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 After returning to the real world, Zhao Fu saw that countless factions' representatives had gathered at the Ying family. A luxurious hall was filled with people, making the scene seem quite lively. The attendees were high-class, and they wore all sorts of gorgeous clothing and spoke about important matters.

As a young man walked in with a group of bodyguards, the hall quietened down, and countless people's gazes were gathered on the youth.

Zhao Fu agreed to negotiations because he wanted to reduce the number of obstacles in front of Great Qin. If he wanted to destroy all of them, it would take far too much effort and sacrifices, and they might fight to the death while resisting.

Great Qin primarily relied on the Undead Disaster, and although the Undead Disaster seemed invincible, if they were able to gather 20 million players who were fully united, it was still possible to destroy the Undead army.

The reason they lost that battle was because they had been overconfident and not united. Many of the ordinary people had never fought in an actual battle before, which was why they had been unable to work together as an army.

Zhao Fu wanted the Undead Disaster to grow to a point where no one could stop it. Right now, he felt that the scale was still quite small, and even though the northern side of the Midland Continent had roughly 2,000 regions, the Undead army had only passed through eight regions so far.

At such a speed, how long would it take for the Undead Disaster to sweep through the entire northern side? Or the entirety of China? And how long would it take to sweep through the entire world?

At such a slow speed, before it ravaged China, the Heaven Awaken World might have already devoured the real world. It was impossible for the system to allow it to continue developing like this.

As such, Zhao Fu wanted to speed up his advance by reducing the obstacles. After expanding the Undead army's scale and making it completely unstoppable, it wouldn't be too late to deal with them - rather, it would be much easier.

Zhao Fu said a few words on the stage, indicating that Great Qin was willing to negotiate peace. This allowed all of the representatives to let out breaths of relief. The representatives then rambled on about how wonderful peace was, how they shouldn't be fighting their own people, and how Chinese people should unite together.

Zhao Fu was bored and casually listened to those words, and some people even praised Zhao Fu for bringing peace to China, making him almost laugh.

Of course, Great Qin's ultimate goal was peace - however, right now, with all sorts of factions opposing him and everyone wanting to be a ruler, how could there be peace?

Zhao Fu said a few words in reply, and because he didn't completely trust these people, he gave out some conditions. If they wanted to oppose Great Qin, they would have to pay a price for it.

Before, Zhao Fu had wanted all of the factions to provide a hostage. However, after thinking about it, he realized that in front of massive profits, a member of the main family wasn't worth much, so it was better to just ask for benefits directly.

As for compensation, all of the factions could take such a thing - right now, their top priority was to bring back peace.

The compensation would be provided in the Heaven Awaken World, not in the real world. After all, if it was given in the real world, they would have to give it to the Ying family, and it was possible that the Ying family would have to suffer the hatred of the various factions.

Zhao Fu didn't want the Ying family to be destroyed - on one hand, they had behaved quite well and provided him with a lot of help in the real world. The Ying family wasn't too important to Great Qin's Legatee, but it was still good not to attract too much hatred.

This meeting concluded very quickly, and most of the visitors soon left. Now, only the people from six factions remained: Zhao Fu's six hostages came from these six factions.

A stalwart-looking young man walked over - he looked like a governmental official and gave off the aura of a military man - and asked, "Is Great Qin willing to release my little brother?"

Following this, the others also asked Great Qin to release its hostages.

Zhao Fu lightly chuckled before immediately refusing, saying, "They're doing quite well and are having a good time in the Great Qin City; there's no need for you to worry."

However, a boorish elderly man with a white beard unhappily yelled, "No! You must release the person from the Xingtian Clan!"

Zhao Fu frowned - since they hadn't accepted his good graces, his tone became cold, and he said, "It's impossible for them to be released; this is the price your factions must pay for opposing Great Qin. If you can maintain good relations with Great Qin, we can consider releasing them!"

When he heard this, the white-bearded elder felt quite furious, and he clenched his fists, about to attack Zhao Fu. However, when he thought about the entirety of the Xingtian Clan, he resisted the urge and furiously stormed off.

Seeing this, the others also had no choice but to leave. However, one beautiful woman stayed behind - it was Su Yuyan.

Su Yuyan looked at Zhao Fu with a complicated gaze - at that banquet when she had first met him, she had taken notice of him because he was someone who Wu Qingniang had brought in. The Wu family was perceptive when it came to judging people, and the members of the Wu family were often surrounded by admirers. All of them had exceptional talent and potential.

As such, Su Yuyan had investigated Zhao Fu, but because she had found out that he was only a minor figure, she hadn't paid him any attention.

However, she had never expected that this unremarkable minor figure would suddenly become the proxy leader of the Ying family and the representative for Great Qin's Legatee, gaining the respect of all factions.

Furthermore, it was said that he had King's Fate, but because two people with King's Fate wouldn't be able to get along normally, it seemed strange that Great Qin's Legatee would treat Zhao Fu so well and give him so much power.

No matter how much Su Yuyan thought, she couldn't understand this. However, with how Zhao Fu had played things, it was quite difficult for ordinary people to understand just what was going on.

As Great Qin continuously grew, Zhao Fu became more and more important, and after coming over, Su Yuyan smiled as she said, "Hello, Mr. Zhao."

Zhao Fu recognized Su Yuyan - after all, she was a famous superstar, and he had known of her while he was still a university student. He had seen her at the banquet before, but they hadn't interacted at that time.

"What is it?" Zhao Fu asked as he amicably smiled and nodded.

This wasn't Zhao Fu giving special treatment; rather, anyone who treated him with courtesy would also be shown courtesy.

"I'm from Flower Moon; would it be possible to let my Fourteenth Sister go?" Su Yuyan didn't try to hide her true motive.

Zhao Fu had long since guessed that Su Yuyan had an extraordinary background, but he had never expected her to be from Flower Moon. It was mainly because Flower Moon's people had always been in hiding for thousands of years, so unless one of them revealed it, it would be impossible to know.