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 Saar was the City Lord of a Basic City, and Meng Tian was the City Lord of a system main city. With their combined strength, they were able to stall Shi Jian - this was why Zhao Fu didn't care about Shi Jian chasing after him, as he had made sufficient plans.

Wang Jian, Wei Liao, and Bai Qi were stationed near the three other system main cities in order to prevent the three other City Lords from helping out.

If there hadn't been a need to prevent the three other City Lords from interfering, Zhao Fu could've gathered all of his City Lords, lured Shi Jian out, and killed him.

This was because Great Qin had six City Lords including Zhao Fu - with six of them against Shi Jian, Shi Jian would definitely lose.

However, that wasn't Zhao Fu's plan because he also wanted to obtain the Fruit of Life Tree.

As such, Zhao Fu continued flying towards the depths of East Green while Saar and Meng Tian continued to block Shi Jian. Feeling their strength, Shi Jian felt quite startled, as one of them gave off the power of a City Lord of a system main city while the other gave off the power of a City Lord of a Basic City. With his own strength, it would be very difficult to escape from them.

"Sirs, it's best that you stay out of this and mind your own business," Shi Jian said with a cold expression. He still didn't know that Saar and Meng Tian were Zhao Fu's subordinates and thought that they were people Zhao Fu had recruited. He had no idea just what sort of strength Zhao Fu possessed by this point.

Of course, Saar and Meng Tian ignored Shi Jian's words and took out their weapons. Their goal was extremely clear.

"Hmph!" Shi Jian coldly harrumphed and took out his large saber and City Lord Seal, and he used his full strength from the very beginning - he had to catch up to Zhao Fu, or his son would be in danger. He slashed out, sending out a massive saber light towards the two people in front of him.

Saar and Meng Tian unleashed their City Lord Seals' power as well and blocked Shi Jian's attack.

The three of them engaged in a massive battle in the air, causing the clouds to swirl and for countless birds and beasts to escape as if a terrifying disaster was about to descend.

Saar and Meng Tian weren't proactively attacking. Instead, they focused on defense because their main task was to stall Shi Jian so that Zhao Fu could carry out the plan.

Zhao Fu quickly flew into the depths of East Green. Looking down at the soundly-sleeping Rock Giant, Zhao Fu smiled and took out a small stick of incense that looked like it would only burn for three minutes. It had five colors and gave off a dreamy fragrance.

This was Dream Incense, and it had powerful effects that could cause even the super monsters of each region to fall into a deep sleep. It was a pity that once those who fell asleep suffered immense pain, they would wake up; otherwise, Zhao Fu would've been able to use this to kill the Rock Giant.

Zhao Fu lit the Dream Incense and held his breath because if he breathed in the incense, he would also fall into a deep sleep.

Zhao Fu didn't have much time, so he acted quickly. He first placed the burning Dream Incense next to the Rock Giant, and after breathing in the incense, the Rock Giant fell into an even deeper sleep.

Afterward, Zhao Fu took out a sturdy iron cage and placed it beside the Fruit of Life. He threw Shi Wen in and locked the cage before using a few chains to bind the cage to the Rock Giant. The cage and chains were incredibly strong, as they were made out of a few Legendary grade materials, and they could even take a full-force blow from a City Lord.

Zhao Fu smiled - it was now time to dig up the Fruit of Life Tree. The Fruit of Life was a rare Stage 6 spirit fruit, and they were even harder to find than ordinary Stage 7 spirit fruits. They were extremely precious, and Zhao Fu had never thought that he would obtain some here.

As such, Zhao Fu was incredibly careful as he dug up the Fruit of Life Tree and put it inside his Disaster King Ring.

After Saar and Meng Tian had stalled Shi Jian for a while, they acted according to the plan and left. Of course, Shi Jian wouldn't chase after them, and he instead headed in the direction that Zhao Fu had disappeared in.

By now, the Dream Incense's smell had disappeared, and Zhao Fu went into stealth, hiding his aura. Zhao Fu had originally thought that after the Dream Incense's smell dissipated, the Rock Giant would wake up because of the Fruit of Life Tree's disappearance.

However, Zhao Fu had found that this wasn't the case - the Rock Giant continued in its deep slumber, and it seemed that the Dream Incense's effects didn't end as soon as it stopped burning. Unless there was some sort of external shock, it seemed that those who fell under its influence would never wake up.

Zhao Fu hadn't expected this at all, and if he had known that this was the case, he wouldn't have used up all of the Dream Incense. He would've been able to use it at least twice more, but it was too late now.

Even though the Rock Giant was still deeply slumbering, Zhao Fu wasn't worried. He drew the Sin Dragon Sword and flew above the Rock Giant because Shi Jian had nearly arrived.

Shi Jian stopped some distance away and stood in the air as he furiously looked at the scene in front of him.

The black-cloaked figure standing in front of him gave off a powerful aura with his sword drawn. His blood-red eyes under the hood seemed to be looking at him mockingly, and Shi Jian's son was locked within a cage next to the Rock Giant.

From the black-cloaked figure's gaze, it was clear that he wanted him to fight with the Rock Giant. In order to save his son, he would have to fight the Rock Giant.

"Sir, don't you think this is a bit too shameless?" Shi Jian coldly looked at Zhao Fu. He knew that this day would come, but he could never have expected that this person would become so powerful. Just his aura alone was no weaker than his own, and he also had a Nation Armament and Clan Armament.

"Shameless?" Zhao Fu coldly laughed, "Could it be that if you do evil, I have to do good?"

Hearing this, Shi Jian felt quite furious, but he quelled his anger and said, "Before, it was Heavenstone City that was in the wrong. However, Heavenstone City has paid a great price, and only ten or so of your people were killed, while tens of thousands of my Heavenstone City's soldiers and residents died. I believe that this matter should end here; Heavenstone City will no longer make any trouble for you."

"Hahaha..." Hearing Shi Jian's words, Zhao Fu laughed loudly and said, "I don't think you understand the situation; it's Great Qin making trouble for you. Even though ten or so people died, they all belonged to Great Qin. A debt is owed. It is time to pay!"

After speaking, Zhao Fu raised the Sin Dragon Sword and sent his power into it, preparing to awaken the sleeping Rock Giant.

"Wait!" Shi Jian quickly cried out.

Zhao Fu paused and looked at Shi Jian as he asked, "What more do you have to say?"

Shi Jian deeply breathed in, calming himself down as he said, "I can give you some compensation to resolve this matter between us. I'll do my best to fulfill your demands!"

Since his son had fallen into his enemy's hands, Shi Jian had to compromise. He hoped to use compensation to resolve this crisis. After all, he knew that the enemy had made great preparations. It wasn't just his son and him who were in danger but also all of Heavenstone City.