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 Even though he now knew that Su Yuyan was part of Flower Moon, Zhao Fu wouldn't let Miao Qianmeng go because she had been conferred the title of Imperial Concubine, provided the Emperor Phoenix Statue with Phoenix Qi, and was more useful than the others. As such, Zhao Fu could only refuse and say, "Apologies, Miss Su. I'm unable to agree."

This surprised Su Yuyan, but she still smiled and said, "Flower Moon can support Great Qin to become the ruler of the world. With Flower Moon's support, things will be much easier for Great Qin."

This tempted Zhao Fu - if Great Qin had Flower Moon's massive support, Great Qin would have an incredible amount of resources and information, which would indeed make things much easier for Great Qin and would greatly speed up its development.

However, Zhao Fu still refused in the end. One of the reasons was because Miao Qianmeng's Phoenix Qi was quite important, and he also didn't want any factions to enter Great Qin yet. Only after Great Qin became truly powerful would he consider working together with Flower Moon.

Su Yuyan was quite surprised - after all, it seemed like there was no reason for Zhao Fu to refuse. Evidently, partnering with Flower Moon would bring Great Qin great benefits, so why would he refuse? After all, it was just releasing a hostage who didn't matter much in the face of massive benefits.

"Then can you tell me why you're refusing?" Su Yuyan asked as she looked at Zhao Fu with her beautiful eyes.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed - how could he tell her? As such, he decided to end their conversation. "We won't be letting her go under any circumstances, so there's no use in asking. If there's nothing else, I'll be going now."

When she heard this, Su Yuyan felt quite shocked - from Zhao Fu's tone, it seemed like her Fourteenth Sister had become something important to Great Qin.

Could it be that Great Qin's Legatee had started to become interested in beauties and wanted Fourteenth Sister, which was why he wouldn't release her? If that were the case, her Fourteenth Sister would be defiled every day.

After thinking about it, Su Yuyan made a decision, and she said to Zhao Fu, "Mr. Zhao, I would like to use another person to trade for her!"

Zhao Fu felt a bit surprised and asked, "Who is it?"

Su Yuyan replied earnestly, "It's... Li Wu!"

When he heard this name, Zhao Fu almost laughed. Back then, Zhao Fu knew that Li Wu had been taken away by someone, but he didn't know who it had been. Now, he realized that it had most likely been Su Yuyan who had sent people to save him. However, Zhao Fu had never cared about Li Wu.

"Miss Su, do you really think that such an insignificant person can compare to an important member of Flower Moon? Great Qin doesn't care about Li Wu at all. I still have matters to attend to, so farewell."

After saying this, Zhao Fu took his people and directly left.

When she saw Zhao Fu walk away with his countless bodyguards, Su Yuyan felt quite helpless and could only sigh and leave.

Li Wu was currently in a villa. After Su Yuyan had found out that the Ying family wanted to kill Li Wu, she decided to save him and nurture him into a useful chess piece because she felt that he had some potential.

Li Wu felt quite embarrassed when he was saved by Su Yuyan. His splendorous title of Great Qin's Legatee had been cruelly torn off, and now, he was nothing, merely an ordinary person.

In fact, he hadn't even known how to face Su Yuyan, but she hadn't said anything about that matter. After all, she had always known that he was a fake and instead encouraged him and allowed him to regain some confidence.

This made Li Wu feel quite grateful towards Su Yuyan. Now, he just wanted to develop his faction and marry Su Yuyan. However, what he didn't know was that Su Yuyan had almost sold him off.

Back in the Heaven Awaken World, Zhao Fu arrived at the eighth region. He stood in the air and looked down at the boundless ocean of bones, and he gave the order for the ocean of bones to split into four waves. The ten Disaster Cavalrymen were also split into four groups in order to guide the four waves of Skeletons.

The ten Disaster Cavalrymen rode on their Skeleton horses and drew their black swords, creating a formless ripple. The massive ocean of bones started to split apart, gradually moving towards different directions.

Now, Zhao Fu didn't have to worry about players allying together to attack the ocean of bones. Because of the Great Qin Writ, countless factions had just gone through peace talks, so it would be impossible to gather such massive numbers again.

Now that the ocean of bones had split into four waves that went into four separate regions, even though the Disaster Cavalry were split up and couldn't cast Undead Disaster, the Skeleton Mages could summon Skeletons and continue to develop the ocean of bones.

Once they reached a certain size, they would once again split, and the ten Disaster Cavalry would each be able to lead their own wave of Skeletons to attack other regions. That way, the speed of the Undead Disaster would become much faster.

The first wave of Skeletons had already reached the first region, and soon after, the second wave reached the second region. However, just as the third wave reached the third region, something unexpected happened.

A system announcement sounded out, and everyone in the northern side received it, surprising all of them.

"System announcement! A major event has happened in your region. The Undead Disaster has covered the entire northern side with a deathly intent, and all people who die will turn into Undead within three days. Killing Undead will give rewards, and all of the regions in the northern side will be temporarily opened. Everyone can freely travel between regions during this time!"

Zhao Fu was aghast. He didn't pay much attention to the beginning of the system announcement, but the key part was the end - the northern side's regions had temporarily been connected, which meant that the northern side's players could freely travel to any region. With this, Great Qin's biggest advantage was gone.

Before, Great Qin could've stood against all of China because the passages between regions hadn't been opened. As such, the opposing factions were unable to gather together, so Great Qin could destroy them one by one.

They had been unable to resist, which was why they feared Great Qin. That was the only reason why they had backed down, or else why would they have submitted?

However, now that Great Qin's advantage was gone, they could gather all of their forces together. Once the northern side's factions were able to band together to attack Great Qin, Great Qin would lose without a doubt.

With Great Qin's current strength, how could it resist them? There were roughly 300 million players in the northern side and countless villages owned by players.

With the Undead Disaster's current scale, it was impossible to stop them - this system announcement completely screwed over Great Qin, and it made Great Qin, which had the absolute advantage, become the weaker side. Now, Great Qin was in danger of being destroyed.

Moreover, killing the Undead would give rewards, which would greatly attract people to attack Great Qin - this was simply too outrageous.

Even now, Zhao Fu had no idea why such a thing had happened.

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu concluded that perhaps it was because his Undead Disaster was too bloodthirsty and destructive, so the system had decided to suppress his side.

However, that resulted in great danger for Great Qin, and because Great Qin was in a disadvantageous position, the northern side's factions would definitely immediately move. This matter was too serious, so Zhao Fu immediately returned to the Great Qin City.