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 Zhao Fu stayed above the countless players' corpses. The players' corpses couldn't be turned into Skeletons, but that didn't mean they didn't have any worth.

Even though these bodies were only their shells within the Heaven Awaken World, they still had cultivation and an aura of life. The aura of life from 15 million players could be used by countless Skeletons as fuel for their evolution, making them even stronger.

Because of these players' aura of life, the Undead army produced a new type of Skeleton - Skeleton Berserker.

The Skeleton Berserkers were four meters tall and had incredibly large and tough bones that gave off a gray glimmer. They held two massive weapons, which were usually large swords, large hatchets, or large hammers, and all of them had extremely powerful auras that could rival a person with a Stage 3 cultivation.

They were incredibly wild and bloodthirsty when they fought, and they had immense destructive power. They annihilated everything in their path and were incredibly terrifying.

However, there weren't many of these Skeleton Berserkers, and within the ocean of bones, there were only a few hundred of them.

By now, all of the Skeletons had already moved on, and only corpses remained in this area. Zhao Fu looked at the corpses and found that because of the countless factions' support, their equipment was quite good, and the value of the items on each of the corpses would be worth five or six gold coins.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu realized something and was dumbfounded by this epiphany - if each corpse had items and equipment worth five or six gold coins, then with 15 million corpses here...

Even if each corpse was worth five gold coins, that would be 75 million gold coins. If this amount of money was converted to copper coins or money in the real world, it would simply be astronomical.

This massive fortune was greater than what Great Qin had by tens of times, and it was impossible for Zhao Fu to refuse such an amount of money.

By now, the four City Lords had used teleportation channels to send the surrendered residents here. Each of the City Lords had convinced around 100,000 people to surrender, so in total, they had brought 400,000 people.

Zhao Fu thought about it and had them immediately start collecting the equipment and items from the corpses. Seeing the corpses all over the place, the 400,000 residents were given a big fright, and they couldn't help but tremble. However, they still obediently followed Zhao Fu's orders and collected equipment and items.

The many City Lords realized what Zhao Fu's aim was, and they felt quite shocked. As City Lords, they couldn't care less about the equipment that a player had, but with so many corpses here, the amount of gold that could be gained from these corpses was hundreds of times more than what they had.

Even City Lords had never seen so much money before, and they couldn't help but feel a bit of admiration and envy. Zhao Fu had not only obtained four system main cities but also so much money as well.

After half a day, the 400,000 people had gathered all of the equipment and items into a massive mountain, and seeing this, the City Lords were dumbfounded.

Out of this mountain, Zhao Fu split out 20 or so piles that were worth one million or so gold coins.

"Everyone, thank you all for your help this time. This is a token of my appreciation," Zhao Fu smiled as he said to the City Lords.

Most of the City Lords only had one million gold coins, and seeing so much money, they felt quite tempted. After thinking about it, they decided not to hold back and placed the equipment into their spatial rings.

Zhao Fu then looked at the four City Lords who had convinced the residents to surrender and said, "Thank you for helping me convince so many people to surrender. These are for you."

Following this, Zhao Fu separated four much larger piles out. These four piles were worth roughly 1.5 million gold coins each.

The City Lords were all quite surprised, and they had never expected Zhao Fu to treat them so well. Before, he had been so domineering and overbearing that they couldn't even raise their heads.

Apart from the woman in white, who coldly harrumphed, the other three City Lords put their piles of equipment away.

Zhao Fu looked at the woman in white but didn't say anything, and he started to put the rest of the equipment into his ring.

Apart from the equipment from the players, there were also great fortunes within the four system main cities. There were at least 400,000 sets of Blue grade equipment, 40,000 sets of Silver grade equipment, and other equipment and items, which would be worth millions of gold coins. However, what was the most important was the system main cities themselves.

Moreover, with the 400,000 Stage 1 corpses and the many high Grade corpses, Zhao Fu wouldn't have to worry about not having corpses to refine for a long time.

There was no need to share the fortunes within the system main cities with the other City Lords. Zhao Fu had already given them a lot of the equipment because he would have had far too much equipment, and since they were operating in a partnership and he would continue to need their help, there was a need to maintain friendly relations.

The attitudes of the City Lords who accepted the equipment naturally became better towards him, but the woman in white still seemed to treat him with contempt.

Zhao Fu understood that she was a good person, so he didn't take her attitude to heart. However, if she did anything that endangered Great Qin, he wouldn't hesitate to kill her.

Zhao Fu once again looked at the countless corpses. Zhao Fu knew of their plan to try to whittle down the Undead Disaster. Because of this, he would naturally replenish and increase its numbers.

By now, two alluring figures had appeared next to Zhao Fu - it was the Black and White Impermanences. Zhao Fu had previously asked them how to increase the Skeletons' strength, and they had been surprised to find that they knew of a forbidden technique.

This forbidden technique was called the Asura Demon Image. Zhao Fu planned to use these 15 million corpses as a sacrifice to open the Asura Gate and summon the Asura Demon Image.

The Black and White Impermanences started to work, using the blood from the corpses to draw out a gigantic blood-red magic formation.

Zhao Fu couldn't understand the blood-red magic formation, but he could feel an aura of evilness and bloodthirstiness from it. Since it was a forbidden technique, it was most likely quite dangerous.

"Are you ready, Your Majesty?" the Black and White Impermanences asked, looking surprisingly serious.

Zhao Fu nodded and went to the center of the magic formation while the Black and White Impermanences stood on either side of the magic formation.

Zhao Fu gathered his King's Power into his finger and slashed his arm, causing his blood to drip into the center of the magic formation. The Black and White Impermanences started to chant, and the auras around their bodies became stronger and stronger and started to become quite strange.

Suddenly, the Black and White Impermanences squatted down and pressed their palms against the blood-red magic formation. A black aura and a white aura respectively entered the formation.

The formation was instantly activated and gave off a bright blood-red light. An extremely evil aura rushed out, causing all of the City Lords to frown. Blood-red runes started to move around within the formation like lizards as the aura that the formation gave off became more and more powerful.

Zhao Fu also pressed his hand on the ground at the center of the formation, causing the ground to shake. He sent all of his power into it as he coldly yelled, "All creatures live in bitterness! All things come to nothing! Killing opens the Asura Gate!"