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 Countless people had bitter expressions on their faces, and they looked at Su Yan, wondering how he would deal with this.

However, Su Yan had no idea either - they had used up all of their tricks, and even though they had wiped out the terrifying Undead Disaster, he had never thought that Great Qin would possess such a terrifying card up its sleeve.

Seeing that Su Yan didn't know what to do either, everyone else became quite worried. As they watched the Six Paths Demon Images massacre droves of players, they knew that if this continued, they would sooner or later be completely annihilated by the Six Paths Demon Images.

Rather than suffering a total loss, it would be better to escape - that way, at least a few people could survive. If they all died, their factions would be greatly weakened, placing them in danger.

Once a single person started running, others also started to run, and soon, all of the factions decided to run. No one wanted to waste their resources here because they were already destined for defeat.

The massive ocean of players started to collapse, and countless people started to run in terror. In just a short amount of time, the Six Paths Demon Images had already killed tens of millions of players. Now, if they didn't run, all of them would die here.

Seeing this, Su Yan sighed - they had failed yet again, but destroying the Undead Disaster was quite good already.

By now, Su Yan could only give the order for a full retreat. They would have to wait to see if they could find some way to deal with the Six Paths Demon Images. After receiving this order, the ordinary people started to desperately flee.

The massive ocean of players suddenly started to flow the opposite way, and countless people retreated.

However, at that moment, a cold and hoarse voice said, "I said I want everyone in the Heaven Awaken World... to die!"

Zhao Fu, standing in the air, coldly looked at the countless people running away, and he once again slowly raised his hand. The six chains going out from his arm went taut, causing the Six Paths Demon Images to stop what they were doing. They also raised a hand and spread out their fingers, pointing their palms towards the sky.

At that moment, the heavens and earth seemed to go silent, and there wasn't even a bit of sound. Even time and space seemed to pause, causing everyone to freeze.

"Six Paths of Reincarnation... Open!" A ferocious yell, accompanied with a world-ending sound, rang out as everyone in the Heaven Awaken World felt a pain in their ears as they felt an incredibly dangerous feeling.


A massive shockwave instantly exploded out from the eighth region like a wind storm, sweeping through the entire Heaven Awaken World. Countless trees were uprooted, and massive boulders were blown into the sky. Everyone could feel this terrifying power, and their bodies and souls completely froze as if they had fallen into an abyss.

Countless people wondered just what had happened in the northern side.

The eighth region had been reduced to nothing, and all of the trees, hills, and even mountains had completely disappeared.

At the center of the shockwave, the ground had completely collapsed, and lava flowed out, covering everything within 10,000 kilometers. The blood-red star in the sky looked like a blood-red sun that gave off an incredibly intense light.

The Six Paths Demon Images stood in the air and gave off incredible aura flames. Their arms were still pointing towards the sky.

All of the people a part of the player army had been completely annihilated by the shockwave, and nothing from the player army remained. This time, the Qin Resistance Alliance had been completely annihilated without even a single person remaining.

Only now did the Heaven Awaken World's true crisis begin.

Cuts appeared on the Six Paths Demon Images' raised hands, and balls of black blood slowly floated up into the sky, turning into a black mist. The mist then started spinning, creating six massive vortexes in the sky.

A boundless chilling intent from the Underworld instantly covered the entire Heaven Awaken World, causing all living creatures to feel incredibly cold, and they felt that a calamity was approaching.

The six vortexes gradually became bigger, and the eerie aura spread within the Heaven Awaken World. Countless beasts ran in terror, but they felt that nowhere was safe.

Countless people looked at the six vortexes with pale faces. They knew that this calamity would cause billions of creatures to die, and in fact, the entire Heaven Awaken World could be destroyed.

"If we knew that such a thing was going to happen, we should've stopped the factions in the northern side even if it cost us our lives. Now, Great Qin is going to open the Six Paths of Reincarnation and allow countless ghosts and monsters to invade the Heaven Awaken World. When that time comes, the entire Heaven Awaken World will be destroyed," an elder from the Ancient Clans sorrowfully yelled.

The other elders of the Ancient Clans looked quite grim as well. They had thought that Great Qin would definitely lose this time, and because of what had happened before, they hadn't wanted to get involved.

However, they had never thought that Great Qin, when cornered, would actually have such methods, opening the Six Paths of Reincarnation and destroying the Heaven Awaken World.

The square-faced man from the governmental faction roared furiously, "What can we do to stop any of this? Is Great Qin's Legatee completely mad? Is he insane to the point of killing everyone in this world?"

Hearing his words, everyone around him went silent. Now that such a thing had happened, who could stop this?

Could they even negotiate? After all, they had just reached an agreement, but because the northern side's regions had been connected, they had all instantly betrayed Great Qin and tried to destroy it; how could Great Qin's Legatee negotiate?

Within Flower Moon, a lovable-looking woman patted her chest as she said, "Luckily, we didn't continue to oppose Great Qin, or we would've died terrible deaths this time."

However, a traditional-looking woman sighed as she replied, "So what if we didn't? Right now, the Heaven Awaken World is facing destruction, which isn't beneficial to us at all. All of our businesses within the Heaven Awaken World might be destroyed as well."

A young girl with a childish voice agreed, saying, "Great Qin's Legatee probably exploded with anger after seeing the factions that it negotiated with immediately betray Great Qin and want to destroy it. Now, Great Qin's Legatee probably hates everyone in the world, which was why he opened the Six Paths of Reincarnation. Now, we're all doomed."

The other women sighed and nodded before discussing how to deal with this calamity.

The foreign factions had never expected to receive news of an impending apocalypse instead of news of Great Qin being destroyed. Their previous attitude disappeared, and they all felt incredibly worried now.

The six vortexes became bigger and bigger, and soon, they covered everything within 100,000 kilometers. Their terrifying might seemed to cause the air to freeze as if there were billions of evil creatures about to attack.

Six thin long cracks appeared at the center of the six vortexes, and boundless ghostly qi rushed out. The Six Paths of Reincarnation had been formally opened, and an apocalyptic disaster was about to descend.