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Just as Zhao Fu pressed his palm against the blood-red magic formation, a massive explosion rang out, and the formation burst forth with a pillar of intense blood-red light that shot into the sky.

The sky was dyed red, and the redness gradually spread, as did the chilling, evil aura.

The blood-red magic formation on the ground started to spin, and a powerful, formless energy spread out. The surrounding corpses started to melt until they became pools of blood water.

A blood-red ocean started to form as the 15 million players' corpses melted. The blood ocean covered everything within 1,000 kilometers, and the noise that it gave off was simply shocking. The stench of blood could be smelt far from the distance.

At the center of the magic formation, Zhao Fu continued to press his hand against the formation, and his arm continuously bled, causing his blood to enter the magic formation. Suddenly, Zhao Fu once again gathered his power and sent it into the formation.

A muffled sound rang out as a formless wave of energy rippled out, and the blood ocean started to change. The blood water started to spiral, causing the blood ocean to gradually turn into a massive vortex with the magic formation at the center.

Traces of a blood-red aura continuously floated up from the blood ocean and flew towards the magic formation. As the blood-red aura continuously gathered above the magic formation, a terrifying power seemed to be growing.

The sky was completely covered with blood-red light, and that evil and bloodthirsty aura spread to the entire region. Even those in other regions could feel the chilling aura coming from this aura, causing people's hairs to stand on end.

The City Lords standing in the air felt the magic formation growing stronger and stronger and more and more dangerous, making them feel quite uneasy.

All of the City Lords knew that Great Qin was using some terrifying technique and wanted to use the 15 million corpses to summon something horrifying. This definitely wasn't something that ordinary people could deal with.

The blood-red aura above the magic formation became denser and denser and hadn't covered Zhao Fu's body. When the dangerous aura reached its peak as if it was like a volcano about to erupt, Zhao Fu once again yelled, "Six Paths of Reincarnation! Slaughtering all living things! Asura Gate... Open!!"


A shocking explosion shook the sky and earth, and the surrounding 100 or so regions all heard this sound. Everyone turned to look in this direction, feeling a sense of danger.

At the center of the blood ocean, the boundless blood-red aura seemed to be absorbed into the ground, and the vortex of blood water seemed to also be sucked into the ground. Now, the ground turned into a blood-red color and gave off a putrid bloody smell.

At that moment, the weather changed as a wild gale started to blow. Blood-colored lightning descended from the sky as a black, hellish aura rushed out of the ground, giving off a soul-chilling feeling that shocked all of the City Lords.

They almost couldn't help but stop Zhao Fu because whatever Zhao Fu was currently summoning was much too dangerous. Just from its aura alone, they felt incredibly threatened. However, they realized that if they tried to act, they would lose all of their power.

Moreover, they had just received great benefits from Zhao Fu, so they didn't say anything or do anything. Instead, they stayed a bit further away.

A massive, blood-red gate that was 1,000 meters tall and 200 meters wide gradually appeared on the ground. It gave off a horrifying aura and was at the center of the blood-red magic formation.

This blood-red gate seemed to be made out of metal, and either side of the gate had images of Asuras on them. On one side, there were images of female Asuras who were incredibly beautiful and enchanting, while the other side had images of male Asuras who looked evil and ferocious. The gate gave off an ancient, evil, bloodthirsty aura.


The blood-red gate started to slowly open as a figure burning with ferocious flames slowly came out of it.

The surroundings became deathly silent, and under this terrifying pressure, the City Lords became incredibly wary.

Finally, a 1,000 meter tall Asura appeared. This Asura looked incredibly savage: It had a mouthful of fangs and had two horns on its head. Its body was tough and muscular, and it had sharp claws and black battle armor. It held a metallic spear, and its body burned with a monstrous demonic flame.

This was the Asura Demon Image, and its power was indeed unimaginably strong. It was like a giant that connected the heavens and the earth, and its aura greatly surpassed the monster-bosses of regions. In fact, all 28 City Lords added together would be weaker than this demon image - no less than what was expected from sacrificing 15 million corpses.

Zhao Fu stood in the air, and when he saw how powerful the Asura Demon Image was, a smile crept on his face. In the distance, the City Lords could feel just how powerful this demon image was, and they could help but feel shocked.

Suddenly, the Asura Demon Image opened its blood-red eyes and waved its hand casually, releasing an immense amount of power that caused a berserk gale, hitting Zhao Fu in the air.


Zhao Fu flew out like a sandbag and crashed 1,000 meters away, creating a crater that was dozens of meters wide.

The City Lords all looked quite startled, not expecting the demon image to go out of control and attack the one who had summoned it. By the side, the Black and White Impermanences also looked quite shocked, and they hadn't expected such a thing.

Suddenly, the Asura Demon Image turned its head, and its murderous, blood-red eyes looked at the City Lords. The City Lords quickly released their City Lord Seals, causing an array of lights to fill the area. The sound of the City Lords all releasing their City Lord Seals was simply awe-inspiring.

However, the Asura Demon Image's aura was no weaker than the City Lords combined - in fact, its aura was even stronger than theirs. The sky on the side it was on turned blood-red, while the sky on the City Lords' side became multi-colored.

The Asura Demon Image raised its spear and savagely laugh, not caring about these City Lords as it prepared to attack.

Clang, clang, clang...

The sounds of countless chains moving rang out. Zhao Fu was half-kneeling on the ground with a trace of blood coming out of his lips as he pressed a hand against the ground. Thousands of chains were shooting out of the ground, flying towards the Asura Demon Image, and they quickly wrapped around it.

Zhao Fu hadn't expected the Asura Demon Image to attack so suddenly, so he had been completely defenseless. If he hadn't used his Clan Armament in the nick of time, it was likely that he would've died.

The countless chains firmly wrapped around the Asura Demon Image, and it vigorously struggled in an attempt to break free. Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and used his Clan Armament's power, causing his body to shine with a massive golden light as a shocking aura exploded out of him.

Zhao Fu's hand pressed down even more firmly against the ground, causing the ground to crack. The countless chains went taut, bringing the Asura Demon Image's massive body to the ground.