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 Of course, Yue Linping had no idea what they were about to encounter - all he wanted was to reach the center of the region and save Shi Jian.

Half of the army of 80,000 was on horses, and the other half traveled on foot. System main cities typically had 30,000 Cavalrymen, and they kept 40,000 warhorses, which was why they were able to have 40,000 soldiers on horses.

They were unable to use teleportation channels to reach the center of the region because Zhao Fu had long since set up an isolation barrier. Because of this, they could only hurry over using horses.

Swish, swish, swish...

As the army of 80,000 stepped into a flat area, Great Qin's soldiers, who had been lying in wait, shot out an arrow rain that seemed to cover the sky. The dark mass of arrows descended towards the arriving soldiers, and the arrows were simply innumerable.

Under the massive aura from these arrows, all of the soldiers' hearts chilled, and their hairs stood on end.

"Hurry and form a shield wall!" Yue Linping quickly yelled.

The countless soldiers quickly acted, raising their shields, and the soldiers without shields quickly moved towards those who did.

Chi, chi, chi...

The countless arrows tore through the air and poured down like a torrential rain. Even though the system main city soldiers had formed a defensive wall, there were far too many arrows, and they had come too suddenly, resulting in many of the soldiers dying.

Under this terrifying arrow rain, blood splattered everywhere, and a gory stench spread out. Those who were hit were usually hit by many arrows, giving them a pitiful death.

Because the warhorses were quite big, though they had some simple armor, they were unable to resist the countless arrows, so many of the warhorses were killed as well.

After suffering this surprise attack, in just an instant, a quarter of the system main city's soldiers had died.

Swish, swish, swish...

Suddenly, the sound of the air being torn could once again be heard. However, these weren't normal arrows but ballistae bolts and spears.

The ballistae bolts and spears had a massive amount of strength, and they were perfect for breaking through shields. However, their targets were Stage 1 soldiers, so ordinary ballistae and ballistae bolts wouldn't be enough. As such, Great Qin had used Stage 1 Ballistae, which were created out of Blue grade materials.

Bang, bang, bang...

The ballistae bolts and spears smashed against the defensive wall with an immense amount of force, making the Shieldbearers feel as if a massive wild beast had charged over. It was fine to defend against one, but against an entire horde, it was simply too difficult to defend.

One of the Shieldbearers was smashed to the ground, and following this, the defensive wall crumbled. Once this happened, countless ordinary arrows once again filled the air.

Chi, chi, chi...

The countless soldiers still wanted to resist, and countless sword lights and saber lights were shot out. However, they were unable to defend at all, and they were pierced by countless arrows.

At the same time, the system main city soldiers once again lost another quarter of its forces.

Seeing this, Yue Linping could only give the order to retreat. Now, let alone saving their City Lord, it would be difficult to keep their own lives. Yue Linping had never thought that the other side would be so powerful - they had at least 400,000 soldiers, of which 200,000 were Stage 1.

The other soldiers understood the situation and didn't hesitate to turn and run.

On another side of the area of the flat area, 80,000 Cavalrymen were gathered into ranks, riding on their large and powerful Black Forest Horses. They held their spears as they looked ahead, giving off an incredibly dangerous aura.

"Charge!!" As the order was given out, the countless Cavalrymen rushed forwards like arrows shot out of bows. The rumbling of the countless horses galloping sounded like thunder, and Great Qin's Cavalry flooded towards Yue Linping.

By now, most of the system main city's warhorses had died, so most people were running away on foot.

Seeing this scene, Yue Linping's heart sank - it was impossible to outrun warhorses, so Yue Linping could only order the soldiers to stop retreating and to gather again. The Shieldbearers were to form a shield wall while the other soldiers were to support them.

Very soon, under Yue Linping's orders, the surviving soldiers formed a shield wall, but the countless Cavalrymen showed no hesitation as they raised their spears, sending their power into them and causing the spearheads to shine with a cold light.


A massive sound rang out as countless Cavalrymen smashed against the shield wall like a black flood.

The black flood only paused for a slight moment before breaking through the shield wall. Once an opening appeared in the middle, the rest of the shield wall collapsed.

Great Qin's side already had a numerical advantage, and their equipment was also slightly better than the system main city's soldiers'. Moreover, the system main city's soldiers were already injured from the previous waves of attacks, so the Cavalrymen were able to easily break through.

Once the shield wall broke, the rest of Great Qin's soldiers, who were camped around Yue Linping's soldiers, also charged.

Now, the system main city's soldiers not only had to face the Cavalrymen but also countless Infantrymen from two other sides. As such, Yue Linping could only once again give the order to retreat to save as many soldiers as possible.

However, how could Great Qin soldiers allow them to escape? Great Qin's soldiers charged up, and Great Qin's countless Archers blocked their path from behind, making sure they had no place to retreat to.

The battle concluded very quickly.

The ground was completely dyed red with blood, and the stench of blood was especially striking. Countless bodies and pieces of equipment were scattered everywhere, and even though Yue Linping had Stage 3 cultivation, under the combined attacks of seven or eight Generals, he was killed in the end.

The 80,000 system main city soldiers all died, as very few were willing to surrender. Despite knowing that they would die, they were determined to fight to the end rather than surrender.

Fortunately, Great Qin didn't pay much of a price, with only around 1,000 casualties and injuries.

Now, their job was to take care of the corpses and equipment before heading towards the system main city.

The battle at the center of the region continued - Shi Jian and the Rock Giant were both covered with wounds, but it was clear that the Rock Giant held a great advantage. Its body had powerful defenses, and with how big its body was, it was very difficult to injure it.

Meanwhile, Zhao Fu remained hidden and continued to spectate this battle.


An azure sword light rushed to the sky, bringing with it a powerful sword qi that berserkly cut everything within ten kilometers. The trees, the boulders, and the ground were left with cuts and gashes.

Shi Jian desperately attacked the Rock Giant, and an azure sword light blasted the Rock Giant's massive body backward.

After the Rock Giant crashed to the ground, the entire world seemed to tremble. There was now a deep gash on its body, and some green liquid flowed out - it seemed that the Rock Giant had been injured quite seriously this time.

The berserk Rock Giant wildly roared and unleashed all of its power, causing a gray aura flame to burst forth around its body. It suddenly blurred before disappearing.

Shi Jian was incredibly shocked, and he had never expected the Rock Giant to explode with such speed.