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 This item was a gray rock orb, and it was about as big as a watermelon. It was very round and quite rough to the touch, and it had a firm and stable aura.

[Rock Giant's Heart]: A Rock Giant's core. It contains a great amount of rock energy and can summon five Rock Puppets.

After looking through the information, Zhao Fu felt quite interested in the Rock Puppets. He tested out the Rock Giant's Heart, and it floated up from his hand as a formless energy rippled out and the rocks around him began to gather.

Following this, the rocks were put into humanoid forms by a formless energy, forming five Rock Puppets that were ten meters tall.

These Rock Puppets could also be called Rock Giants that were ten meters tall. However, these Rock Puppets didn't have any life and had only been created using the Rock Giant's Heart. As such, if they were destroyed, they could be re-gathered after a short while.

Zhao Fu felt that it was quite a pity that he hadn't been able to make the Rock Giant his. If he could have subdued the 1,000 meters tall Rock Giant, it definitely would've been a powerful tool while sieging cities. The five Rock Puppets definitely wouldn't be as powerful.

Zhao Fu then looked through the system announcements that he had received after killing the Rock Giant.

"System announcement! You have killed the Rock Giant and obtained 10,000 Achievement Points."

"System announcement! You have killed the Rock Giant and obtained a large amount of this region's Fate."

"System announcement! You have killed the Rock Giant and obtained 300,000 EXP."

"System announcement! You have obtained one Legend Point."

Zhao Fu felt quite pleased about the Achievement Points, which were enough to instantly boost him to Second-Ranked Earl. Killing the boss monster of a region or destroying a system main city would also give some of the region's Fate, but the EXP wasn't much at only 300,000.

Finally, as for the Legend Point, Zhao Fu didn't know what it was for, so he could only cast it to the back of his mind for now.

After Zhao Fu put all of his spoils away, it was time to attack Heavenstone City.

When Yue Linping had gathered residents and players to defend the city, countless players had felt that the rewards were quite good, so they had all joined in. After all, who would have the guts to attack a system main city?

After all, apart from Great Qin using the Undead Disaster to take down four system main cities, no one had successfully conquered a system main city yet. With how powerful system main cities were, they weren't something that players could contend against.

As such, the players were quite confident that no one would attack Heavenstone City, so they would just get rewards for free. However, they were shocked to see an army of well-equipped soldiers surround Heavenstone City.

At the same time, the players found that the teleportation channels didn't work anymore, making them feel a bit panicked. However, after the reassurances from the system main city's officials, they were able to calm down.

In total, they had 1.4 million people, and even though there was a massive army outside, there were only 400,000 of them. As long as they worked together to defend the city, the enemies outside definitely wouldn't be able to make it in easily.

Indeed, Great Qin's soldiers wouldn't rashly attack. Even though there weren't many soldiers within the city and the cultivations of the residents and players were quite low, there were too many of them.

If they tried to force their way in, Great Qin would lose at least a quarter of its soldiers. As such, they surrounded the city according to the plan and waited for Zhao Fu to kill Shi Jian and return with the City Lord Seal.

At the beginning, the residents and players all felt incredibly confident, but after receiving news that Shi Jian had died and that the City Lord had changed, they started to truly panic.

An azure-colored energy shield appeared around the City Hall, and everyone started to collect one's belongings and run for one's life.

After all, a City Lord was the key figure of a system main city, and the City Lord Seal was the core item of the city. Now, the key figure had died, and the core item had fallen into someone else's hands.

Now that they had lost both of these things, how could they still feel any confidence and defend against the enemies outside? Now, they had become a pile of loose sand.

Zhao Fu quickly flew until he was outside Heavenstone City. Saar and Meng Tian paid their respects as they called out, "Your Majesty!"

Zhao Fu nodded and looked at Heavenstone City below.


An immensely powerful aura covered the entire city, causing the panicking people to feel a weight on their bodies and fear within their hearts. They all stopped what they were doing and looked at the person in the air.

Zhao Fu stood in the air and looked down on the people as he said, "I'm sure you can guess who I am. Great Qin has taken revenge for the incident from that day; all 80,000 soldiers and your City Lord have been killed by Great Qin.

"Now, you have two choices: you can either die or surrender. It's best that players don't get involved, or the leaders of all of the factions will die a true death!"

After hearing that their City Lord had been killed by this person, the residents felt incredibly furious, but they still felt quite scared.

As for the players, when Zhao Fu announced the name of Great Qin, all of them felt incredibly shocked.

Before, the whole world had been covered by Great Qin's haze, and countless people could only tremble and plead for mercy. Now, even though the Undead Disaster had been destroyed and the Six Paths of Reincarnation had been closed, the countless players' fear towards Great Qin hadn't decreased in the slightest.

The players in East Green naturally knew of the enmity between Heavenstone City and Great Qin. After all, it was only because of the incident at Heavenstone City that Great Qin's Legatee had been exposed, which resulted in a massive fight.

After seeing so many soldiers surround Heavenstone City, their first thought was naturally Great Qin. After all, apart from Great Qin, no one would have the strength to do such a thing. Before, they had held onto a trace of hope, but now that they had heard that it was Great Qin who was attacking, they couldn't help but feel terrified.

Moreover, the most important thing was that the person standing in the air was Great Qin's terrifying Legatee.

Furthermore, he had said that any factions that resisted would have their leaders killed - the countless players knew that Great Qin indeed had the ability to bring people into the Heaven Awaken World. As such, they really would die a true death.

Under the threat of death, countless players came down from the city walls and yelled, "Great Qin's Legatee, we surrender. We don't dare to make an enemy out of you. Please spare us!"

When they heard the players, the countless residents' faces fell. They were incredibly weak and would definitely lose against Great Qin by themselves, which was why they wanted the players to help.

However, they had never expected the players to surrender so quickly and easily. Now that they had lost the players' support, the countless residents didn't know what to do.

Now, only a few governmental officials remained; the City Lord and Great Generals had all died, turning these people into a herd of sheep without a shepherd.