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 Zhao Fu looked at the Orc corpses, which were covered in arrows, and gave the order for all of the arrows to be pulled out. He then told his soldiers to use spears or sabers to make it look like all of the wounds were caused by Kobolds.

The most powerful of the 3 other villages was the Kobold Village, which had 4,000 Kobolds. Next was the Goblin Village. Even though it had 5,000 Goblins, its overall battle strength was far weaker. The weakest faction was most likely the Elf Village, which had 3,000 Elves.

Since the Kobolds were the most powerful, Zhao Fu would bring disaster to them first.

They continued executing the plan, and Doke took all of the Kobolds under Zhao Fu's command to drag the Orc corpses near the Orc Village before leaving a trail of Orc corpses towards the Kobold Village.

Within the Orc Village.

"Urgent! I saw a lot of Kobolds dragging away Orc corpses west!!" Some of the Orcs standing guard at the village entrance suddenly yelled as they ran into the village.

Many of the Orcs who heard this did not initially believe it - why would the Kobolds dare to attack them? However, when some Orcs dragged back a few bloodied Orc corpses, all of the Orcs became completely enraged. When they saw the injuries on the corpses, they could only imagine how much they had suffered before dying.

Countless Orcs ran to the Village Hall and loudly shouted that they wanted permission to destroy the Kobold Village.

Within the Village Hall, an Orc that was more than 2 meters tall with totem tattoos also looked completely enraged. This was Chief Odeis. Right now, he had a terrible feeling because these corpses were all those who went with his little brother.

Worried that something had happened to Oka, Odeis gathered most of the Orc warriors, leaving very few of them behind to defend the village, and headed west.

They saw many wretched Orc corpses on the way, and all of the Orcs suppressed the flames of fury in their hearts as they quickly made their way to the Kobold Village.

On the other side, the Kobold Village was the same as usual, and everyone went about their normal business. Everything seemed quite peaceful.

At this moment, the Kobolds standing guard saw a few unfamiliar Kobolds dragging what looked like corpses to a large tree about 300 meters in front of the village.

Because the approaching Kobolds swaggered forwards like they were completely confident in what they were doing, the guards thought that they were new Kobolds who had recently spawned, which was why they did not recognize them. They felt that their actions were quite strange, so they asked, "What are you doing?"

Doke and his soldiers were about to hang up a body, and when he heard the Kobold guard's question, he cheerfully responded like they were friends, "Nothing much! We're just hanging something here."

Following this, Doke changed the subject by loudly declaring, "The Kobold Village is the strongest one here; let's all be proud of our village!"

The guards were quite confused by what Doke initially said, but after hearing him continue, they started to feel quite pleased. Who wouldn't feel happy when someone glorified their race?

The guards shouted back, "That's right! The Kobold Village is the strongest! Orcs? Elves? Goblins? They're all trash! The Kobold Village will get rid of them sooner or later!"

By now, Doke and his soldiers had hung up the Orc corpse, and when he heard what the guard said, he laughed and raised his hand as he shouted back, "Shout your praises to the Kobold Village! We'll definitely become the most powerful race and conquer all the other races. Kobolds forever!"

Doke lived up to his reputation as a former Chief of a Kobold Village. He was able to instantly make the atmosphere incredibly joyful and lively, and the Kobold guards' blood boiled as they raised their hands and shouted back, "Kobolds forever!"

After completing his task, Doke looked at the Kobold guards and cheerfully laughed as he said, "The Chief has given us other orders, so we'll be off now."

The guards enthusiastically yelled back, "Brothers, we'll treat you to some wild boar meat when you come back!"

Doke and his Kobolds suppressed their laughter when they heard the Kobold guards call them brothers. These guards had no idea they had been played by Doke, and they called him their brother and wanted to treat him to wild boar meat.

A while after Doke and his Kobolds had left, a faint breeze blew over and a guard wondered, "Why do I smell Orcs?"

The other Kobolds also smelled it and looked ahead of them, almost forgetting something. They had thought that the Chief had ordered this corpse to be hung up, and no one paid much attention to it. However, they couldn't stop themselves from going over and having a look at the bloodied corpse, and when they saw it closer, they became so scared that their legs weakened. They recognized this Orc - it was the incredibly ferocious and evil Second Chief of the Orc Village.

By now, Odeis and his Orc warriors had reached the Kobold Village. Even though he had hoped that his little brother would be fine, he felt as if his eyes were going to burst when he saw his brother's corpse hanging off the tree, and he shrieked, "Kill them all!!"

The fury that the Orcs had suppressed this entire time suddenly exploded out. 4,000 or so Orc warriors rushed at the Kobold Village like a flood, causing the earth to tremble and birds to fly away in fear. The Kobolds quickly came out to defend against the Orc attack. Spears flew through the air, and because the Orcs knew exactly what they were going to be dealing with, they had come prepared.

They all had wooden shields - or rather, wooden blocks - that they held in front of themselves.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The spears contained immense force, and while some of them were stopped by the wooden shields, others pierced through the wooden shields, killing the Orcs behind them.

However, the spears only killed a few Orcs, and the Orcs continued to charge forwards. The Orcs were incredibly ferocious as they rushed over, and when they brandished their hatchets and maces, the Orcs gave off an aura that made it seem as if they would destroy everything.

The 2 sides quickly clashed, and facing the Orcs' attacks, the Kobolds desperately defended.

Zhao Fu coldly watched the battle in front of him. Lives disappeared in an instant, and blood stained the ground as the aura of death spread.

"Prepare to release the fire arrows," Zhao Fu ordered as his soldiers lit their arrows and shot them from behind the Kobold Village, lighting many buildings on fire and killing many Kobolds.

Right now, Zhao Fu had to help the Orcs destroy the Kobold Village. He still needed the Orcs to destroy the other 2 villages, so he had to preserve at least a portion of the Orcs' strength.

The Kobolds were facing the Orcs' savage attacks from the front, and they were now attacked by Zhao Fu's forces from the back. After being pincered, the situation quickly became ugly for them. When he heard that Orcs were attacking from the front and that Humans were attacking from behind, the Kobold Chief became incredibly furious and thought that the Orcs and Humans were shamelessly working together to destroy the Kobold Village. The Kobold Chief knew that they would definitely lose, so he went to the Village Hall and chose to [Relocate] the village before giving the City Heart and 100 warriors to a trusted aide. The aide was to escape with 200 elderly and children, while the Chief would fight to the death to buy some more time.