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Another explosion sounded out as Buddha's image, which gave off a boundless light, appeared in the air and gave off a benevolent and majestic aura. Buddha's light appeared around countless peoples' bodies, resisting the gray deathly aura around them. Everyone felt a warmth around their bodies, and no longer felt cold.

A pure and beautiful-looking woman also brought a group of white-robed people to the center of the ocean of players. He made the sign of the cross as the other Vatican members did the same, and their bodies gave off waves of a holy white light.


Another massive explosion resounded as an angel that gave off an intense white light slowly descended from the sky. Under the white light, countless people felt a peace within their hearts, and they were given a holy light power that could deal a massive amount of damage against the Undead Disaster.

At the same time, the countless players also used various talismans to obtain all sorts of buffs.

After obtaining so many power-ups, the player army's aura wasn't inferior to the Undead army's, and countless people roared as they rushed up to meet the ocean of black bones.


Another shocking explosion sounded out as the ocean of black bones and ocean of players clashed together. It was as if two worlds were colliding, giving off an incredibly terrifying sound.

Clang, clang, clang...

The sound of countless weapons clashing together rang out, and blood and bones flew all over the place. The Skeletons showed no fear at all, and they mercilessly killed the people in front of them. The players weren't afraid either, and with their various buffs, they continuously killed the Skeletons.

Corpses and skeletons littered the ground, and the battle of the two worlds didn't weaken at all.

The countless Skeletons gave off a life-exterminating aura as they ferociously attacked the countless humans in front of them. The players' wills were just as strong, and they didn't give an inch as they fought back. The players and Skeletons continuously died, and the corpses and skeletons beneath their feet continuously gathered.

The battle was incredibly intense, and the Skeletons ruthlessly killed the players as the players vigorously destroyed Skeletons, neither side backing down. Both sides held an unstoppable momentum, and the battle remained at a stalemate.

"The heavens are exterminating Great Qin!" a big man from the School of Military yelled as he swung has large saber and rushed towards the countless Skeletons. Seeing this, everyone else felt impassioned, and they also started to yell the same thing.

In that moment, the players' morale soared to new heights, and countless people felt an anger within their hearts. They would make Great Qin pay everything that it had done to them ten times over. They vowed to destroy Great Qin in order to relieve the hatred in their hearts, and now, that the heavens had given them this chance. All of China was supporting them, and they were confident that they could definitely defeat Great Qin.

Following this, the players continuously rushed up, and the ocean of black bones started to show signs of weakness. Even though many Skeletons still furiously rushed up, their numbers started to dwindle, and their momentum decreased. They were slowly being pushed back by the ocean of players

Seeing this, Su Yan and the other leaders all smiled - the terrifying Undead Disaster was finally showing signs of weakness. This made them feel incredibly proud, and they felt even more confident in their ability to destroy Great Qin.

Under the massive black magic formation, Zhao Fu stood in the air, his black cloak fluttering. Currently, Zhao Fu's state was a bit strange.

His body had become a gray-white color as if there was no more blood in him. It was as if he was all skin and bones, and his sunken eyes were blood-red and gave off a ferocious aura.


Zhao Fu pointed forward with his finger, and the Disaster Cavalry raised their black swords. In that moment, hundreds of thousands of Skeleton Cavalrymen gathered together and mounted a terrifying charge towards the ocean of players.

The charge of hundreds of thousands of Skeleton Cavalrymen was incredibly terrifying, and it shocked the entire battlefield. It was a wave of raw, unstoppable power.

Facing this onslaught, the countless players couldn't help but feel some fear.

Seeing this, Su Yan continued to smile confidently as he said, "Let's use that!"

The others looked quite relaxed and smiled as they nodded before giving out the order for the 200,000 or so players to fire their arrows.

After being shot out, these arrows turned into streaks of white light, and they landed among the Skeleton Cavalrymen. Countless blinding white lights exploded, causing shocking holy light power to burst forth.

Under the white light, countless Skeleton Cavalrymen howled, and a large amount of a gray aura rose out from their bodies as their bodies crumbled, as did their Skeleton horses.

In just an instant, the seemingly-unstoppable Skeleton Cavalry charge had been completely annihilated, leaving behind a massive number of bones. It was unknown just what they had used for their arrows to have such immense power.

What Zhao Fu didn't know was that each of these arrows had a Holy Light Crystal bound to it. Those Holy Light Crystals contained an incredibly powerful holy light energy, and they could deal a massive amount of damage to Undead and evil creatures. Each crystal cost 20 gold coins, so shooting 200,000 of them had cost roughly four million gold coins.

It could be seen that in order to destroy Great Qin, the northern side's factions had paid an incredible price. Luckily, there were countless other factions supporting them, or it would've set them back significantly. After all, four million gold coins were equivalent to 400 million copper coins, or $4 billion in the real world.

After shooting out the first wave of Holy Light Crystals, the 200,000 or so Archers each took out another Holy Light Crystal arrow and shot towards the boundless ocean of bones.

Bang, bang, bang...

Explosions continuously sounded out, and blinding white light exploded out as the Skeletons continuously howled and died, turning into piles of bones.

Following this, the 200,000 or so Archers each took out yet another Holy Light Crystal arrow and shot the arrows towards the ocean of bones, and as more white lights exploded, even more Skeletons died.

The massive player army relied on the Holy Light Crystals to furiously attack the Skeletons, causing the Undead Disaster to start collapsing.

Even though the Skeletons still fearlessly rushed up, they were unable to stop the massive player army any more, and their numbers continuously dwindled.

In the end, only a few million Skeletons were left, and this signified that the Undead army had lost.

Zhao Fu could only sigh - in the end, Great Qin had still lost.

Su Yan and the various leaders laughed in delight - the situation was already set, and Great Qin had lost. Now, Great Qin no longer had any strength to fight back.

The countless players felt incredibly ecstatic. They had finally paid Great Qin back for its oppression and tyranny, so they naturally felt quite good.

One of the northern side's faction leaders loudly laughed and yelled, "Great Qin's Legatee, you've lost! Serves you right for daring to act so domineeringly and arrogantly, not putting us in your eyes at all. This is the price you pay! Today, we'll definitely destroy Great Qin, and it'll be useless even if you kneel and plead for mercy."

Su Yan smiled as he looked at Zhao Fu in the distance, and he didn't say anything. Today, he was going to destroy Great Qin and kill Great Qin's Legatee.

The others also looked at Zhao Fu in the distance with mocking looks. Great Qin's terrifying and monstrous Legatee had been reduced to such a state.

Zhao Fu's blood-red eyes coldly looked at them, and he slowly raised his hand as he said hoarsely, "All of you forced me to do this. Now, I want everyone in the Heaven Awaken World... to die!"