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 Hearing Zhao Fu's words, the City Lords' expressions became grim. Since they had signed a High-Grade Contract with Zhao Fu, if they broke the contract, they wouldn't be able to use their City Lord Seals anymore. Without their City Lord Seals, how could their 100,000 Stage 1 soldiers fight against these countless Skeletons?

The punishment of the High-Grade Contracts was quite severe, but it was even worse for Zhao Fu: he had promised that he wouldn't attack their main cities, and if he broke the contract, he would immediately die. Moreover, the contracts lasted for half a year.

The City Lords were only willing to sign because of that. If they broke the contract, the Undead army would turn back, and their main cities would be completely annihilated without being able to resist at all. Their people would all be slaughtered.

A man with some beard stubble sighed before saying, "You said that you wouldn't make us do anything dangerous, and killing a City Lord has a certain amount of danger involved. We can only agree to do this once, but in the future, we will only protect the Disaster Cavalry."

Zhao Fu thought about it - making them kill another City Lord wasn't easy, and because having them kill four City Lords was already quite good, he agreed.

Seeing that Zhao Fu had agreed, 27 bodies turned into rays of light and chased after the escaping City Lords. The woman in white didn't move and stared at Zhao Fu before coldly harrumphing and also flying away.


The four escaping City Lords were soon caught up with, and a battle that could shock the heavens and earth unfolded. Massive explosions sounded out, shaking the heavens, and their monstrous power seemed to be able to destroy everything below them.

The countless players, including the commanders, felt their hopes plummet upon seeing the four City Lords being attacked by 28 other City Lords. They had hoped that the four City Lords would be able to suppress Great Qin's Legatee, but now, it was difficult to say if they would even survive.

Zhao Fu ignored the battle because even more Skeletons had arrived, and Zhao Fu ordered the Disaster Cavalry to continue guiding them to fight.

The Skeleton Cavalry formed ten groups with more than 10,000 Skeleton Cavalrymen in each group, after which they started to charge.

They gripped their bone spears and looked straight ahead of them. That area was different from the rest of the battlefield, and it was quite peaceful.


The Skeleton Cavalry were like arrows that had been shot out of bows, and their auras shook the entire battlefield. They formed a triangular formation as they rushed towards the defensive wall, their bodies giving off a gray aura that formed into a massive cone above their heads.

Bang, bang, bang...

The Skeleton Cavalry were like lightning bolts that struck the defensive wall. The gray cones bore into the defensive wall, leaving a large hole, and as the Skeleton Cavalry continuously charged up, the holes became larger and larger.

The other Skeletons also charged behind them and streamed through the ten massive holes created by the Skeleton Cavalry, and they started to attack the players behind the defensive wall.

Other Skeletons climbed up the defensive wall and eerily laughter as they attacked the players on the defensive wall.

In the distance, another massive flood of Skeletons, giving off a massive aura, flooded over.

By now, the commanders had realized that there was no chance of victory for them. However, they didn't forget what their main objective was.

Even if they all died, they needed to at least take down a portion of the Skeletons. By whittling down the Skeletons' numbers, they would be able to stop the Undead Disaster.

The military leaders, people from the School of Military, and those from the Ancient Clans drew their weapons and roared, "Kill!!"

Everyone raised their weapons and roared as they rushed towards the Skeletons.

However, it was only their factions who retaliated. The northern side's factions and the ordinary players started to run, not daring to face off against the Skeletons.

The defensive wall started to crumble in many places, and facing the dauntless disaster-attributed Skeletons, the ordinary players were completely helpless.

Even one on one, the ordinary players found it quite difficult to deal with the Skeletons, and they were outnumbered ten to one. There was simply no way to fight, and seeing the Skeletons continuously slaughtering players, they were completely shaken and only wanted to run.

However, the countless Skeletons showed no mercy and started to chase down these people.

Some directly pierced the players' chests with their claws; others slashed apart players at the waist, causing blood and organs to spill onto the ground. Other players were nailed to the ground by bone spears.

The terrifying Skeleton Cavalry could stab through four or five players at once with their bone spears, turning them into a human kebab.

The countless Skeletons excitedly enjoyed this slaughter while the players continuously howled. Now, the players could only run in terror.

The three resisting factions were way too weak to face the Skeleton army by themselves. As soon as the ocean of black bones rushed forward, all sound from them disappeared in just a moment.

One of the key commanders, a famed General of the military in the real world, was quickly killed by a Skeleton Cavalryman. The Skeleton Cavalry used its bone spear to stab through his head and raised up his corpse as if to announce that the players had lost the battle.

Next, it was time for the Skeletons to hunt down the players who had run away. Zhao Fu also flew over and stood in the air as he watched the Skeletons continuously kill players. The ground was covered with countless corpses, and the ground was stained with blood as the scent of blood and guts filled the air.

Some of the escaping players looked terrified as they pleaded towards Zhao Fu in the sky.

"I was wrong. Please forgive me and spare me!"

"Please, I only did this for a bit of money. I really don't want to become enemies with Great Qin!"

"I'm willing to surrender. Please don't kill me. Please let me live."

Zhao Fu coldly looked at these people - what use was begging for mercy? Zhao Fu had no intention of sparing them, and he continued to watch as they were killed by the Skeletons.

Elsewhere, the battle between the City Lords was drawing to a close. Three City Lords had already been killed, and only one City Lord was left. Facing 28 City Lords, the result was already evident.

This City Lord had been forced into a corner, so he madly roared and prepared to self-detonate. The 28 City Lords were given a big fright - an explosion from a City Lord's self-detonation wasn't something just anyone could survive. This was because it also caused their City Lord Seals to explode.

Seeing this, the 28 City Lords quickly flew away.

Clang, clang, clang...

Just as the City Lord was about to self-detonate, the massive sound of chains rang out as chains shot out from the air and pierced through the City Lord's body.

Immediately, the City Lord died, having been pierced by hundreds of chains. There wasn't a single part of his body that was left unscathed, and blood dripped down from the air.

The City Lords turned and looked at Zhao Fu in shock.