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On the other side of the cracks, countless evil creatures could feel the living aura on this side, and they ferociously roared, their roars defeaning.

Even though the cracks were quite long, they were still quite thin, making it impossible for the countless evil creatures to pass through just yet.

Hearing the evil roars from the sky, all of the people in the Heaven Awaken World felt their scalps go numb and their hairs stand on end, feeling that something dangerous was going to happen.

The sky was like a thin curtain with countless monsters on the other side, seeming incredibly ferocious and bloodthirsty, wanting to tear through this curtain and massacre all living creatures on the other side.

"What do we do? What do we do? What do we do?"

Now that a disaster was about to descend, countless people started to panic, not knowing what to do. They absolutely wouldn't be able to defend against those monsters because once the Six Paths of Reincarnation were opened, countless monsters and ghosts would flood in - the sounds they made were already no weaker than the Undead Disaster.

In fact, it was hundreds of times more powerful than the Undead Disaster. In terms of scale, the number of monsters was definitely far greater than the ocean of bones. With the disaster attribute, Great Qin's Skeletons had gradually evolved, and they had been about equal in strength to the players.

However, the monsters of the Six Paths of Reincarnation were different - there were countless different types, and they had all existed for different lengths of time. Those that hadn't existed for long wouldn't be very powerful, but those that had existed for a long time would be simply monstrous.

There would be monsters from Stage 1 to Stage 9 or potentially even those above Stage 9, while players' cultivations had barely reached Stage 1. How could they defend against such a disaster? They could only wait to be massacred.

The Chinese factions weren't the only ones that were powerless; the foreign factions were powerless as well. For all of them, being slaughtered by these monsters were their destiny, and this caused the entire Heaven Awaken World to fall into chaos.

Currently, countless people's hearts were filled with anger, reluctance, hatred, and regret. If they had known things would've turned out like this, no one would've been willing to betray Great Qin because things would've been better than right now at least. However, all regret was useless now.

Right now, the cracks were still quite thin, and even though boundless ghostly qi had flowed out, not a single monster had arrived yet.

Zhao Fu expressionlessly raised his hand and grabbed at the air, and the Six Paths Demon Images did the same. Their power caused the entire sky to tremble.


A sound similar to glass shattering could be heard as one of the cracks suddenly extended out into countless other cracks before shattering like a mirror, and a gigantic black hole appeared in the sky.

The same happened for the five other cracks, resulting in six black holes that were 10,000 kilometers wide, giving off boundless ghostly qi.

The Six Paths of Reincarnation had been fully opened without any obstacles, and the twisted, eerie laughter of countless monsters filled the entire Heaven Awaken World.

The blood-red sky, the countless monsters, and the eerie and oppressive aura caused the Heaven Awaken World to turn into a purgatory.

"Roarrrr!!!" Suddenly, an incredibly loud and bold dragon's roar sounded out, shaking the heavens. Everyone in the Heaven Awaken World heard this dragon's roar.

At the same time, six azure spears of light that were 1,000 meters long and gave off an aura like that of lightning shot out from the sky. In just an instant, the six azure light spears pierced the Six Paths Demon Images' hearts, causing them to pitifully howl and turn into a black aura before disappearing.

The six black holes in the sky gradually disappeared, and an azure light flashed as the countless monsters streaming out of the holes turned into wisps of azure smoke.


It was as if the heavens and earth couldn't withstand this might, and the sky seemed to be torn as countless rays of azure light shot out and an incredibly large figure appeared.

It was a divine dragon of undeterminable size. Its body covered the entire sky, and it had azure, jade-like scales and four claws that looked like they were made of azure steel. There was a pair of beautiful jade-like horns on its head, and the dragon's head gave off a majestic and domineering aura as the dragon looked down at Zhao Fu.

Under this terrifying might, Zhao Fu's body completely froze - this divine dragon's power completely exceeded anything that Zhao Fu could even imagine.

Within his body, whether it was the Nation Armament or the Clan Armament, everything he had was suppressed by a formless energy, making it so that he couldn't resist at all.

At that moment, Zhao Fu felt as if his body had been submerged in a frozen lake, and his entire body felt icy cold. He felt a deep shock within his heart as he looked at the divine dragon before him.

"Legatee! You've gone too far!" The azure dragon looked at Zhao Fu as it spoke with an ancient voice.

Zhao Fu continuously went through the information he had obtained from god Kerr, and he realized what sort of existence this divine dragon was.

"They wanted to destroy Great Qin, so I wanted them to die. How was what I did wrong?" Zhao Fu replied, his voice filled with killing intent as he looked back at the divine dragon.

The divine dragon said, "I wouldn't have intervened even if you had killed all of them, but you opened the Six Paths of Reincarnation, allowing countless monsters to invade the Heaven Awaken World. This could've resulted in the destruction of the Heaven Awaken World, so I had to step in!"

Zhao Fu didn't say anything because he knew that he had indeed gone too far. More importantly, he knew that he couldn't fight against the divine dragon - a casual attack from it had killed Zhao Fu's trump cards, the Six Paths Demon Images, and it had suppressed his Nation Armament and Clan Armament.

It could be seen just how powerful the divine dragon was - in front of it, Zhao Fu seemed far too weak, and he didn't have the power to resist it at all.

However, the Six Paths Demon Images that Zhao Fu had summoned were only clones, and they were much weaker than the originals. If they had been the originals, they wouldn't have been killed so easily.

Regardless, Zhao Fu didn't have the power to summon the originals, and even if he had summoned the originals, he wouldn't have been able to control them in the slightest. He would've most likely received a backlash because he was still far too weak.

Now, his plan had been completely destroyed, and even though he had expended so much money and resources, he hadn't been able to do anything, making him unable to accept this.

Zhao Fu knew that the divine dragon wouldn't kill him, so he said, "I've indeed gone too far, but if I don't destroy them, they'll gather to destroy Great Qin. Lord Guardian, do you want Great Qin to be destroyed?"

The divine dragon had already realized this, so after falling silent for a few moments, it said, "Legatee, if you no longer do anything that will endanger the Heaven Awaken World, I can promise you that Great Qin won't be destroyed for 100 years. After 100 years, Great Qin should have the power to face all danger."

A smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face - with those words, everything he had done had been worth it. With his power, even after the Heaven Awaken World devoured the real world, he wouldn't have to worry at all.