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 Within the eighth region, countless people looked up in terror. Under the massive blood-red star, Zhao Fu was standing in the air with six chains extending out of his arm, connecting him to the six shocking demon images whose auras seemed to cause the entire world to tremble.

Everyone sank into fear, unable to escape. Some of the more cowardly people collapsed to the ground, paralyzed, and wet their pants.

The ocean of bones had killed roughly 70 million players, and there were corpses and bones all over the ground. Nearly 100,000 million players were left, which was still a dark ocean of people.

Su Yan yelled, "We have a lot of people and many buffs. There are only six of them, so don't feel afraid! Charge! As long as we kill Great Qin's Legatee, everyone will receive great rewards!"

All of the leaders also yelled, convincing the players that right now, their only option was to kill Great Qin's Legatee.

When they heard this, the countless players felt that what they were saying was right - they had 100 million players, while the other side, including Great Qin's Legatee, had only seven people. With so many people, they would be able to suffocate Great Qin to death.

The players suppressed their fear and roared as they rushed towards the Six Paths Demon Images. The massive ocean of players gave off an incredible aura as they flooded forwards.

Zhao Fu stood in the air, and because of the Chaos Imperial Star, his eyes were like a pair of rubies that gave off a bright blood-red light. His eyes were icy cold without any emotions, and they were only filled with bloodlust.

Facing the ocean of players, the Asura Demon Image in the middle stepped out, causing the ground to shake, and it gripped the spear in its hand and swept out with it.


A massive explosion sounded out as the spear seemed to tear through space, creating a super wind storm. Within 10,000 meters, everything, including people and rocks, was obliterated, and everyone outside of the 10,000-meter radius was sent flying.

This super wind storm caused the massive ocean of players to pause, and at the same time, the terrifying power wiped out a portion of the ocean of players, causing countless deaths.

The forces from the School of Confucians, the Buddhist Sect, and the Vatican did their best, wanting to help the other people. Their bodies gave off different types of aura, adding to the different abnormal signs in the sky.

The book giving off an azure light that became a bit brighter, and the sound of the sage reading out loud became louder, giving everyone a feeling of boundless righteousness.

The Buddha's light became even brighter, and the voice chanting scriptures also became louder as if it wanted to rid the world of evil and cleanse the world.

The angel in the sky spread its pure-white wings and gave off a blinding white light. Everyone felt a calmness in their hearts as the boundless white light shined on them, blocking off the evil around them.

The three factions' buffs were somewhat effective, and because everyone immediately felt less fear, they put in all of their efforts as they rushed towards the Six Paths Demon Images.


The Human Demon Image cruelly smiled as it drew the blood-red sword at its waist and gripped the sword with both hands. It raised the sword high into the air and sent a massive amount of power into it, causing it to shine with a resplendent blood-red light.


The Human Demon Slashed out, seeming to rend the heavens and the earth, and a massive blood-red sword light swept forwards like a massive river. Wherever it passed by, no one survived, and a 100,000-meter long sword gash that was hundreds of meters deep appeared on the ground.

The Human Demon Image had aimed for the people from the three factions, so no one from the School of Confucians, the Buddhist Sect, or the Vatican survived; not even their corpses remained.


Another loud explosion rang out as the Animal Demon Image also attacked. It punched the ground, creating countless cracks, and an energy blade flashed out, traversing 10,000 meters and causing countless people's bodies to explode into a bloody mist.

The Hell Demon Image also attacked. It evilly laughed as it gripped its trident and pointed it at the ocean of players. A black mist moved towards the ocean of players, and it covered hundreds of thousands of people in an instant. Those within the black mist all cried out, and after it passed, only dry corpses remained.

The Hungry Ghost Demon Image also eerily laughed as it continuously swung its bone knife, sending out gray-white sword lights. The players who were hit were immediately split in two, causing blood and guts to cover the ground, making the scene incredibly gory.

Finally, the Heaven Demon Image also attacked. Its face was incredibly cold as it stabbed upwards with its halberd, causing a massive explosion of air.

Swish, swish, swish...

The sound of the air being torn could be heard as countless transparent spears rained down torrentially, nailing players to the ground.

Once the Six Paths Demon Images attacked, they had killed millions of players in just a few minutes - it could be seen just how terrifying they were.

In fact, they even caused the boundless ocean of players to stop in its tracks - no one wanted to run up just to die. Now, no one was within 1,000 meters of the Six Paths Demon Images.

Su Yan and the leaders' expressions were incredibly ugly, and now, most of the players couldn't even get close enough to attack. They were unable to deal any damage to the Six Paths Demon Images, and the battle was on a completely different level.

Very quickly, they changed their tactics from rushing up to using long-range attacks. They ordered the players to take out bows to attack the Six Paths Demon Images.

Countless arrows tore through the air, giving off an incredibly sharp aura as they quickly flew towards the Six Paths Demon Images. However, the arrow rain was like toothpicks to the 1,000 meter tall Six Paths Demon Images, and before the arrows could even reach them, a formless energy blocked them from even hitting.

Su Yan felt quite exasperated, and he ordered the 200,000 Archers to take out their final Holy Light Crystal arrows and shoot them towards the Six Paths Demon Images.

The Holy Light Crystals dealt extremely great damage to Undead and evil creatures, but the cost was also great. With all of the support from the various factions, they had only been able to afford this many, and now, they hoped that this last wave of Holy Light Crystal arrows would be able to deal some damage to the Six Paths Demon Images.

The arrows turned into streaks of white light that gave off a powerful holy light aura as they shot towards the Six Paths Demon Images.

Looking at the countless streaks of white light, an expression of disdain appeared on the Asura Demon Image's face, and it stabbed forwards with its spear.


Another massive explosion sounded out as the air in front of it seemed to explode. A formless energy pierced forwards, annihilating the approaching white streaks of light. Moreover, this formless energy didn't weaken at all, and it smashed into the 200,000 Archers.


The ground trembled as dust was sent billowing up, obscuring everyone's vision. After the dust settled, they saw a 10,000 meter wide, 100 meter deep crater filled with corpses. Around 80% of the 200,000 Archers had been killed.

This attack destroyed the last bit of hope that the players had, and all of them looked incredibly terrified. Even though they had so many people, in front of the Six Paths Demon Images, they were just like ants. They couldn't deal even a bit of damage.