Zhao Fu watched as the structures gradually vanished, and he understood that the battle was over. He ordered his people to retreat, surprising the Kobold Chief. Now that they only had to defend against the Orcs, with most of the Kobolds defending, they were able to give the ones that were escaping some time to run away.

Now, the Kobold Chief drew his large saber and personally went to fight with the Orc Chief, Odeis.

"Why did you ally with humans and attack the Kobold Village?" The Kobold Chief furiously roared as he slashed Odeis.

"Why did you kill my little brother?" Odeis roared as he hatefully glared at the Kobold Chief.

It was a pity that they could only speak their respective languages. Neither of them could understand each other, and the only thing they saw was an enemy that they had to kill. The thought that someone had orchestrated all of this never came to their minds.

Zhao Fu also noticed the escaping Kobolds and turned to look at the Kobold Chief, who was fighting a bloody battle. He was willing to sacrifice himself so that some of the other Kobolds could escape.

All the escaping Kobolds watched their Chief desperately fight on the battlefield as tears streamed down their faces. His body seemed to be glowing with light, making him look incredibly heroic.

Zhao Fu saw that the Kobold Chief had been injured many times by Odeis's hatchet and was covered in blood. And yet, he was still fighting valiantly, though his movements were growing sluggish. It was clear how this would end.

"Ai!" Zhao Fu sighed. In these disturbed, chaotic, war-filled times, if Zhao Fu did not become powerful, his result would be like that of the Kobold Chief's or even worse. If he did not become powerful, his forces would be devoured by someone else's.

Zhao Fu turned to look at the 300 or so escaping Kobolds and gave the order to capture them.


"Humans! Why will you not spare us?"

By now, 900 of Zhao Fu's soldiers had surrounded the 300 Kobolds, and the Kobold leading them angrily yelled at Zhao Fu.

"I want you to surrender to me. As long as you surrender, I promise that I won't harm any of you," Zhao Fu said as Doke interpreted.

"Haha! You and the Orcs attacked our village together and killed so many of our people, yet you want us to surrender to you?" The Kobold mocked as he coldly laughed.

Zhao Fu remained expressionless as he coldly replied, "First, I didn't collaborate with the Orcs. Second, if I didn't reduce you to this state, would you have agreed to surrender to me? Third, I'm not negotiating with you; if you want to die, I'll fulfill your wish!"

All of the Archers and Crossbowmen raised their weapons. As soon as Zhao Fu gave the order, they would fire at the Kobolds.

The expression of the leading Kobold became ugly. He thought back to how the Chief had entrusted everyone's lives to him, and he hesitated before choosing to surrender.

Now, the main battlefield was split into 3!

Since the escaping Kobolds were taken care of, Zhao Fu went back to the Kobold Village. There was only a small team of Kobolds desperately fighting back, and in the end, all of them were killed. This, of course, included the Kobold Chief. The Orcs had come to seek vengeance, and they normally didn't take prisoners anyways.

All the Kobolds, except for the ones that had surrendered to Zhao Fu, had died. Around 1,000 of the 4,000 Orcs had died, and most of the surviving Orcs had been wounded.

Odeis wanted to chase down the 300 Kobolds that escaped, but after massacring the entire village, he decided that he had taken revenge for his little brother. When he saw how exhausted his subordinates were and thought about how far the Kobolds would have run away by now, he decided to give up.

Suddenly, a few Orcs reported that they had seen humans, although there were very few of them.

Even though Zhao Fu's soldiers had been stealthy, there were still seen by a few Orcs. Luckily, Zhao Fu's soldiers had split up, so the Orcs had only seen 10 or so humans.

After listening to their reports, Odeis did not give much mind to those 10 or so humans. It was possible that a Human Village nearby had been attacked by the Kobolds, and they could be slaves that the Kobolds had captured


While all of this was happening, Bai Qi took 900 soldiers to attack the Orc Village while most of the Orcs were attacking the Kobold Village.

Old Logue and his Goblins attacked from the front while Bai Qi and his soldiers stealthily killed some elderly and young Orcs.

Zhao Fu had to admit that these methods were quite vicious, but if he had to choose between the elderly and young Orcs and his people, he would choose the Orcs to die.

Bai Qi's job was to make it look like the Goblin Village had attacked the Orc Village, and since many elderly and young Orcs were killed, it was as if the village had become hell. In order to infuriate the Orcs even more, he even torched some of the buildings.

After doing all of this, Bai Qi ordered the Goblins to leave clues that this was done by the Goblin Village to the south.

After the 3,000 Orcs returned from destroying the Kobold Village, even though they had taken revenge, their hearts still felt quite heavy. After all, they had lost nearly 1,000 Orcs.

However, what they never expected was that they would see many elderly and young Orcs lying in pools of blood when they returned. Their fury shot to the sky when they saw their family and friends' corpses on the ground.

The remaining Orcs sorrowfully cried out that this was done by the Goblins from the south. Because only the Goblins had shown themselves while everyone else hid and killed Orcs, most of the remaining Orcs only saw Goblins attacking them, and the remaining Orcs saw them leaving southwards. Naturally, they would think that they were from the Goblin Village in the south.

All the Orc warriors once again picked up their weapons, disregarding their weariness. They marched towards the Goblin Village in the south filled with killing intent.

Nearby, Zhao Fu and Bai Qi had regrouped, and they started leading their forces towards the Elf Village in the east.

A while later, Zhao Fu, riding on Little Black, went to the front of the Elf Village with 500 soldiers. Because his goal was to lure the Elves out, he did not bring many soldiers with him.

When Zhao Fu saw the Elves, he found that they were just as the stories had said. No matter if it was a male or a female, all the elves were incredibly good-looking and had pointed ears, snow-white skin, and delicate features.

Zhao Fu lead his soldiers over to the Elf Village in an aggressive manner, and this caused the Elf Village to become quite wary. The Elf Village's defenses were decent, and apart from wooden barriers, they also had a few sentry towers.

What Zhao Fu did not expect, however, was that the Elf Village's Chief would be an extremely beautiful female Elf. She looked like she was in her early thirties, and her golden hair reached her waist. She also wore a set of leather armor that revealed her mature curves.