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 Zhao Fu planned to leave the rest of the Body Rocks to be used in the future on the four boundaries of Great Qin. Those places were the boundaries between China and other nations, and because they would definitely suffer many battles, they needed to have powerful defenses.

As the central city of Great Qin, the Great Qin City was incredibly important. However, if the enemies were able to reach the Great Qin City directly and attack it, that meant that Great Qin would most likely lose.

After all, if a faction's core was attacked, even if it wasn't destroyed, it would be crippled. As such, it wasn't enough that the central city was powerful; the other cities also needed to be powerful to create defensive lines.

As such, Zhao Fu couldn't just focus on the Great Qin City, and he had to develop other cities as well to create armor for the central city. Only then would Great Qin become powerful - no matter how powerful one's central city was, if all of the other cities were broken through, the nation would no longer have the right to be called a 'nation.'

Zhao Fu didn't just want to be a lord with a few cities; what he wanted was a nation with countless cities and subjects, then an empire.

The Body Rocks were quite easy to use - all one had to do was place them on the city walls, which would trigger a system announcement asking if he wanted to fuse them into the city walls. After selecting yes, they would automatically fuse like rocks sinking into quicksand. After fusing these Body Rocks, Zhao Fu received another system announcement!

[Rock Giant's Walls]: City walls with greatly enhanced defense. They have great resistance to ordinary magic.

After seeing this, Zhao Fu felt quite satisfied. Following this, Zhao Fu received news that Great Qin could now refine Stage 3 medicinal pills.

These were the medicinal pills refined using the Windbell Fruits, and because Zhao Fu placed great importance on them, he personally went to the pill-refining workshop to take a look. Zhang Baishu was the primary person in charge of refining medicinal pills, and he was Great Qin's advanced Pill Master.

Zhao Fu watched as Zhang Baishu continuously placed ingredients into a pill furnace and used a formation to support the flames as he refined the ingredients. Zhang Baishu controlled the flames and used all sorts of techniques before medicinal pills that were as big as peas appeared.

Zhao Fu picked up one of the Windbell Pills that had just come out of the furnace, which was still quite hot and gave off white steam and a fruity fragrance. Zhao Fu used his power to cool it down before swallowing it.

After entering his body, the Windbell Pill turned into a green wave of spirit energy that spread throughout his body. Its effects were many times better than a Stage 2 medicinal pill's, and Zhao Fu grinned in satisfaction.

With these Windbell Pills, Great Qin's soldiers' cultivation speed would be far superior to soldiers of ordinary system main cities. After all, Great Qin's medicinal pills were now of high Stage and quality.

Next, Zhao Fu refined Shi Jian, Liu Sheng, and Yue Linping's corpses and obtained three SSS grade Orbs, two Stage 3 Blood God Pills, and one Stage 4 Blood God Pill.

Following this, Zhao Fu called Sima Cuo over. After using an Innate Talent Blood Crystal, his grade was SSS grade, and he had a General Fate. It was a pity that Zhao Fu didn't have enough Soldier Souls, or Zhao Fu would've wanted to see what sort of General Star he would awaken.

Zhao Fu called him over to give him Heavenstone City's City Lord Seal. They had re-established Heavenstone City already, so Zhao Fu now made Sima Cuo the City Lord. Zhao Fu had half of the 200,000 original residents remain in Heavenstone City while he distributed the remaining half to the other cities.

The main reason was to prevent them from having anything thoughts of rebelling. Moreover, even though it was easy to relocate a city, many of the buildings still had to be rebuilt.

Zhao Fu stretched out his hand and gave Sima Cuo the azure City Lord Seal.

Sima Cuo looked quite excited, as this was the City Lord Seal of a system main city. With this, he would be able to obtain great power and truly serve Great Qin with great effectiveness. Sima Cuo immediately half-knelt as he accepted the City Lord Seal and said gratefully, "Thank you, Your Majesty!"

Zhao Fu nodded in response. Now, Great Qin had six City Lords, and this wasn't including Zhao Fu himself. Great Qin's strength was now quite amazing.

After taking care of these matters, Zhao Fu had the Generals and soldiers rest. The next day, he gathered the leaders to once again discuss Great Qin's strategy.

Great Qin's overall plan was to continue conquering and quickly restore the nation. There were three major goals:

The first was Westpan City, the Kobold Basic City. Great Qin had been trading with it for quite some time, and it had traded medicinal pills containing Hidden Evil and equipment containing Shattersteel Iron for items and people.

Now, it had been around three to four months. Therefore, the Hidden Evil was most likely going to start taking effect, so they could start attacking Westpan City.

The second was the region near the Vietnamese side. A while back, Zhao Fu had used schemes to bait a battle between a Vietnamese system main city and a Chinese system main city, which had provided Great Qin with many Stage 1 corpses.

The Vietnamese system main city had suffered great losses, with over 50,000 Stage 1 soldiers dying. Now, it most likely had only 40,000 or so Stage 1 soldiers. Most of its players had died as well.

Even though soldiers could be replaced and new players would spawn, it would take some time to regather its strength, so it would be easier to deal with than other system main cities.

However, there were two things that they had to take into account: the City Lord of the other Vietnamese system main city would most likely come to help; she had stopped Zhao Fu from killing Flowing Water City's City Lord, making Zhao Fu expend his Fate for nothing. Zhao Fu remembered this clearly, and he had told her to make preparations for Great Qin's revenge.

The other consideration was that because Great Qin was a Chinese faction, if Great Qin wanted to destroy a Vietnamese system main city, all of the Vietnamese players would desperately retaliate; they wouldn't allow Great Qin to do to Vietnam what China had done to Vietnam.

Even though they were afraid of China, they would still resist it. If Great Qin was a Vietnamese faction and attacked, they might have chosen to run. However, Great Qin belonged to China, so they would resist even if it was just out of the enmity between the countries.

Great Qin's third goal was, of course, the Forest of Horrors. If it could conquer the entirety of the Forest of Horrors, the entire region would belong to Great Qin, bringing it great benefits.

The region would provide a massive amount of manpower for Great Qin, and it would be the cornerstone of restoring the nation. They could then devour the other regions one by one until they Qin had restored their nation.

However, this could be quite difficult, as the three City Lords definitely knew of Great Qin and how dangerous it was, so they would definitely make preparations.

Once Great Qin did anything, it would face the combined attacks of three system main cities, which would be quite difficult to deal with by Great Qin alone. As such, Great Qin had to think of a way to deal with this before attacking.

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu and his leaders decided to take down Westpan City first. It was the weakest city that they had their sights on, and it had less than 300,000 people with only 50,000 soldiers. Moreover, with Hidden Evil and the Shattersteel Iron, it would be even easier to take it down.