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The Undead army made an incredible amount of noise as it flooded into the eighth region. Feeling a large amount of living aura, the countless Skeletons became incredibly excited and rushed towards the defensive wall.

Seeing the countless Skeletons appear, the players on the defensive wall felt quite shocked, but with the commanders keeping everything in order, they regained their confidence.

It was impossible for there not to be commanders in such a large-scale battle. The massive player army was primarily commanded by four factions: the governmental faction's Generals, the School of Military's people, the Xingtian Clan from the Ancient Clans, and some important members from the northern side's factions.

The ocean of bones was incredibly fast, and all of the commanders loudly yelled out orders. The players became serious, and the atmosphere became incredibly somber.

Very soon, the countless Skeletons, giving off an unstoppable momentum, arrived within one kilometer of the defensive wall. It seemed that in just an instant, it would ferociously crash against the defensive wall.

However, at that moment, the ground suddenly caved in as the Skeletons fell into massive pits. The players had long since set up traps, and all of the pits were roughly five meters wide and ten or so meters deep. There was also water at the bottom of the pit that gave off a holy aura.

This water was, of course, holy water, and it was extremely effective against evil creatures and Undead. There were tens of thousands of these sorts of pits, and the amount of holy water they had used could rival a sea.

However, with the support of the countless factions, the costs didn't amount to much.

The Skeletons howled as they fell into the pits and touched the holy water, and this caused the flood to temporarily pause.

The countless players looked incredibly delighted, and some of the commanders also grinned. It was a pity that time was tight and that they had such a large area to defend. The area they were at was about 1,500 kilometers wide. Luckily, there were two mountains on either side, so they had constructed their defenses in between the mountains.

Otherwise, with how vast the region was, it would have been impossible for them to prepare a good defense. Even so, the region was quite big, and they had to set many traps and defenses, so they barely had enough time.

If they had more time, they could have dug countless pits, causing even more Skeletons to fall in and die. It was a pity that they could only dig tens of thousands in front of the defensive wall.

Following this, countless Skeletons fell into the pits, and soon, the pits were completely filled up with Skeletons, and the ocean of bones continued to rush towards the defensive wall.

At that moment, countless players drew their bows. Normal arrows were essentially useless against Skeletons, but their arrows were different - not only were there white talisman papers stuck on the bows, but there were also white talismans stuck on the arrows themselves.

The talismans glowed with a faint white light and gave off an aura of holiness. These talisman papers were called Holy Light Talismans, and they could give pieces of equipment great light-attributed damage.

The arrows left streaks of white light in the air as millions of white dots rained down towards the boundless ocean of bones.

These arrows landed on the Skeletons, greatly diminishing the death energy that the Skeletons had. No matter where the arrows landed, they resulted in great effects. Any Skeleton that was shot in the head lost its death energy and immediately collapsed into a pile of bones.

The player army's first wave of attacks was very effective, and not only did it reduce the Skeleton army's momentum, but it also resulted in countless Skeleton deaths.

The players continuously attacked, forcing the Skeleton army into a defensive state. This made the players on the defensive wall seem incredibly excited, and they now felt the confidence to stop the Undead Disaster and stop the catastrophe. Under their continued efforts, the Skeleton army no longer seemed as terrifying.

The commanders also felt more and more confident as they saw their attacks having a great effect. They had thought that this would be a tough and bitter battle with countless injuries and deaths, but it seemed that they had overestimated the Undead Disaster.

Before, they had been resolved to die and wanted to obtain victory by sacrificing their own people to take down the Skeleton army's numbers, but it seemed that things would be much easier than they had expected.

This was mostly because they had made good preparations, such as the defensive wall and the various traps, and the terrain favored them. Moreover, the 15 million players were quite united, and they had worked quite well together.

What was most important was the support they had received from the large factions. The holy water and countless Holy Light Talismans had cost an astronomical amount of money.

If they didn't have these items, which dealt a massive amount of damage to the Skeletons, their attacks wouldn't be as effective.

Seeing the Undead army's momentum gradually weaken, the countless players couldn't help but celebrate. They had stopped the Undead Disaster and would be forever remembered by future generations. If they told others about their contributions in this massive battle, they would receive the admiration and praise of others.

However, some of the commanders with detailed information frowned - from what they knew, the Undead Disaster shouldn't be so small, nor should it have been dealt with so easily.

This was because their side had barely suffered any losses, and the Skeletons weren't even close yet. How could they believe that victory would come so easily?

At that moment, the gray clouds in the sky gradually moved over, and the lighting dimmed. An eerie wind blew, causing people to shiver. The atmosphere felt quite oppressive as if a storm was about to arrive.


A massive explosion sounded out, ringing in all directions as ten black pillars of light rushed into the sky. The sky twisted as a black, 10,000-meter wide magic formation appeared, giving off an extremely horrifying aura.

Under the massive magic formation and at the center of the ten black pillars of light, a black-cloaked person stood in the air, giving off an incredibly powerful aura. Even though it was impossible to see his appearance, everyone knew that it was Great Qin's Legatee!

Zhao Fu's blood-red eyes coldly looked at the countless players in front of him. His cloak moved even though there was no wind, and he slowly raised his hand. The Disaster King Ring turned into a ray of light and shot into the magic formation above.

The black magic formation immediately radiated a powerful black light, and a boundless aura of disaster spread out, seeming to swallow the heavens and the earth. A massive wind started to blow as thunder started to sound out as if some sort of monstrous demon was about to appear.

Zhao Fu raised his hand and pointed forwards, and the scene seemed to freeze as the heavens and the earth fell completely silent.


Massive sounds started to be heard as if the world was going to be destroyed. The ground continuously shook as a massive ocean of black bones, giving off an aura that seemed to be able to destroy everything, flooded over.

The ocean of black bones had countless Skeleton Soldiers, Skeleton Archers, Skeleton Cavalry, and Skeleton Mages. All of them were incredibly powerful, and they gave off a large amount of black aura. That black aura was filled with an aura of disaster, and with so much destructive aura gathered together, it was as if there was an apocalypse.