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 The Ying family leaders did as Zhao Fu instructed and gave out Great Qin Writs with big smiles on their faces. Seeing the countless people gathered here, they felt that Great Qin's Legatee would be able to restore Great Qin soon.

This was the Thousand-Year Mission that had been handed down from generation to generation, and now, it was finally going to be fulfilled in their generation. How could they not feel ecstatic and overjoyed?

Before, they had been quite displeased that Great Qin's Legacy had been obtained by an outsider, and they had even refused to acknowledge that person and thought that it was a humiliation for the Ying family for such a thing to happen. However, now, they were delighted that he had obtained Great Qin's Legacy.

Now, who in the world could rival him? All of the other Dynasty Legatees were much weaker, and this person was destined to be as amazing as the First Emperor of Qin. With him as Great Qin's Legatee, this was the honor of the Ying family.

"What should we do? My son is in their hands, and if we do anything, they might just kill him, considering Great Qin's temper," a bearded middle-aged man said worriedly to the others.

Before, the governmental faction's people had been discussing how to deal with Great Qin, but they had suddenly heard about how Great Qin could take people from the real world into the Heaven Awaken World.

They had no idea how Great Qin had obtained this method. If the real world was devoured by the Heaven Awaken World and their bodies naturally entered the Heaven Awaken World, it wouldn't be such a big deal. However, now that Great Qin controlled such a method, it was simply too shocking.

A square-faced middle-aged man said, "Don't worry, Old Zhou. Your son will be fine. We'll continue discussing, and I'm sure that we'll give you a satisfactory answer."

Hearing this, the bearded middle-aged man let out a sigh of relief.

Within the Ancient Clans, an elder from the Xingtian Clan said angrily, "Great Qin's Legatee has gone too far; not only has he slaughtered our people, but he has also captured one of the Xingtian Clan's main family members as a hostage. Now that he has such a method, who would dare to become his enemy?"

Another elder said, "I told you long ago that Great Qin wasn't an enemy to be trifled with. Putting aside that time with the Chaos Imperial Star, we've done many things to antagonize him, so how could he not take revenge? Now, our only option is to carry out peace talks.

"Even though the Undead Disaster will greatly wound China, it will allow him to create an unending dynasty. Even though the Undead Disaster is sweeping through China's territory at the moment, it will move on to other countries as well."

The other elders nodded and agreed to carry out peace talks.

Within Flower Moon, a woman said, "Fourteenth Sister has been imprisoned by Great Qin. Now, it not only has the unstoppable Undead Disaster, but it also possesses such a terrifying method. No one dares to act against the Great Qin now. If we want to fight against Great Qin with our numbers, it'll be equivalent to committing suicide.

"Also, even if we do act against Great Qin, Great Qin's Legatee will immediately kill Fourteenth Sister. It's better to ask for peace - the outcome is already clear, and there are no longer any factions that can stop Great Qin."

The other women were also afraid of Great Qin because they knew that after opposing Great Qin, if they fell into its hands, the only outcome would be death.

In fact, their fate might be even worse than death - it seemed that Great Qin's Legatee was interested in beautiful women, so if they fell into his hands, they would become toys for his pleasure.

As such, the women all agreed to go through peace talks as well.

Seeing this, the mature woman in the main seat could only sigh and say, "Alright, let's carry out our plan to negotiate with Great Qin."

"Big sis, can you leave this to me?" Su Yuyan suddenly asked the mature woman.

The mature woman thought about it and felt that Su Yuyan had a high chance of success, so she gave the power to carry out peace talks to her.

None of the factions were confident that they could stop Great Qin, and they started to seek peace. As many people went to carry out peace talks, the northern side's Qin Resistance Alliance came close to total collapse.

Within the Great Qin City, Zhao Fu wore his black cloak as he sat high up in a chair with six people standing below. There were four men and two women, and they were important figures from various factions.

Back then, Zhao Fu had them brought back to be captives to show off Great Qin's power to bring people from the real world into the Heaven Awaken World. Combined with the threat of complete destruction, this caused countless people to feel terrified towards Great Qin.

From the beginning, Zhao Fu had never cared about the ordinary people liking Great Qin or not. All he needed was for them to be scared and respectful towards it.

As for how he brought their bodies to the real world, it was of course through the Reality Fruits. Over the two days, the Reality Tree had grown ten Reality Fruits. He had used six to bring these people's real bodies into the Heaven Awaken World, and he always kept one on him in case of emergencies.

The six people below nervously stood there, waiting for him to say something.

This was because they knew their bodies had permanently entered the Heaven Awaken World, and they could never leave. Once they died, they would die a true death, so their lives were in the hands of the person sitting above them.

Moreover, they knew who that person was - he was Great Qin's Legatee, a violent and bloodthirsty person. There were countless stories of how terrifying he was, and under his pressure, they all felt quite scared.

Zhao Fu could feel how scared they felt, and he laughed as he said, "Don't worry. I won't kill you yet, depending on how your factions perform. Stay within the Great Qin City, and I won't mistreat any of you."

Hearing this, the six people let out a sigh of relief - it seemed that their lives weren't in danger for now.

The young man who belonged to the governmental faction said, "In actuality, the Zhou family doesn't intend on becoming enemies with Great Qin; we were simply forced by the circumstances. Please let me return, Your Majesty; the Zhou family will never oppose Great Qin again."

After speaking, the woman from Flower Moon also said, "Flower Moon didn't intend to offend Great Qin either; we just wanted to go about our business. Your Majesty, please let me go. Flower Moon will never stand against Great Qin in the future, and it will even help Great Qin as much as possible."

The others all said similar things. They weren't stupid - staying here could result in them dying at any moment, and they knew that after that disastrous loss, all of the factions gave up on being enemies with Great Qin. Their own factions also no longer had the heart to oppose Great Qin.

However, someone coldly harrumphed and uncaringly said to the five other people, "Weaklings!"

This person was from the Xingtian Clan - Xingtian was an ancient god of war, and he had the power to topple the heavens and the earth. He was extremely warlike, and the Xingtian Clan in the real world was extremely warlike as well.

When they heard him, the five other people felt quite displeased, but they all ignored him. With Great Qin's terrifying Legatee sitting above them, they didn't dare to make any trouble.