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 Zhao Fu disregarded their words - since he had brought them to the Great Qin City, it was almost impossible that he would let them return alive, so he wouldn't promise such a thing.

However, after looking at the person from the Xingtian Clan, Zhao Fu felt that he was quite courageous - he seemed neither servile nor overbearing, and even though his aura was weaker than Zhao Fu's, he gave off a willingness to fight.

"I'll consider it. You can leave now." Even though Zhao Fu had already made up his mind, he didn't directly refuse in order to give them a trace of hope and make them behave.

When they heard Zhao Fu as they were about to leave, the person from the Xingtian Clan suddenly yelled, "Great Qin's Legatee! If we had 30 million players in that battle and the Xingtian Clan had been leading the army, we definitely wouldn't have lost so bitterly, and at the very least, we would have taken down a significant portion of the Undead army!"

Zhao Fu frowned - the person from the Xingtian Clan was becoming more and more unruly, and it seemed like he was going to rebel.

"So what? There are no 'ifs' in war, only victors and losers. The victor was Great Qin, while the losers were all of you!" Zhao Fu calmly said as he looked at the young man.

"Hmph!" The Xingtian Clan's person coldly harrumphed as he yelled, "That's because Great Qin..."

Before he could finish his sentence, Zhao Fu pointed out with his finger. A terrifying energy shot out from his finger and sent the young man flying. He coughed up a mouthful of blood and collapsed to the ground.

Within all of Great Qin, there wasn't a single person who dared to speak to Zhao Fu like this. That young man had thought that Zhao Fu was some kind-hearted weakling; if it wasn't for the fact that he had a bit of value, Zhao Fu would've casually killed him just then.

The atmosphere within the hall became incredibly oppressive, and the five other people felt incredibly startled before subserviently lowering their heads, not daring to do anything as they thought to themselves, "Great Qin's Legatee is indeed incredibly ruthless and cruel!"

"Take them away!" Zhao Fu wasn't interested in these people anymore, and a few soldiers came to escort them away.

"Your Majesty, have those two women stay." Beside Zhao Fu, Xianru's eyes flashed with a violet light as she smiled.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt a bit surprised, but after thinking about it, he realized what she meant and waved his hand, signaling for the soldiers to take the four men away but to leave the two women. Seeing this, the two women started to feel a bit unsettled.

"They have Phoenix Qi?" Zhao Fu asked Xianru.

Xianru smiled and nodded as she replied, "They have quite a bit of Phoenix Qi; Your Majesty should start filling the Emperor Phoenix Statue with Phoenix Qi."

Zhao Fu looked at the two women: They were both in their early twenties and quite pretty. Their facial features were quite exquisite, and they had pearly white skin and slim figures. They were both decent beauties.

That wasn't the only reason they possessed a decent amount of Phoenix Qi - one of them was from Flower Moon, which was one of China's two most ancient factions. Flower Moon had appeared a bit after the Ancient Clans, but it still had a history that was thousands of years long. Not only was the faction quite big, but the Fate that it had gathered was also not weak either, or else it wouldn't have been able to survive for so long.

The other woman was the family leader of a large family, and because she had obtained the family's Legacy, the Fate she possessed wasn't weak either.

Only with a large amount of Fate would one develop Phoenix Qi - after his talks with Xianru, Zhao Fu knew more about Phoenix Qi now.

"What are your names?" Zhao Fu asked the two women.

The two women felt a bad premonition, but they were unable to disobey - they knew the consequences if they did that.

The woman on the left belonged to Flower Moon, and she was a sweet-looking beauty. She curtseyed and said, "Your Majesty, my name is Miao Qianmeng."

The woman on the right belonged to the large family, and she was a mature woman who also curtseyed and said, "Your Majesty, my name is Bai Yiqin."

Zhao Fu nodded and looked at Xianru, who had picked up a brush and quickly wrote on two pieces of paper before nodding to Zhao Fu.

"Let's go!" Zhao Fu walked down, and the two women obediently followed behind him. The sinking feeling within them grew, and Xianru followed behind them with the two pieces of paper.

Following this, Zhao Fu took them to a tall platform, which was the Heaven Prayer Platform. This was the first time that Miao Qianmeng and Bai Yiqin had seen a Legatee's Heaven Prayer Platform, and they both looked at it with amazement.

Zhao Fu went to the Emperor Phoenix Statue and took the two pieces of paper from Xianru before taking out the Imperial Ruler's Seal. Now, with the Imperial Ruler's Seal, which had a massive amount of Fate, he could make them imperial concubines. However, he had to go through the proper ceremony first.

"Stand there!" Zhao Fu looked down at the words on the paper before speaking to the two women.

When they heard this, Miao Qianmeng and Bai Yiqin immediately stood still on the spot and looked at Zhao Fu curiously.

Zhao Fu stretched out his hand, and a formless energy spread out, lifting the two pieces of paper into the air. They were spread out in the air, and Zhao Fu pressed the Imperial Ruler's Seal on each of the pieces of paper.

The two ordinary-looking pieces of paper immediately shined with majestic golden light and looked quite extraordinary.

"We, Great Qin's Legatee, the future ruler of the Great Qin Empire, confer on the both of you the title of Imperial Concubine of Great Qin." After speaking, Zhao Fu waved his hand, and the two pieces of paper turned into golden lights that went into the two women's bodies.

Miao Qianmeng and Bai Yiqin couldn't react in time to what was happening - it seemed that they had been conferred the title of Imperial Concubine, and such a fast and simple process made them unable to react in time.

Zhao Fu looked at the two women, and after he gave them the titles, a phoenix's cry sounded out as golden qi rose out from their bodies, startling them.

This golden qi seemed to be attracted by something, and it floated towards the Emperor Phoenix Statue and entered it. After absorbing the golden qi, the crystalline Emperor Phoenix seemed to come to life.

The Emperor Phoenix flapped its wings and moved its body as it raised its head, looking like it was unaccustomed to moving. However, it quickly accustomed to its body, and soon, it gracefully flew into the sky.

Even though its body was made out of crystal, it gave off a golden light, making it look like a real phoenix, and the aura it gave off was also immense.

Zhao Fu was quite shocked - this Emperor Phoenix Statue had only obtained the Phoenix Qi of two women, yet it already had such power. If it gained more Phoenix Qi, it would become even more powerful, and if it had a massive amount of Phoenix Qi, it truly wouldn't be inferior to a Clan Armament.

Zhao Fu smiled and ordered some people to take Miao Qianmeng and Bai Yiqin away and to have them taken care of.

At that moment, Zhao Fu received a message from the real world, and he returned to the real world to take care of the negotiations. What he didn't know was that a massive crisis was slowly covering Great Qin.