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 "Alright Lord Guardian, I can promise you that. I'll be in your care." Zhao Fu smiled as his attitude completely changed. He was ecstatic to receive the azure dragon's powerful protection because Great Qin would be guaranteed to not be destroyed within 100 years. Even if they gathered hundreds of millions of people, Zhao Fu wouldn't have to worry.

Now that Zhao Fu knew the azure dragon's identity, he naturally understood just how powerful it was. It was a being that could utilize world energy. No one could resist it, and everyone was incredibly weak in front of it.

"Mm!" the azure dragon replied before its indescribably big body disappeared from the sky. Zhao Fu recalled the Chaos Imperial Star, and the blood-red color gradually receded as the world became peaceful again.

Countless people were incredibly confused, not understanding what had happened - hadn't the Six Paths of Reincarnation just been opened, and hadn't the Heaven Awaken World been about to be destroyed? Why had everything suddenly vanished?

Even though they didn't know what had happened, they understood that the calamity was over, so countless people couldn't help but laugh. They all rejoiced that they had survived because the scene of those monsters flooding into the Heaven Awaken World had been simply too terrifying.

The countless factions didn't understand what had happened either. They could only guess that the Six Paths of Reincarnation had disappeared because of that dragon's roar. Because they had disappeared, the Heaven Awaken World was once again safe, and this was something to be celebrated.

The entire Heaven Awaken World was filled with laughing and cheering, and many people sang and danced in the streets. After this matter had concluded, the world returned to normal.

From when the Undead Disaster had begun to now, it had been nearly two months. Thirteen regions had been severely affected, with almost all life being wiped out from all of them. More than 100 million creatures had died during that time, and roughly 200 million players had died.

China's northern side in the Heaven Awaken World became heavily injured, and the number of people in each region drastically decreased. Things were no longer as lively, and the northern side became quite quiet.

There was a great lack of people after that disaster, and this couldn't be made up for in a short period of time. Countless factions almost collapsed, as most of their members had died, and they had lost many resources. This pushed back the development of the northern side's factions by many months.

Only China's northern side had been severely injured, and now that it had fallen behind, it would always be behind. It would always be weaker than the other regions from now on.

However, who could they blame? They were the ones who had caused all of this, so they were the ones who had to suffer the consequences.

This matter resulted in the leaders of ten factions being changed. After suffering such a massive lost, someone had to take responsibility, or there would be a riot.

As for Su Yan, he had disappeared after the matter had settled. No one knew where he had gone, and it was as if he had simply vanished.

The ordinary people were even worse off. After dying, all of their cultivation, equipment, and skills had disappeared, meaning they had lost everything. Now, they regretted participating with their entire being - after fighting for so long, they had suddenly gone back to the beginning.

Now, practically no one dared to mention Great Qin. Whenever it came up in conversation, people would immediately change the topic - it was evident just how terrified everyone was.

Even though the Six Paths of Reincarnation had been closed, who knew when Great Qin's Legatee would go mad again and open those vortexes?

Because the northern side's passages had been opened, Great Qin had stopped issuing Great Qin Writs and Holy Daughter Writs. After all, many people had thought that Great Qin would be destroyed, so if it was going to be destroyed, why would they be stupid enough to join it?

Before, they had only accepted the Great Qin Writ and Holy Daughter Writ under Great Qin's threats and coercion. If Great Qin had really been destroyed, they would have been overjoyed - as such, there had been no point in continuing to issue Great Qin Writs and Holy Daughter Writs.

It was a pity that even though they had been full of confidence, they had lost pitifully and even almost dragged the entire Heaven Awaken World into disaster. If it hadn't been for the Six Paths of Reincarnation suddenly being closed, everyone would have died without even knowing how.

Now, everyone knew how powerful Great Qin was and what kinds of terrifying cards it had up its sleeve. Now, everyone wanted Great Qin Writs and Holy Daughter Writs to obtain Great Qin's protection and to no longer be threatened by it.

However, it was already too late because Great Qin had already permanently stopped all Great Qin Writs and Holy Daughter Writs.

This caused countless factions to panic because this meant that Great Qin wouldn't accept anyone's surrender, and it now viewed everyone as an enemy to be destroyed.

Countless factions' representatives went to the Ying family's residence in fear and regret, wanting to once again negotiate with Great Qin. But this time, the Ying family rejected all of the visitors.

All of the large factions tried to investigate what had happened - why had the Six Paths of Reincarnation suddenly been closed? What was that dragon's roar? What was the situation in Great Qin right now? These were all important things to be investigated.

They had to find out because they were worried that Great Qin could do something even worse. That way, they would at least know what could stop Great Qin, but no matter how much they investigated, they couldn't find out anything.

As such, the large factions all over the world could only send representatives to express their goodwill. Even China's governmental faction lowered its head and sent people over. The Ancient Clans also wanted to hear about Great Qin's Legatee, and Flower Moon wanted to discuss working together with Great Qin's Legatee. However, they were all rejected.

No matter who went, the Ying family replied the same way - they wouldn't receive anyone!

This tough attitude forced the countless factions to sigh and give up. At the same time, they wondered just what had happened and why Great Qin had suddenly gone so quiet.

In the Heaven Awaken World, Zhao Fu was reclining on a bamboo chair next to a small creek under a leafless tree. He held a fishing rod as he idly fished.

Because it was now late winter, it was too cold to sit on the ground, and there was a blanket on the bamboo chair. After the matter had concluded, Zhao Fu had gone into a period of rehabilitation.

He had looked like a skeleton, and after a few days of recuperation, he had somewhat recovered. There was now more color in his cheeks, and his body had developed its muscles again.

However, if he wanted to make a full recovery, it would still take some time. Zhao Fu had used up too much of his flesh and blood this time, and it would be impossible to recover within a short period of time.

"Zhao, you should taste this; it's so sweet," the Flower Spirit with a little rose on its head carried over a grape-like fruit and said happily.

It was Roserose, one of the Flower Spirits Zhao Fu had taken in a while ago. She and the other two Flower Spirits were sitting on Zhao Fu's shoulders, happily eating fruits.

Because it was winter, the three Flower Spirits were wearing little warm articles of clothing made by Asani, which were much better than the flower petals that only covered their important parts. After receiving those clothes, they had been incredibly delighted.