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 Zhao Fu ignored their gazes and slowly opened his clenched fist. The chains withdrew from that City Lord's body, and a white jade-like seal, giving off a faint light, flew out of the City Lord's corpse.

Killing the City Lord so easily wasn't a big deal - after all, he had used up most of his strength, and the chains from the God-Sealing Beast had a powerful sealing power and fused with the Dragon-Sealing Well's chains, making it even more powerful.

Thus, the chains were able to restrict the City Lord from self-detonating and kill him at the same time.

The other City Lords thought that they couldn't stop him, so they had chosen to escape. None of them had expected Zhao Fu to be able to stop him. Just from the aura that the chains gave off, they could tell that those chains were quite extraordinary.

Zhao Fu grabbed at the air, and the City Lord's corpse and jade seal flew over. Zhao Fu looked at the City Lord's corpse and found that it was SSS grade, so he put it into his ring.

Zhao Fu held the jade seal, which was warm to the touch, in his hand, and he could feel the power that it gave off.

[Empty Cry City Seal]: The core item to a City. It has the power to control various things within the city and contains great power.

There was no need to necessarily conquer the City Heart of a City; obtaining the City Lord Seal was equivalent to obtaining the City itself, so Zhao Fu had essentially obtained a system main city.

However, Zhao Fu needed to actually conquer the City Heart before it would actually belong to him.

With the City Lord Seal, Zhao Fu already had all sorts of power. However, because he had killed the City Lord, the residents would most likely retaliate, and it wouldn't be easy to deal with those 100,000 Stage 1 soldiers.

This would be a great obstacle to Great Qin, so Zhao Fu decided to use the Undead Disaster to deal with him. Even though Great Qin wouldn't be able to obtain any people, Great Qin would still be able to obtain a system main city and 100,000 Stage 1 corpses.

After making this decision, Zhao Fu looked at the other City Lords and stretched out his hand.

The other City Lords could only helplessly take out the City Lord Seals and throw them to Zhao Fu. The three City Lord Seals flew over to Zhao Fu - these were the City Lord Seals from the three other City Lords.

After taking these three City Lord Seals, Zhao Fu smiled and put them away.

Even though it was them who had killed the City Lords, they did so under Zhao Fu's orders, so the City Lord Seals belonged to him.

If it wasn't for the City Lord Seals, Zhao Fu had no need for them to kill those four City Lords.

However, if they were willing to continue killing City Lords for him, Zhao Fu could consider giving those four City Lord Seals to them. After all, if that were the case, he would be able to obtain many more City Lord Seals in the future.

Elsewhere, the escaping players had been swallowed up by the boundless Undead army. After resisting momentarily, they were reduced to corpses.

The army of 15 million players was completely annihilated with not a single player surviving. The battlefield was quite gruesome, and 15 million corpses lay strewn across the ground. They were all in different positions, and their expressions were quite different as well. Their weapons were scattered everywhere, and blood covered the ground. The stench of blood seemed to reach to the heavens, and the entire world seemed to go quiet as a result of this chilling scene.

Even though the City Lords had expected the players to lose, seeing this scene, they couldn't help but feel quite startled. There were so many corpses that they went on for as far as the eye could see.

"What are you planning to do with the four main cities?" the woman in white asked Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu didn't hide his intentions and plainly replied, "Of course I'm going to slaughter them all. Only then will I be able to conquer them easily."

Unlike the players, the four system main cities' millions of players would remain dead if they died. Hearing that they would all be slaughtered, all of the City Lords felt quite unwilling to see this.

"You can't do this!" the woman in white said as she glared at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu couldn't help but laugh, "Then tell me how I can easily conquer those system main cities. Don't tell me you want to take those people in; I need to cut the weeds and eliminate the roots in order to prevent future problems."

Hearing Zhao Fu's cold words, the woman in white felt quite angry, but she couldn't find the words to rebut him. Indeed, using the Undead Disaster was the fastest and easiest option.

Suddenly, the woman in white thought of something and said, "You probably need people too - among those people, there will be those who resist, but there will also be those who are willing to submit. If I can convince them to submit, I'm sure that will be fine."

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised - Great Qin indeed needed people, but Zhao Fu believed that there would be great resistance from the system main cities. After all, the residents were all quite loyal, and they would hate him for causing the death of their City Lords.

That was why Zhao Fu had decided to slaughter them all. However, since the woman in white had said that she would do her best to convince them to surrender, Zhao Fu didn't see why he shouldn't let her try.

As such, Zhao Fu nodded and agreed, but he said, "I can give you some time, but don't blame me if you can't convince them within that time."

The woman in white coldly harrumphed and didn't reply to Zhao Fu. She and the three other women from the same region talked together before flying off in four different directions.

Zhao Fu didn't care about the woman in white's attitude, and he dispelled the support-type formation. He took back his Disaster King Ring and ordered his Disaster Cavalry to slow down the advance of the ocean of bones for now.

As for the other City Lords, they remained in the sky around Zhao Fu.


In the real world, this news seemed to explode like a massive bomb. 15 million players were easily slaughtered, causing all of the players and factions to feel incredibly shocked.

15 million players had been slaughtered - just how terrifying, ruthless, and shocking was this?

The entire world seemed to go crazy, and Great Qin's ferocity seemed to reach the heavens, causing all of the factions to fall silent.

Logically, the 15 million players should've been able to take down 60 million Skeletons, but no one could have thought that Great Qin's Undead Disaster would be so horrifying. All of the Skeletons were much more powerful than the ordinary Skeletons that the players were familiar with.

Most of the ordinary players and factions had fled in disorder, which was one of the reasons for this catastrophic loss.

The number of Skeletons that the 15 million players had killed was less than 10% of the ocean of bones, which was far less than what they had wanted. They had spent an astronomical amount of money on consumable items and gathered five regions' worth of players, but they had died so easily. All of the factions felt completely crushed and dispirited.

The disgust and hatred that the Chinese people felt towards Great Qin now turned into terror. Not a single person dared to say anything bad about Great Qin anymore, and it had now turned into a taboo existence.

After hearing about this, Su Yan felt incredibly furious and slammed his fist down on the table. He had underestimated Great Qin and had never thought that the Skeletons would be so powerful. His plan, which he had been completely confident in, had proven to be much less effective.