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 The Holy Daughter Writ was for helping Great Qin choose women with Phoenix Qi, and each region had to provide at least ten people. Of course, Great Qin wouldn't reveal its plan of gathering Phoenix Qi, so Zhao Fu couldn't make it too obvious.

Great Qin's conditions were that the women had to be between 12-45 years old, and this age range was quite great. Zhao Fu had originally wanted to set the range from 18-30 years old, and it was best that they were virgins.

However, after some recommendations from Xianru, Zhao Fu realized that he was still thinking like an ordinary person and was still bound by the rules of morality. As an adult and a ruler, his focus should be on benefits - only children talked about right and wrong. As a King, he had to think of Great Qin's benefits first.

Great Qin required Phoenix Qi, so anyone who could provide Phoenix Qi would do. Who cared what later historians would say about him? After all, history was written by the victors.

Apart from the age range, there was also another requirement: the women had to be beautiful, and an extreme beauty at that. The more beautiful a woman was, the more likely that she would have a great amount of Phoenix Qi.

Moreover, each large family had to provide one woman from the main family. This was because most large families had Fate Legacies, and it was likely that women from the main family would have Phoenix Qi.

At the same time, Zhao Fu also wanted to use them as hostages. The large families were far more powerful than ordinary people, so having some way to restrict them would be good.

The family and relatives of anyone who became a Holy Daughter would receive massive benefits. Not only would they belong to Great Qin, but they would also receive protection and support from Great Qin.

Without any benefits, how could anyone be willing to become a Holy Daughter? In the early stages, they had to rely on people giving themselves up voluntarily, but in the later stages, they wouldn't have to go through all this trouble. Great Qin would be able to directly take them through battles. Since the ordinary people dared to fight against Great Qin, Zhao Fu didn't need to care about them either.

Those who became Holy Daughters would essentially be put under house arrest within the court.

As for the nation factions, they wouldn't submit unless they were subdued with great force. However, Great Qin would be even crueler to them because the nation factions were more powerful than the large families. Of course, if they chose to surrender, Great Qin would still treat them well.

After discussing various matters in detail, Great Qin proclaimed the two types of writs. It was as if a massive meteor had fallen into a sea, causing massive waves that shocked the entire world.

"Great Qin's way too overbearing - anyone who doesn't join will die, and he wants all of the regions to give him beautiful women. Only he would dare to do such a thing in the world. Does he really think that he's an Emperor and is already creating a harem?"

"He wants people from 12-45 years old; what's with that massive range? What a piece of crap!"

Now, in addition to ruthless and bloodthirsty, everyone also saw Great Qin's Legatee as domineering and tyrannically licentious.

Now, Great Qin's reputation had completely soured, and even though everyone felt incredibly angry, no one dared to publicly voice this. Although they were angry, they feared Great Qin even more.

Anyone who didn't submit would be massacred - how could they dare to speak? Anyone who tried to speak out against Great Qin would be completely suppressed and wouldn't be treated humanely. After seeing the merciless massacres Great Qin had committed, they realized that Great Qin wasn't kind or merciful and wouldn't spare them.

At that moment, many people started to blame the ordinary people who had participated in the battle at Pouring Sun. Before, it had only been a battle between Great Qin and the factions that were a part of the Qin Resistance Alliance, but now that the ordinary people had joined in, Great Qin had turned its rage to everyone.

Now, everyone had to join Great Qin or would be attacked. If the Undead Disaster came to where they were, they would be expelled from the system main cities and have no hope of surviving.

Under the threat of Great Qin, many people had already submitted. After all that had happened, the northern side's factions no longer felt as confident, and a portion of them wanted to surrender to Great Qin.

The ordinary people all started to think of ways to join Great Qin, whether it was through a Great Qin Writ or through a Holy Daughter Writ. Great Qin required at least ten people from each region, and it didn't make it compulsory but voluntary.

This was because there was no way to force such a thing - some people would rather just commit suicide and respawn in another region. Why would anyone sacrifice one's own body for one's region that one didn't care about?

In the end, during the early phase, Great Qin had to rely on giving out benefits for people to willingly join. After the real world was devoured in the future, they would no longer have the choice.

However, if large families wanted to join, they had to give up a female member of the main family - this was compulsory. Large families weren't like ordinary people, who had relatively few cares, because they had a foundation that Great Qin could threaten. If they didn't want to be destroyed, someone had to sacrifice oneself for the family.

Zhao Fu didn't think too much about this because this was what Xianru had recommended. Zhao Fu believed that there weren't any great downsides to this, and since this was all for Great Qin, he agreed to all of it.

Seeing that Zhao Fu approved of her thoughts, Xianru naturally felt quite happy. This was the sort of ruler she wanted to see - one who wasn't bound by anything because only such a person could establish an unending Dynasty.

Xianru didn't care much about the ordinary people and the large families because they weren't Great Qin's subjects and were obstacles to Great Qin. As such, there was no need to care about their lives; they were merely tools to be used.

After hearing about the two Writs, an important figure from the governmental figure angrily slammed his fist down on the table and said, "Great Qin's Legatee is going out of control. He's too domineering and wants to toy around with countless women. He's simply a tyrant and a dictator; what will happen to the world if it falls into his hands?"

A chubby middle-aged man sighed as he said, "Even so, what can we do? We can whittle down the Undead Disaster's numbers so that it doesn't become too big, but in the end, we're unable to stop it. It'll be difficult to gather so many people again, and what's more, Great Qin has listed us as targets.

"All of our forces in each region will be wiped out, which will result in disastrous losses for us. In the future, our control over the various regions will be far weaker, which will have great ramifications for us."

After hearing him speak, everyone fell silent. A slightly-skinny man couldn't resist and said, "How about we negotiate with Great Qin and preserve a portion of our forces? After the passages between the regions open, it won't be too late to ally together to properly face Great Qin. As soon as the regions are linked, with so many people, we won't have to fear the Undead Disaster."