked by foreigners.

Only when one stood in a position of absolute power could one welcome true peace. Once one became weak, one would immediately be devoured.

From how Zhao Fu saw things, conquering was the true way to resolve things - one couldn't give one's enemies any chances. Unless a person could always remain strong, they would be eventually subjected to attacks, humiliation, or death. Enemies wouldn't show any mercy.

As such, Zhao Fu believed that how the Kobolds were acting was utterly wrong. The reason Zhao Fu put so much emphasis on martial might was because he would be able to unify the world and bring about a truly peaceful world in the end.

Today was the appointed time for a trade with Westpan City. Normally, others from Great Qin would go to conduct the trade, but Zhao Fu decided to go personally today to confirm various things.

They were definitely going to attack Westpan City, as it was the weakest out of the three objectives and could be easily taken down by Great Qin.

After a few teleportations, Zhao Fu arrived at Westpan City.

The person who received Zhao Fu was still the Kobold called Belin, and from the look of things, he seemed quite well off - his clothes were much more splendorous than before, and his body was even a bit chubbier.

"Long time no see, Lord Belin!" Zhao Fu smiled and nodded.

Seeing that Zhao Fu had come, Belin looked quite excited as well - trading with Zhao Fu had caused his position and his benefits to continuously rise.

"Indeed! It has been a long time. Please take a seat!" Belin enthusiastically invited Zhao Fu over.

Zhao Fu sat down before asking, "Now that it has been a while, what do you think of the medicinal pills I've supplied? Westpan City's strength must have increased by a lot. What have you gained from that? I've recently obtained a large amount of Stage 3 cultivating medicinal pills, and I'm willing to trade those."

"What? Stage 3 medicinal pills?" When he heard this, Belin felt incredibly delighted, but he immediately felt sour - apart from the Ceylon Spice, some ordinary items, and people, they didn't have much that they could trade.

Zhao Fu wanted to test if Westpan City had anything good or if they were hiding anything. However, from how things seemed, they didn't have anything special, so he felt a bit disappointed.

"Guest, we're willing to trade three times the normal amount of Ceylon Spice for your Stage 3 medicinal pills; is that satisfactory?" Belin wanted to use three times the normal amount of Ceylon Space to trade for the Windbell Pills, but Zhao Fu wasn't very interested in the spice. Even though it was a high-grade spice that was popular in other regions and enjoyed by the upper society of Great Qin, it definitely wasn't as valuable as the Windbell Pills. However, Zhao Fu neither agreed nor disagreed, and he instead thought for a while.

Seeing this, Belin felt a bit disappointed, and he decided to report this matter to the City Lord to see if he could take out something of value to trade. After all, Stage 3 medicinal pills were simply too tempting.

Zhao Fu wasn't going to actually continue trading with Westpan City, as they would be attacking right after he returned to the Great Qin City.

After chatting with Belin for a short while longer, Zhao Fu decided to leave and use Stealther to do some scouting around Westpan City. After confirming that there was nothing out of the ordinary, he returned to the Great Qin City.

Following this, Zhao Fu ordered everyone to make preparations. He then realized that he hadn't been back to the real world in a while, so his real body was probably starving. He decided to go back to the real world and take care of his body first.

Just as his consciousness returned to the real world, his body was wracked with hunger pangs, and he quickly asked his bodyguard to bring some food over. At the same time, he found out about the four beauties coming to the Ying family's residence.

This was told to him by Mu Guilin on behalf of the family leaders. Because this wasn't an incredibly serious matter, the family leaders hadn't wanted to bother Zhao Fu about it, so they told Mu Guilin to report this to Zhao Fu after he woke up.

After hearing about this, Zhao Fu couldn't help but frown. If he had caught these women in the Heaven Awaken World, he would've been quite interested, as they would've been able to provide a large amount of Phoenix Qi.

However, no matter how many women came to the Ying family's residence in the real world, there would be no point - after all, in order to bring someone into the Heaven Awaken World, Zhao Fu would have to make that person eat a Reality Fruit in the Heaven Awaken World, causing that person's consciousness to fuse with that person's body in the Heaven Awaken World.

Since he was unable to bring them into the Heaven Awaken World, they were unable to provide any Phoenix Qi, so they were quite useless.

Zhao Fu had also found out that bringing a person into the Heaven Awaken World seemed to have benefits to that person's cultivation speed. Zhao Fu had heard this from the captives he had brought into the real world. After that great battle, Zhao Fu didn't kill them, and he instead kept them within Great Qin. Since their factions had decided to resist even though their lives were in his hands, it showed that they didn't care about these people. As such, there wasn't much value in killing them, but keeping them around could bring some benefits.

As such, Zhao Fu kept them around and gave them decent treatment. Zhao Fu wouldn't expend a lot of resources for them to have a good life, but he gave good treatment to the two women who had been given titles as Imperial Concubines.

"Proxy leader, how would you like to take care of this? Perhaps you should tell the Legatee; if he sees these four peerless beauties, he'll definitely be very happy," Mu Guilin said as he smiled.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu couldn't help but smile and say, "How are you so sure he'll be happy?"

"But of course, as a man, how could he not want to gather all of the beautiful women under the heavens? Moreover, he gave out Holy Daughter Writs before, so doesn't that mean that he is interested in beautiful women? Now that four peerless beauties have presented themselves, he'll definitely be very happy," Mu Guilin said confidently.

Zhao Fu nodded - of course, he couldn't reveal that he was Great Qin's Legatee, nor could he tell him the true reason for the Holy Daughter Writs. Because of this, he could only smile and say, "Just leave the matter for now!"