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 Asani had a good relationship with practically everyone, and she was like by all, making her quite popular.

Zhao Fu ate the fruit that Roserose offered - it was quite sweet and delicious, though he had no idea what it was.

Seeing that Zhao Fu had eaten the fruit that she had offered, she sat back down on Zhao Fu's shoulder and started to play with the other two Fairy Spirits.

They normally stayed in the medicinal garden because they had the ability to reduce the growing time for plants, and the effect was quite great. With Great Qin's support, their strength had reached Stage 2, because their abilities had been strengthened, their job was to speed up the growth of spirit medicines.

Zhao Fu was usually quite busy, so he rarely saw them. This time, the three Flower Spirits had come to find him because most plants didn't grow during the winter. Therefore, even if they stayed around, many of the spirit medicines wouldn't grow.

Because it was winter, the flowers didn't bloom either, so Great Qin didn't have flowers growing everywhere and have the fragrance of flowers in the air. As such, the three Flower Spirits had come to find Zhao Fu to see if he could find a solution to this and make flowers grow again in Great Qin because that was what they loved the most about Great Qin.

Zhao Fu thought about it and decided that this was easily solved - all they had to do was plant more plants that could grow during winter, such as plum blossoms, winter cherry blossoms, camellias, etc...

Even though there weren't many plants that could grow in winter, the ones that were available would be enough. The flowers that bloomed in spring were quite different than the flowers that bloomed in other times because they gave off a clear and cold aura, which Zhao Fu quite liked.

As such, Zhao Fu ordered a few people to plant a few types of plants within Great Qin to resolve this problem.

After this was resolved, the three Flower Spirits were naturally quite happy, and they stayed by Zhao Fu's side and didn't leave, staying here with him as he fished.

Everything had returned to normal in Great Qin. Because its population was now at 2.1 million and Great Qin had 632 villages, Great Qin spawned tens of thousands of people every day.

The four system main cities spawned roughly 2,000 or so people every day, and with these cities and villages, they would have much more people as they went forward.

Now that they had 2.1 million residents, Zhao Fu expanded the army to 400,000 soldiers. 200,000 of them were Stage 1 soldiers while the remaining 200,000's cultivations weren't weak either because they had all consumed Stage 1 Blood God Pills.

After the Undead army had annihilated the eighth region and massacred the four system main cities, Zhao Fu had obtained 400,000 Stage 1 city guards' corpses. Even though they had used 200,000 of them, there were still 200,000 that could be used to boost Great Qin's soldiers in the future.

Great Qin had obtained massive benefits from this ordeal, and what Zhao Fu was happiest about was, of course, the four system main cities. They provided Great Qin with four more City Lords, which greatly boosted Great Qin's battle power.

Moreover, there were also countless pieces of equipment, medicinal pills, and other items. Putting aside everything that Great Qin had obtained from the system main cities, Great Qin still hadn't finished selling the equipment it had taken from the 15 million players because there were simply too much equipment.

It was sad that the equipment on the 170 million players during the latest battle would have been worth 850 million gold coins if each person had five gold coins worth of equipment. This terrifying number was hundreds of times what Great Qin had.

However, Zhao Fu hadn't had the time to collect that equipment before the shockwave from opening the Six Paths of Reincarnation had turned all of the equipment into dust. This was a massive pity, and now that he had calmed down, Zhao Fu felt a pain in his heart.

Zhao Fu had ordered the 400,000 soldiers to be split into four groups that went off in four different directions, and he had them closely look for and destroy any villages within 10,000 kilometers.

They would first control everything within 10,000 kilometers before considering how to take down the entirety of the Forest of Horrors. They had to speed up the plan for Great Qin's restoration because time was running out.

However, Zhao Fu wanted to first destroy Heavenstone City, but he needed to wait until his body had recovered. Now that he had four City Lords, there was no chance of failing, and Zhao Fu had waited for this day for a long time.

Great Qin had opened up paths to 92 other regions, and they started to re-establish their restaurants, Merchant Alliances, and other shops.

Zhao Fu wasn't worried at all about being attacked by the northern side's factions; after all, if they hadn't been utterly destroyed in that last fight, they would've at least been greatly crippled. None of them had much of their forces left, so how could they dare to attack Great Qin?

Now that Zhao Fu had given them a way out, they were all extremely happy, and they didn't dare to do anything dangerous.

Now, Zhao Fu didn't put the northern side's factions in his eyes at all. After dealing with these matters, he would take care of them. In the beginning, Zhao Fu had thought about sparing of them, but they had continuously betrayed him and even tried to destroy Great Qin. How could Zhao Fu let them off so easily?

With the azure dragon's protection, Zhao Fu no longer feared a combined attack from them, so he had canceled the Great Qin Writs and Holy Daughter Writs. Now, Great Qin viewed everyone as an enemy and planned to use force to conquer them instead of mercy.

Also, Zhao Fu knew the name of that azure dragon - it was called the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon. It wasn't a Lord class monster or a King class monster but a type of Guardian Beast.

Its job was to protect this world, so it could use world energy. It was powerful beyond anyone's imagination, and because it was a Guardian Beast, it had stopped Zhao Fu as he was opening the Six Paths of Reincarnation because that could destroy the Heaven Awaken World.

As the Guardian Beast of this world, the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon naturally knew almost everything - Zhao Fu was someone who it paid great attention to, so it knew a lot about him.

It knew that Zhao Fu had killed a god and obtained the demon god's information; it also knew that Zhao Fu had the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation as well as some things that even Zhao Fu didn't know.

Moreover, there were three other Guardian Beasts that guarded four different places.

Even though the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon had 'azure dragon' in its name, that didn't mean that the other Guardian Beasts were the white tiger, the black turtle, and the vermillion bird.

Turning back to Great Qin, the four major roads had begun construction, and Great Qin City was gradually expanding in order to accommodate more residents.

At the same time, Great Qin was constructing a business street to develop its economy - after all, with more and more people, Great Qin had to start operating more like a system main city to look after everyone.

Finally, Great Qin had made the switch over to winter crops and mass-planted them, but the underground city they had constructed had essentially been constructed for nothing.