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 Behind the Disaster Cavalrymen were a large group of Skeleton Mages wearing gray cloaks and holding bone staffs, and there were black tongues of flames in their heads. There were roughly 30,000 of these Skeleton Mages.

Last time, Zhao Fu hadn't sent all of his forces into battle, and he had instead hidden away 30,000 Skeleton Mages because the Disaster Cavalry could reliably control them.

Mage professions were quite difficult to obtain in the Heaven Awaken World, which was one of the reasons that Zhao Fu had kept the Skeleton Mages. Moreover, apart from attacking, the Skeleton Mages could also summon Skeletons.

A Skeleton Mage could control five Skeletons, so 30,000 Skeleton Mages would be able to control 150,000 Skeletons. That way, the Disaster Cavalrymen would have the ability to effectively control 150,000 Skeletons, which was another reason why Zhao Fu had kept the Skeleton Mages.

These Skeletons wouldn't be as powerful as those summoned from the Undead Disaster, but they were more reliable because they would be fully controlled by Great Qin and wouldn't just act on their impulses.

Now, essentially all of the players had left, and the three other system main cities had heard about the demise of Heavenstone City.

Of course, Zhao Fu took these Skeleton Mages into the city to use the countless residents' bodies to summon Skeletons.

The soldiers stood guard outside and didn't bother to clear out the city, as anything of value would've already been taken away by those players, who viewed money as their lives.

The Skeleton Mages flooded into the city and stood beside corpses as they chanted strange incantations and raised their bone staffs, a gray light covering the corpses.

The corpses slowly withered before all of their flesh and blood disappeared, revealing just white skeletons. Black tongues of flame then lit up in their heads, and the skeletons came to life as they slowly stood up.

As the Skeleton Mages summoned more Skeletons, Zhao Fu went to the City Hall. Looking at the golden cube floating in the air, a trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face as he chose to conquer it and relocate the city.

"System announcement! Congratulations, you have conquered a system main city and obtained 5,000 Achievement Points."

"System announcement! Because you are a Legatee and have conquered a system main city, you have obtained a large amount of this region's Fate."

"System announcement! You have relocated a system main city and obtained 840,000 EXP."

"System announcement! Congratulations, you have obtained 200 War Points."

A chain of system announcements sounded out, and because Zhao Fu looked through them and found that they were the same as before, he didn't pay them much attention and returned to Great Qin.

By now, countless factions in the real world had also received news that Great Qin had once again acted and shockingly destroyed a system main city.

This was the first time that a player had destroyed a system main city with his or her own strength. Before, everyone felt that it was only natural that the Undead Disaster could take down four system main cities, and everyone wasn't really that surprised. However, a single faction taking down a system main city was simply too shocking.

Just how much power did one need to take down a system main city? It had to be greater than that of a system main city or else how could he conquer it?

"Great Qin already has such power?" the countless factions felt a deep terror towards Great Qin's strength.

The countless factions were once again forced to come to the Ying family's residence and ask for Great Qin Writs and Holy Daughter Writs. With those Writs, they would no longer have to feel terrified every day, and they would have a shield against Great Qin.

However, the Ying family followed Zhao Fu's orders and didn't see anyone. As such, the people from the countless factions could only wait around the Ying family's residence and refuse to leave.

The Ying family couldn't do much about this - after all, they couldn't just kill those people, so they just let them hang around outside.

Suddenly, another big piece of news spread out - the Feng family had sent Feng Shiyu to the Ying family. Feng Shiyu was the tenth-ranked beauty on the Ancient Beauty Rankings, and she was Feng Xiaolian's descendant.

All of the women on the Ancient Beauty Rankings were the center of attention of countless men, and even meeting one or getting on good terms with one would be the greatest blessing of some men's lives.

Almost all of the women were pursued by the young masters of large families, and information about them was the hottest topic on the forums, resulting in heated discussions.

Now that the Feng family had sent Feng Shiyu to the Ying family, their intentions were incredibly clear - they wanted a Holy Daughter Writ so that they could become part of Great Qin as quickly as possible.

Now, everyone knew that they couldn't resist Great Qin, so it was best to join Great Qin as early as possible to receive greater benefits. That way, they would be valued more than those who joined later.

Following this, another three shocking pieces of news were spread: Li Qingzhao's descendant, Li Muqing; Liu Rushi's descendant, Liu Ruyan; and Pan Yunu's descendant, Pan Yuling, had been sent to the Ying family.

All three of them were extremely famous beauties, and they had fairly high rankings - this was especially so for Li Muqing, who was extremely talented and beautiful, and she was ranked eleventh on the Ancient Beauty Rankings.

None of the large families expected Li Muqing to voluntarily go to the Ying family, causing her countless admirers' hearts to ache with pain. As such, many of them, in their anger, slandered Great Qin about being ruthless and licentious.

Now, four exceptional beauties had gone to the Ying family and become Great Qin's Legatee's women, making countless men feel immense heartache and jealousy. However, they didn't dare to voice this and could only feel quite sullen.

In the end, the Ying family decided to accept these four women. After all, as an Emperor, Great Qin's Legatee would definitely want many women in the future, and these four were exceptional beauties. All of the family leaders were sure that Great Qin's Legatee would fancy them. Moreover, since Great Qin's Legatee had given out Holy Daughter Writs in the past, that meant that he wanted to gather beauties, so they decided to take in these four women and treat them well.

Of course, Zhao Fu didn't know about any of this. After returning to the Great Qin City, he gave the important Fruit of Life Tree to the Medicine Department's people and told them to look after it carefully. After all, the Fruit of Life could be used to refine Fate Changing Pills, which were incredibly important to Great Qin.

There were nine Fruits of Life on the tree that hadn't ripened yet, so they still had to wait. After all, they were Stage 6 spirit fruits, and the higher stage, the longer they would take to ripen.

After taking care of the Fruit of Life Tree, Zhao Fu went to the Great Qin's city walls and took out a Body Rock. Zhao Fu had 1,500 or so pieces of the Body Rock, so he planned to use 300 pieces on the Great Qin City's city walls.

After all, he couldn't conquer the world with just one city, and it was pointless to just have one city that was powerful. As such, Zhao Fu decided not to use too many of the Body Rocks just yet.