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 If the ordinary players and the useless northern side's factions hadn't turned and ran and had instead fought together with the governmental forces, the Ancient Clan's forces, and School of Military's forces, they wouldn't have lost so pitifully.

At the very least, if they could have destroyed at least 10% of the ocean of bones, that would have been of great help. However, if all the players from five regions had been destroyed so easily, just how were they supposed to fight in the future?

Now, the ocean of bones would be able to easily replenish the number of Skeletons it lost by rampaging through the eighth region, and the 15 million players had essentially died for nothing.

Moreover, many of the players had been completely scared stiff, so even gathering players would be difficult in the future.

What should they do next? Su Yan let out a breath and calmed himself down before considering their next step.

Now that their plan, which they had complete confidence in, had been crushed, all of the factions took a massive blow to morale.

The various Dynasty factions also felt quite bitter. Even though they hadn't sent any people to participate, they had contributed a lot in terms of money and other resources, yet they had still suffered a crushing defeat. In a sense, they had completely lost to Great Qin.

The ten or so elders from the Ancient Clans all sighed, and one of the elders couldn't hold it anymore and said, "What do we now? Even though the plan wasn't a complete failure and at least somewhat suppressed the Undead Disaster, we're wholly unable to destroy the Undead Disaster.

"Moreover, not only are we unable to stop the Undead Disaster, but we also sacrificed a lot and completely offended Great Qin."

Hearing this, another elder asked, "What do you all say we should do? Do we continue trying to stop the Undead Disaster or do we go to the Ying family, apologize, and no longer try to stop Great Qin? If that happens, the rest of China will be ravaged by a great disaster."

Upon thinking about this, all of the elders present felt quite distressed and were unable to immediately make a decision.

Within the Flower Moon's meeting area, 20 or so women sat with depressed looks on their faces. One of the women said, "Big sis, we were completely wrong this time. Even though we had so many people, we were still unable to stop Great Qin. What do we do now?"

The beautiful woman in the main seat shook her head, feeling a massive headache coming on.

None of the other women knew what to say, and the room fell into silence before Su Yuyan said, "Big sis, we should try to negotiate and stop trying to oppose Great Qin. Instead, we should try to help it. With Great Qin's control over the Skeletons, we'll be able to preserve around 60% of our business."

Those words caused some people's eyes to light up, but some asked, "Even if we're willing to negotiate, is Great Qin's Legatee willing? With how bloodthirsty he is, will he really let this matter go? Even if we're willing to pay a high price, he may not agree."

While all of the factions were feeling incredibly worried and dispirited, the Ying family was busy rejoicing. Great Qin's Legatee had just defeated a combined attack from countless factions.

This allowed the Ying family to let out a sigh of relief. When Great Qin's Legatee had stubbornly persisted with the Undead Disaster, the Ying family had suffered great pressure and gone into a defensive state for fear that others would join together to attack them. After all, Great Qin's Legatee was making an enemy out of all of China.

Now, Great Qin's Legatee had stepped on all of their heads, and no faction dared to make a move on the Ying family. Even the governmental faction had to show respect, let alone the other factions.

Back in the Heaven Awaken World, the woman in white stood in the air above a large city and called out, "I'm sure you've all heard the news: your City Lord is dead, and the City Lord Seal has fallen into someone else's hands. The Undead Disaster is about to arrive, and none of you will survive. Right now, you can choose to resist or submit.

"Those who choose to resist - I won't bother trying to persuade you, but you must know that there is no chance of survival. Just then, 15 million players were slaughtered, so it's impossible for any of you to come out alive.

"If you're willing to submit, hurry and leave before the Undead army arrives. This is all I can say; the rest is up to you."

After the City Lord died, the city sank into a period of grief and chaos because everyone knew that the Undead Disaster was approaching. Staying in the city wasn't safe - even though the City Heart gave off a protective barrier, it wouldn't shield any of the residents. Now that the City Lord Seal had fallen into someone else's hands, he had revoked all of their resident statuses, meaning that they no longer belonged to this town.

What was even worse was that the firm, ten-meter tall city walls had collapsed - Zhao Fu had used the City Lord Seal to cause all of the city's defensive structures to collapse or lose their effect.

Even though they knew the result would be death, many of the residents were unwilling to leave, and many soldiers were the same. However, some still tried to convince the residents to leave.

"Aunty, you should leave, or it'll be too late when the Undead army arrives!"

"Little bro! Listen to me and get out of here, or you'll die with us."

"Dear, I'm sorry, but I have to stay here. I will only be loyal to our City Lord, and even if I have to die, I'll stand guard here. However, you have to leave; I hope you'll be able to live on well."

"Everyone, please leave and don't just wait for death here. You're different from us - we don't want to break the oath we made to this city, so please leave now."

Seeing these touching scenes below, the woman in white's eyes became a bit teary, and she couldn't help but feel more hateful towards Zhao Fu because all of this had been caused by him.

In the end, some people walked out. It was a pity that only about 100,000 people came out, and there were still 300,000 or so who were unwilling to leave.

The woman in white sighed and didn't continue to persuade them - to be able to save so many people was already quite good. The ocean of bones was giving off a terrifying aura as it approached from the distance, and the woman in white didn't hesitate as she took the 100,000 people and left.

A bit later, the countless Skeletons, giving off a shocking aura, flooded towards the main city.

The soldiers and residents took out all kinds of weapons and resigned themselves to death as they rushed up. The battle started quite quickly and also ended quite quickly.

Apart from the 100,000 Stage 1 soldiers who could put up a bit of resistance, everyone else was instantly killed. This wasn't surprising because they had to face Skeletons with numbers hundreds of times greater than theirs.

After the ocean of bones passed, only corpses remained. Blood and ruin were left in its wake, and the prosperous system main city no longer existed. The scene was quite heroic and sorrowful.