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 The Skeletons in that first wave were just cannon fodder that Zhao Fu had sent over to see what the player army was up to. The true Skeleton army was the one coming now.

The black magic formation wasn't the Undead Disaster: It wasn't a summoning formation but a support-type formation. This formation gave the Skeleton army powerful attack, defense, and recovery, and the formation also boosted the Skeleton army's disaster attribute.

With this black magic formation, the true might of the Undead Disaster could be unleashed. The black magic formation fused with the Disaster King Ring's power, which was the fusion of the Undead Disaster with boundless disaster, creating the ocean of black bones below.

"Hurry and fire!" the commanders immediately yelled when they saw the countless black Skeletons rushing over like a black flood, their voices filled with fear.

The countless dumbfounded players quickly came back to their senses and shot their arrows.

Swish, swish, swish...

The arrows drew streaks of white light through the air as they shot towards the countless Skeletons. However, as the innumerable arrows fell into the ocean of black bones, there was no effect at all.

The light-attributed energy was completely blocked by the black aura of disaster and wasn't able to harm the Skeletons at all.

Suddenly, the ocean of black bones retaliated with its own bone arrows. Many of the careless were struck, and howls of pain sounded out on the defensive wall as many players were killed on the spot.

Very quickly, the ocean of black bones rushed to the defensive wall. Immediately, the commanders ordered the players to throw wooden barrels. After falling down, the wooden barrels shattered, causing oil to flow out.

Hundreds of fire arrows suddenly descended, lighting up a sea of fire. The Undead were usually quite afraid of fire, so the player army had prepared a lot of oil.

The raging flames were five meters tall, resulting in incredibly high temperatures. Even the players on the defensive wall ten or so meters away almost couldn't stand it, and they began sweating profusely.

The commanders wanted to use the fire to stop the Undead army, but they found that the Skeletons completely disregarded the fire and rushed through. The boundless gray aura covered the flames, causing them to slowly die down.

Swish, swish, swish...

Just as the flames dwindled, the sound of the air being torn sounded out as countless bone arrows once again flew up from below. Immediately, blood flew everywhere, and pitiful cries rang out as many more players died.


A massive sound could be heard as the ocean of black bones ferociously slammed against the defensive wall. The defensive wall trembled and started to crack. This defensive wall had been built in great haste, and because it wasn't reinforced by a City Heart's power, how could it defend against such a furious onslaught?

Many of the Skeletons used their death energy and gathered it on their claws as they stabbed into the defensive wall and started to climb up.

The Skeletons summoned by the Disaster Cavalry weren't beings that ordinary Skeletons could rival. Not only were they powerful, but they also had some intelligence.

The commanders were incredibly shocked and immediately gave the order to pour down holy water.

Seeing the countless Skeletons climbing up, the players felt quite terrified, but they obeyed the orders. After all, they were only players and weren't soldiers. Because of this, their hearts and minds weren't as strong, nor had they ever seen such a massive battle.

Buckets of holy water were poured on the Skeletons, causing countless Skeletons to roar in pain. A black disaster aura continuously rose up from their bodies, getting rid of the holy light energy.

It seemed that even the holy water wasn't of much use against the Skeletons, and it could only temporarily slow them down.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Four massive explosions sounded out as four bursts of energy exploded out. Four figures stood in the air - the four City Lords had finally acted, and they stretched out their hands, causing a formless energy to descend on the countless Skeletons, causing them to pause. However, they quickly struggled free from this energy.

With such a massive Skeleton army, even the four City Lords weren't enough to suppress them!

The four City Lords looked quite serious - the player army was already starting to lose ground against the Skeleton army, and this was only part of the Skeleton army. There were still more Skeletons coming, and if this continued, the player army would definitely lose without a doubt.

They had to do something - looking at the massive black magic formation in the distance, they felt that it was continuously giving off an aura of disaster, and the four City Lords turned into rays of light and flew over.

Under the massive black magic formation, Zhao Fu was standing in the air, looking at the four City Lords flying over with his blood-red eyes.

The four City Lords glared at Zhao Fu furiously as one of them said, "Sir, I hope that you'll stop this Undead Disaster, or we'll have to act against you."

If the players were unable to stop the Undead Disaster, their region would suffer countless injuries and deaths. As such, they had to act now to stop the Undead Disaster from progressing.

Zhao Fu's expression was cold as he replied, "You shouldn't get involved; I didn't plan on attacking your cities. I've already announced that I'll kill anyone who is involved, so today, the four of you must die!"

"Hahaha..." Hearing Zhao Fu's words, one of the City Lords started to laugh and said, "You think that we don't know that you're only the City Lord of a mere Basic City? Thinking that you can defeat the four of us is simply madness!"

Another City Lord also said, "Everyone, there's no need to waste words with him; let's kill him together and destroy this magic formation. That way, the Undead Disaster's strength will be greatly reduced."

The other three City Lords nodded and prepared to attack.

Zhao Fu looked at the four City Lords and coldly laughed as he said, "You're all quite eager to die!"

The four City Lords felt quite enraged and glared at Zhao Fu as they roared, "You're seeking death!"

However, Zhao Fu ignored them and said to seemingly no one, "Everyone... are you still not going to act?"

As he spoke, figures started to appear around him. All of them gave off powerful auras, and with so many powerful auras gathered, their strength was enough to cause the weather to change.

There were 28 of them, and all of them were City Lords. They were the City Lords from the seven regions that Zhao Fu had gone through already. Zhao Fu had used his High-Grade Contracts with them to make them help him with this matter.

What Zhao Fu wanted them to do was protect the Disaster Cavalry and kill all the enemies who tried to attack them.

The appearance of 28 City Lords caused the four City Lords' expressions to become grim, and they immediately chose to escape.

Zhao Fu's gaze became cold and looked at the escaping City Lords before turning to the others and saying, "Are you still not going to act? Don't tell me that seven of you aren't enough to take on one of them."

The 28 City Lords hesitated, and the woman in white that Zhao Fu had encountered last time said, "They're also City Lords! We shouldn't attack them because if they die, this region will be doomed."

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed, "And so what? If you want, I can have my Undead army turn back and attack your main cities since it will be you breaking the High-Grade Contract."