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 In order to accomplish the first method, Zhao Fu had to ally with the other three villages. He would have to make some sacrifices in order to convince the other three villages, and he would also have to bear the brunt of the Orc attacks. Otherwise, he would not be able to fully gain the support of the other three villages. In the end, he would bear the greatest losses.

In fact, it was possible that they would betray him and stab him in the back if they did not believe that he could defeat the Orcs.

The second method presented his own side with the greatest benefits and the smallest losses.

Zhao Fu thought about it and decided to take the second option because it clearly had the greatest benefits. If the three villages were his allies, he would not be able to do such a thing, but right now, it was unclear if they would be his allies or enemies. As such, Zhao Fu did not hold back.

Now, the question was how to go about executing this plan. The Orc Village was most likely not willing to attack the three villages because it knew that it would cost too much to take down the three villages. As such, Zhao Fu had to make them go crazy and attack the other 3 villages at all costs.

What was key was how to make them do something completely crazy. Zhao Fu had Kobolds and Goblins. They could pretend to attack the Orcs and make them think that it was the Kobold Village and Goblin Village that had done it.

However, they were too weak, and they could not cause the Orcs to go mad. Instead, it might even cause them to have doubts. The Orcs might even suspect why these villages had dared to attack them despite being so much weaker than them.

Zhao Fu never looked down on anyone or anything, so he naturally did not look down on the Orcs. As such, he would not use such a method.

He decided to hide for now and catch an Orc during the night to get some information out of it so that he could make a more precise plan.

As the sky darkened, torches started to be lit in the Orc Village below, and it also started to drizzle.

Bai Qi, Zhang Dahu, and a few others took this opportunity to catch one of the weaker Orcs.

Within a large hole in a tree, Zhao Fu looked at the bound up Orc. After Zhao Fu ordered his soldiers to whip it a few times, it quickly surrendered.

This Orc was weak and clearly nutritionally deficient, and it seemed to have lived a tough life in the Orc Village. It was most likely looked down upon and bullied most of the time.

This often happened in Human Villages as well. Those who were strong would often bully those who were weaker than them. The law that the strong preyed on the weak existed in all cultures, and even humans, with their 'superior intellect,' acted in this way.

Because its status was quite poor in the Orc Village, its Loyalty towards the village was quite low, so it gave in quite easily. If Zhao Fu's soldiers had caught Orcs that were quite well-off, they might not have given in even if their skin was turned into a bloody pulp.

"What is your name?" Zhao Fu asked the Orc.

The weak Orc replied fearfully, "Sir, my name is Anlun."

Zhao Fu nodded in satisfaction and asked, "I want to know everything about the Orc Village. If you know what's best for you, you will tell me."

Following this, Orc Anlun obediently told Zhao Fu everything about the Orc Village.

The Orc Village was called Odeis Village, and it was an Advanced Village. Its Chief was called Odeis, who was the most powerful Orc in the village. Odeis also had a little brother called Oka, who was also quite strong, and Oka was the second in command in the village.

Zhao Fu quickly asked, "How is the relationship between the Chief and the second in command?"

Anlun replied, "It's quite good; the Chief cares about the second in command greatly."

Zhao Fu smiled - he now had a target. He continued to get information from Anlun about the Orc military and found out that there were two Orc military units:

[Orc Warrior]: E- grade Military. Description: Powerful warriors among the Orcs. Effect: Receives [Barbaric Battle].

[Strong Orc]: D grade Military. Description: Powerful warriors among the Orcs. Effect: Receives [Ancestor's Might].

The second type was a special military profession, and because the village was an Advanced Village, the limit was 30 Orcs. Both of the Orc Chiefs were Strong Orcs.

Zhao Fu asked about some other matters, and after receiving some satisfactory answers, he left the Orc under guard before discussing with Bai Qi and the others his strategy.

The next day, Zhao Fu and his soldiers continued to observe the village from far away.

At this moment, a 2-meter tall Orc with totems tattooed all over his body walked out with 100 or so Orcs. From the information he had obtained from Anlun, Zhao Fu knew that this Orc was the second in command, Oka.

Zhao Fu was quite surprised that he only took 100 Orcs with him. However, since the Orcs were the overlords here and everyone would try to avoid them, they were most likely used to going around unhindered. How could they expect Zhao Fu, who should have been 100 kilometers away, to be right in front of them?

Zhao Fu told his soldiers to lay an ambush and began the plan!

"Second Chief, where are we going to hunt today?"

Oka was leading his team forwards, and just as he was about to respond to the question...

Swish, swish, swish...

The sound of the air being torn sounded out as Oka looked over in surprise and roared, "Ambush!!"

However, it was too late. Zhao Fu had 300 Archers, 200 Crossbowmen, and 200 Kobolds with javelins. How could the 100 or so Orcs evade these attacks?

The Orcs were either shot to death by countless arrows and crossbow bolts or pierced by javelins and nailed to the ground. Blood spurted everywhere, and it was a total massacre.

Oka was hit by many arrows, but he slashed away the javelins flying towards him with 2 saber strikes. Looking at the dead Orcs around him, he furiously roared, "Who is it? Get out here!"

Zhao Fu slowly brought his soldiers over and looked at the Orc Village's Second Chief, Oka.

Oka was quite surprised when he saw that it was a human - when were there humans around here?

However, Oka understood his situation and yelled, "I'm Odeis Village's Second Chief. Human, do you know just who you're going against?"

Zhao Fu couldn't understand him, but after Anlun interpreted what he said, Zhao Fu lightly laughed.

Suddenly, Oka turned into a black blur and rushed towards Zhao Fu. He was covered with arrows and heavily injured.He knew that his only hope was in capturing Zhao Fu, so he rushed over and tried to catch him unprepared.

However, Oka had underestimated Zhao Fu. The instant he moved, countless arrows flew towards him, forcing him to quickly defend with his saber.

Suddenly, a spear flew at him like a bolt of lightning, piercing Oka's chest. The Kobold Chief, Doke, had ended Oka's life with a single strike.