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 "Your Majesty, it's time for your treatment," a 16 or 17-year-old Elf girl, with a faint blush on her face, walked over and paid her respects before saying in a small voice - it was Asani.

Asani's healing skills were already quite advanced, and after such a long time, her healing skills had surpassed first-rate and become grandmaster-tier. Because of this, her healing skills had a big effect.

Within Great Qin, only her healing skills were at grandmaster-tier, while others were, at most, only at the first-rate tier. At the same time, her grade was now SSS grade.

Great Qin didn't lack SSS grade corpses - after all, all of the City Lords' corpses and their three Great Generals' corpses were SSS grade. After destroying four system main cities, Great Qin had obtained 16 SSS grade corpses, and Great Qin had also obtained SSS Grade Pills from the Disaster Festival. Now, Great Qin didn't lack SSS grade Orbs at all.

The reason Zhao Fu had given one to Asani was because her performance had been quite good, and he also felt that Great Qin needed a grandmaster-tier healer to deal with some potential problems in the future.

Three other people and also been given SSS grade Orbs, and they had been with Great Qin from the start. They were Blacksmith Wang Dawu, Apothecary Zhang Baishu, and Tailor He Yun.

They possessed support-type professions, but they were no less important than battle professions. This was because they all provided strong support to Great Qin: a blacksmith could forge high-grade equipment, an apothecary could refine high-grade medicinal pills, and a tailor could create high-grade defensive items.

Those three types of items were all important, and Great Qin couldn't lack them. As such, it was important for the people with those professions to have high Grades - high Grades not only increased cultivation speed but also one's comprehension.

Apart from them, Zhao Fu also gave one to Rhode because he was the one who had forged most of Great Qin's Legendary grade equipment. He had contributed a lot, so it was only right to reward him.

Zhao Fu distributed the rest of the Grade Orbs to some other people with support-type professions and some of the Generals and Ministers he was nurturing.

Li Si was still SS grade, and this wasn't because Zhao Fu didn't value him - after all, Zhao Fu believed that giving Grade Orbs to historical figures was good. However, Li Si was a civil official, and other Generals urgently needed Grade Orbs, which was why Zhao Fu hadn't given him an SSS Grade Orb.

However, this wasn't a big deal. When the Heaven Awaken World devoured the real world, Li Si's Fate Seal would be undone, and his Grade would most likely increase.

Of course, if Zhao Fu obtained enough historical figures' Grade Orbs, it was possible that he would raise Li Si's Grade before then.

Following this, Zhao Fu allowed Asani to treat his wounds. Her hands gave off a green light that was filled with the aura of life, and the light covered Zhao Fu's body, causing his injured body to quickly recover.

Zhao Fu also had the Royal Wood Sword, which could heal him a little bit, but that was only because it could provide a large amount of life energy. After all, it wasn't actually giving off pure healing energy. As such, Zhao Fu had to rely on consuming medicinal pills and having Asani heal him.

After the treatment went on for half an hour, Asani stopped and looked at Zhao Fu caringly as she asked, "How do you feel, Your Majesty?"

Zhao Fu spread his senses through his body and found that his body was much better, so he smiled and nodded.

"That's great!" Seeing that she had been able to help Zhao Fu, Asani happily laughed. She felt that there was great worth in helping others, especially Zhao Fu, who was the ruler of Great Qin. All of them relied on Zhao Fu for their happy lives in Great Qin.

Seeing how happy she seemed, Zhao Fu couldn't help but smile too, and he said, "Alright, you can return and attend to any matters you need to take care of."

However, Asani quickly shook her head, indicating that there wasn't anything urgent.

"Asani! Asani! Asani!" When they saw that Asani was done, the three Flower Spirits happily flew over to play with Asani. Looking at how cheerful they all seemed, Zhao Fu felt a sense of peacefulness within his heart, and he once again sank into his cultivating state.

Time gradually passed, and Zhao Fu's body recovered with each passing day. Six days later, Zhao Fu had more or less made a full recovery.

Now, it was time to set the plan to destroy Heavenstone City in motion.

Zhao Fu had his Generals gather the army while he summoned Guo Binglin and asked for the latest reports on Heavenstone City. Since he had made the decision to attack, it was best to gather as much intelligence as possible in case things had changed recently.

Zhao Fu looked through the intelligence reports in detail and found that not much had changed in Heavenstone City. The thing that had changed the most was most likely the attitude of the three other City Lords.

The three other City Lords' attitudes were unclear, and because Zhao Fu was unable to tell if they would help Heavenstone City, he had to make sufficient preparations.

However, he now commanded five City Lords, who would be enough to stall those other City Lords, so this wasn't a problem. The main problem was the 100,000 Stage 1 soldiers from each of the other main cities. Zhao Fu thought about it and decided to use an isolation barrier to prevent them from helping.

All of the system main cities were tens of thousands of kilometers away from each other, so even if they sent troops, it would take at least a week for them to arrive. By that time, Great Qin would've already taken down Heavenstone City.

If they really did dare to come, Zhao Fu would set an ambush and take the opportunity to destroy the three other system main cities and take over all of East Green.

Zhao Fu first gathered his Generals to discuss and determine their tactics before officially setting their plan into motion.

Massive waves of soldiers orderly marched into the teleportation channels, giving off an austere atmosphere. By now, they gave off the majestic might of a nation.

Zhao Fu put on his black cloak and went deep into East Green to look around.

There were many hills and mountains in East Green but not many trees. Because the creeks and lakes were gathered densely, the air was quite damp, and the moss here was quite lush.

Zhao Fu turned invisible and hid his aura as he flew in the sky - he was currently looking for East Green's super monster.

East Green's super monster was a key part of this plan. The most powerful monster of the region was usually quite big, such as the Forest of Horror's Six-Eyed Flood Dragon and Seeping River's fish monster. Their bodies were at least 1,000 meters long, so it wouldn't be too hard to find.

Zhao Fu was within the deepest part of East Green, and after looking around, he didn't find anything. He felt quite surprised and looked around again before finally finding something.

East Green's monster boss was a Rock Giant. It was roughly 1,000 meters tall, and its body was covered with moss and made of gray rock.

The Rock Giant was currently laying on the ground sleeping, which was why Zhao Fu hadn't initially noticed it - he had thought that it had been a mountain. Afterward, he had felt that something was off, and after inspecting it closely, he found that the mountain was alive. Only then had he realized that it was a Rock Giant.