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 The Rock Giant didn't move around much, and it spent most of its time in a deep sleep. Only incredibly big shocks would wake it up, which fit perfectly well with Zhao Fu's plans.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu noticed a two-meter tall tree next to the Rock Giant. Whether it was the branches or leaves, they were all red, and there were nine fruits hanging on its branches.

These fruits were as big as fists, and they looked somewhat like people. They were purple-colored and had a mysterious luster. At a glance, anyone would be able to tell that these were high-quality spirit fruits.

What was even more important was that Zhao Fu just happened to know what sort of fruits they were - they were the Fruit of Life that he had been searching for, which was the main ingredient for the Fate Changing Pill. The Fate Changing Pill was one of the pill recipes Zhao Fu had claimed from the Disaster Festival, and it had powerful effects.

It could cause anyone at A grade or below to increase one's Grade by one Grade. Combined with the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation's effects, Great Qin could develop a large number of S grade soldiers.

Looking at that tree, Zhao Fu couldn't help but feel excited. However, he couldn't touch that tree just yet, as it was clear that it was quite important to the Rock Giant. If Zhao Fu tried to do anything to the tree, it was likely that he would wake up the Rock Giant.

The Fruit of Life Tree was something that Zhao Fu was determined to obtain, but he would leave it here for now and take it after he set his plan into motion.

Following this, Zhao Fu's body turned into a streak of light and left the depths of East Green.

After the incident last time, Heavenstone City's defenses had become incredibly tight because Shi Jian knew that Zhao Fu would return sooner or later. As such, he had made all sorts of preparations to prevent anything unexpected from happening.

Shi Jian's greatest weakness was his son, Shi Wen, so if Great Qin was able to control Shi Wen, Shi Jian wouldn't be able to do anything.

Shi Jian seemed to realize this, so Shi Wen was restricted to the City Hall most of the time. He also had one of the two remaining Great Generals, Liu Sheng, protecting him at all times.

Without Shi Wen causing trouble, Heavenstone City's situation started to improve, and it no longer had its foul atmosphere. Many players started to come to Heavenstone City to develop, causing Heavenstone City to become lively and prosperous.

Even though Zhao Fu had been listed as a wanted fugitive by Heavenstone City, with his strength, it was easy for him to sneak in without being detected. However, those listed as fugitives would receive a 30% debuff to their stats. Regardless, Zhao Fu was still incredibly strong.

Zhao Fu completely suppressed his aura and activated Stealther. Zhao Fu first entered Heavenstone City before heading to the City Hall.

After searching around the City Hall, Zhao Fu finally found where Shi Wen was. Shi Jian never could've expected that Zhao Fu would become so much more powerful in such a short period of time, nor he have expected Zhao Fu to have the guts to infiltrate the City Hall.

The City Hall was the central place of a system main city, and no ordinary person would dare to sneak in. Otherwise, that person would die without even knowing how he had died.

Even though Shi Wen had matured and even many of the soldiers' impressions of him had changed, he still had some vices.

Currently, even though it was daytime, he was within a luxurious bedroom rolling around in the bed with three beautiful attendants. The three attendants gasped and moaned while Liu Sheng guarded the door outside, an awkward expression on his face.

Only after seeing Liu Sheng did Zhao Fu find out where Shi Wen was.

Liu Sheng's strength was still at Stage 3, which was nothing to Zhao Fu. After all, Zhao Fu's own cultivation was just a step away from breaking through to Stage 3, and he had countless other powers strengthening him.

However, Zhao Fu still cautiously took out a dagger and slowly snuck to Liu Sheng's side. Because Zhao Fu was an Assassin, doing such a thing wasn't very hard.

"Ahhh..." A loud moan came from within the room, disturbing Liu Sheng's focus and allowing Zhao Fu to successfully come within five meters of Liu Sheng.

At that moment, Zhao Fu's body sprang forward like a cheetah, and just as Liu Sheng instinctively sensed something, it was already too late.

Zhao Fu had already arrived behind Liu Sheng and covered Liu Sheng's mouth with one hand as he gripped the dagger with his other, and he didn't hesitate to slit Liu Sheng's throat, ending his life.

Before, Zhao Fu could only bitterly fight against Liu Sheng, but he was almost a completely different person now. Liu Sheng had become much weaker as well, and he couldn't resist at all.

Following this, Zhao Fu put Liu Sheng's body into his ring before quietly opening the door. Currently, the four people were still romping around on the bed and hadn't noticed anything.

"Mmm... young master, you're so good!" one of the beautiful attendants cried out underneath Shi Wen, her face completely red.

At that moment, three black sword lights shot out, piercing through the three attendants' heads and killing them instantly.

Shi Wen was given a big fright and quickly looked behind him. Without him noticing, a black-cloaked person had appeared in the room.

"Who are..." Shi Wen was about to yell at the person. At the same time, he wanted to call his guards to take care of this person. Back then, Shi Wen had been too drunk, so he hadn't remembered what Zhao Fu looked like. Because of this, he hadn't yet realized that the person in front of him was the person his father had told him to be wary of.

However, before he could finish his sentence, Zhao Fu's body blurred and arrived beside him, knocking him out instantly. He then rolled up the naked man in his bed sheets and prepared to leave.

Before, it had been easy for Zhao Fu to sneak into the City Hall using the Stealther and his Assassin skills, but now that he had to bring another person out, it wouldn't be so easy.

As such, Zhao Fu didn't bother hiding anything - he grabbed Shi Wen and blasted his way out of the City Hall as he flew into the air and starting to fly towards the outside of the city.

This sudden noise caused everyone in the City Hall to feel quite shocked, and Shi Jian immediately noticed something and rushed out of his room. Shi Jian suddenly felt his son's aura disappear, and he looked at the black-cloaked figure speeding off as he roared and exploded out with strength, chasing after Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu was incredibly fast and looked like a black streak of light as he flew towards the outside of the city. Shi Jian was slightly behind him, but he desperately chased after Zhao Fu.

The distance between them started to close, but Zhao Fu paid no attention to Shi Jian. He merely glanced at him before continuing to speed forwards.

"Return my son!" Looking at the familiar figure in front of him, Shi Jian's heart sank, and he exploded with even greater strength, causing him to speed up.

However, Zhao Fu continued to ignore him and fly forward. The distance between them gradually decreased, when suddenly two people giving off powerful auras stopped Shi Jian.

These two people were Saar and Meng Tian!