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 As soon as Shi Jian lost the City Lord Seal's power, he became someone with only Stage 4 cultivation; how could he be Zhao Fu's match? Now, even if Zhao Fu didn't use his Nation Armament and Clan Armament and only used his City Lord Seal, Shi Jian wouldn't be able to fight him.

"I'm willing to give you Heavenstone City, so please spare us." Now that Shi Jian could tell that he wasn't a match for Zhao Fu, he could only give in and ask this of Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu coldly laughed - how could he spare them? After all, Shi Jian was a Stage 4 expert, so it was possible for him to make trouble in the future. As such, it was best to cut the weeds and eliminate the roots. Zhao Fu didn't reply to Shi Jian and directly attacked with the intent to kill.

Seeing this, Shi Jian quickly said, "Sir, aren't you afraid of me self-destructing with the City Lord Seal? Even though I am unable to use the City Lord Seal's power, I can still cause it to self-destruct!"

This caused Zhao Fu to stop. If the City Lord Seal self-destructed, the system main city would devolve into an Advanced Town, and he would have to condense a City Lord Seal again - he didn't want to see such a thing happen. After all, an Advanced Town was of far less worth than a system main city.

Now, Zhao Fu was in a predicament: he didn't want to spare the Shi family's father and son, nor did he want to lose the City Lord Seal.

As Zhao Fu hesitated, Shi Jian took out something and threw something out. It traveled incredibly quickly and flashed by, disappearing into the distance in the blink of an eye.

Zhao Fu could feel the City Lord Seal's aura from that, so he turned into a ray of light and chased after it. In less than two minutes, Zhao Fu grabbed at the air, and a formless energy brought the City Lord Seal into his hands.

Looking at the City Lord Seal in his hand, Zhao Fu let out a sigh of relief. He then quickly returned, but he was surprised to find that the Shi family's father and son were still there.

However, Zhao Fu immediately realized that something was off - Shi Jian had cut open his palm, allowing blood to continuously flow out. He drew a blood-red run in the air, which Zhao Fu could tell was quite profound. It gave off a mysterious and obscure power.

Shi Jian then aged at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye, and it was most likely because of the blood-red rune that he had just drawn.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu didn't hesitate to kill him.

Meanwhile, Shi Jian warmly smiled and placed his spatial ring in Shi Wen's hands. Shi Wen's eyes welled up with tears, but Shi Jian patted him on the back before saying, "You'll have to rely on yourself from now on!"

Sensing that Zhao Fu was about to attack, Shi Jian pointed, and the blood-red rune in the air entered Shi Wen's body, causing him to turn into a blood-red light that sped off into the distance.

Clang, clang, clang...

Chains shot out through the air towards the blood-red light, but it was simply too fast. The chains were unable to lock it down.

Zhao Fu looked at the blood-red light disappearing into the distance and felt quite angry. He looked down at Shi Jian and waved his hand, causing a formless energy to send ShI Jian flying.


Shi Jian's body crashed against a massive boulder, causing the boulder to crack. Shi Jian coughed up a mouthful of blood as his body slowly slid down.

He had already been severely injured in his fight with the Rock Giant, and he had then used a forbidden technique and expended a lot of his fleshly essence to help Shi Wen escape. Now, he didn't have even a bit of strength left. However, as a father, it was all worth it for Shi Wen to be able to escape.

As Shi Jian's body slid down, a figure suddenly appeared before him and grabbed him by his throat.

Zhao Fu was no longer as angry and looked at Shi Jian calmly. He could feel the dense fatherly love that Shi Jian was radiating and said softly, "You're a good father!"

In response, Shi Jian could only bitterly smile.

Zhao Fu looked away and didn't say anything before he squeezed with his hand.


Shi Jian's neck was broken by Zhao Fu - Heavenstone City's City Lord had died!

Zhao Fu placed Shi Jian's body into his Disaster King Ring; there was nothing much of value on him. Even his saber had been put into that spatial ring, which he had given to Shi Wen.

That spatial ring had at least two Legendary grade pieces of equipment, and they would be worth at least 600,000 to 700,000 gold coins; who knew if it contained any other items or skills.

Zhao Fu didn't care too much about that spatial ring, but he felt that it was a pity to let Shi Wen escape. However, being able to obtain a complete City Lord Seal was still quite good.

Zhao Fu looked at the City Lord Seal before taking out the shard. The shard gave off a faint azure light and automatically flew towards the City Lord Seal, forming a complete City Lord Seal.

Since Zhao Fu already had the Great Qin Seal and couldn't possess another City Lord Seal, he planned to give this one to Sima Cuo.

After returning to the place where he had killed the Rock Giant, he looked around in curiosity and excitement to see what the boss monster of a region would drop.

Zhao Fu looked around and found four types of items.

The first was gray-black rocks that were from the Rock Giant's body, and they had interesting effects.

[Body Rock]: A rock from the Rock Giant's body that can be fused with any rock or stone structure, greatly increasing its sturdiness and giving it some resistance against all magic skills.

There were around 1,000 or so pieces of Body Rock, and their effects could be stacked. The more Body Rocks he fused into a structure, the sturdier it would become.

The second type of item was four crystals that were as big as a palm. They were dark green and in irregular shapes. They also gave off an oppressive aura.

[Rock Giant Crystal]: A type of crystal from the Rock Giant that is an excellent Legendary grade material. It can be used to forge Legendary grade equipment.

The four Rock Giant Crystals could be used to forge four excellent Legendary grade pieces of equipment, which was quite good. Of course, the more Legendary grade equipment the better, so after putting away the four Rock Giant Crystals, Zhao Fu looked at the next item.

The third item seemed to be a fragment of a black mask, and it was made out of wood. It was half the size of a palm and had some pictures on it. However, because it was just a fragment, it was difficult to tell what those pictures were, and the fragment gave off a boundless and ancient aura.

This made Zhao Fu quite delighted because this was a Desolate Blood Mask Shard.

At the auction before, Zhao Fu had spent a great amount of money to buy the shard of a Nation Armament, which was the Desolate Blood Mask Shard. The Desolate Blood Mask had been split into four shards, and Zhao Fu had now collected two of them.

Zhao Fu didn't know if he could restore the Desolate Blood Mask if he collected all four shards - if he could, that would be fantastic, as Great Qin would gain an extra Nation Armament.

Zhao Fu then looked at the fourth item, which was also quite good.