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 After thinking for a short while, Yue Linping made the decision to take 80,000 soldiers to help the City Lord, and he left 20,000 soldiers behind to defend the city.

Of course, it was impossible for only 20,000 soldiers to defend the entire city, so Yue Linping also gathered some residents to help defend the city. He also gave out quests to players to help.

In total, there were 200,000 residents and 600,000 players who were willing to defend. With such a massive number, Yue Linping felt quite at ease, so he took the 80,000 soldiers and headed towards where the City Lord Seal could be detected.

At the center of the region, Shi Jian roared out as the City Heart's power continuously entered his body through the City Lord Seal, causing him to erupt with an even more terrifying aura and for an azure aura flame to burst forth around him.

Facing the attacking Rock Giant, Shi Jian raised his saber with one hand and sent his power into it, causing it to shine with a resplendent azure light. The light dyed the entire sky an azure color, and a terrifying saber light flashed around the saber, causing the clouds to swirl and for a dangerous aura spread.


Shi Jian slashed out towards the Rock Giant, seeming to split the heavens and the earth with this strike. A massive azure saber light flew out, bringing with it an extraordinarily powerful saber wind that threatened to cut everything in its way to pieces.

The Rock Giant was quite startled and immediately used its arms to block in front of it. Its arms gave off a gray-black light, creating a strong defense.


A massive sound rang out as the ground trembled, and the Rock Giant was slashed down to the ground, creating a massive crater. At the same time, a long gash appeared on the Rock Giant's chest.

This gash was quite long but not very deep. If a normal boss monster had been hit with that attack, it would've been heavily injured. However, the Rock Giant wasn't injured very heavily - this showed just how powerful its defense was.

"Roarrrr!!" After suffering this massive attack, the Rock Giant on the ground furiously roared, its heart filled with rage. It stretched out its hand and pointed towards Shi Jian as he tried to escape.


The Rock Giant clenched its hand into a fist, and a formless energy exploded out, causing countless massive boulders within 100 kilometers to rise into the air. They then shot towards Shi Jian like cannonballs, giving off a powerful aura.

Facing such a terrifying attack, Shi Jian was forced to stop. He gripped his large saber as he deeply breathed in, and his eyes shined with an azure light as he roared, "Chaos Ruins Saber!"

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As Shi Jian slashed the countless boulders to pieces, the Rock Giant's body gave off a large amount of a gray-black aura. It used all of its strength as it leaped up from the ground and heavily punched towards Shi Jian.

After unleashing a powerful attack to repel the incoming boulders, Shi Jian was unable to dodge. After all, he was holding his saber with one hand and carrying Shi Wen with the other.

Some would've said that Shi Jian should've placed Shi Wen by the side as he fought the Rock Giant - that way, he wouldn't be forced into such a passive position. However, that wouldn't have been possible - the battle with the Rock Giant covered such a great area that Shi Wen could've been killed by the shockwaves. Moreover, Shi Jian was certain that the black-cloaked figure was still around somewhere, so if he let go of Shi Wen, he could once again kidnap him.

As such, Shi Jian could only block with his saber, which gave off a large amount of azure light to defend.


The gigantic fist struck Shi Jian, causing his body to fly out like a sandbag. As he flew, he kept his arm wrapped tightly around Shi Wen to prevent him from falling down.

The Rock Giant landed back on the ground and immediately attacked Shi Jian again, and their battle continued.

The three other City Lords detected the terrifying shockwaves coming from the center of the region, and their expressions became grim. They didn't know what was happening, but they knew it wasn't good.

Following this, they received requests for support from Heavenstone City's General, Yue Liping, who asked them to help Heavenstone City and save Shi Jian.

After hearing this, the three City Lords' hearts sank - the day had finally come. The karma that they had sown before had come back to bite them.

The three City Lords were quite hesitant, and they first thought about it and told the soldiers to wait for orders. They decided to take a look at the situation at the center of the region before making a decision.

The three people turned into rays of light and left their system main cities, but soon, each of them was stopped by another person.

Feeling the auras coming from the people in front of them, the three City Lords felt quite worried. This was because the people in front of them were City Lords as well, and they had never seen these people before - they were most likely City Lords from other regions.

Just what was going on? Why had City Lords from other regions become involved as well?

The three City Lords felt incredibly shocked, and they understood that the situation wasn't as simple as it seemed. One of the City Lords looked at the person in front of him seriously and asked, "Who are you, sir? Why are you stopping me?"

Bai Qi coldly looked at the City Lord in front of him and said, "No one is permitted to interfere in Great Qin's business. You are forbidden to pass!"

Those words made the City Lord feel quite angry because this was his region, while a City Lord from another region was preventing him from passing through. These outsiders were not taking them seriously at all.

However, the City Lord realized that this person had most likely been waiting here for some time, which meant that he knew that he would try to interfere. Seeing the other side so prepared made him feel quite unsettled.

The City Lord knew that the two others had most likely been stopped as well, but what sort of faction could command three City Lords? Could it be that Heavenstone City had offended an incredibly powerful Legatee?

After sensing the incredibly powerful shockwaves coming from the center of the region, the three City Lords felt quite hesitant - did they really want to enter these muddy waters?

However, Heavenstone City was one of East Green's system main cities, and once it was destroyed, all of East Green would be severely affected. Their overall strength would weaken.

After thinking about it, the three City Lords decided to not participate because there was a City Lord in front of each of them, and they were prepared. It was likely that they would just be stalled there and wouldn't be able to do much to help the situation. Since they couldn't do anything, they weren't stupid enough to jump into those muddy waters.

Heavenstone City was doomed, and they were unable to change its fate at all.

Facing the people blocking their way, the three City Lords could only coldly harrumph and return to their own system main cities.

Moreover, they also found that they were unable to teleport to Heavenstone City; there seemed to be some sort of energy blocking them off. As such, even if they wanted to help, they wouldn't be able to.

On the other side, Yue Linping led 80,000 soldiers towards the depths of East Green. The feeling of uneasiness he was feeling became stronger and stronger, and he was right - they were about to face an ambush of 400,000 soldiers.