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 Zhao Fu had never wanted to drag the ordinary people into his affairs because as someone who used to be just an ordinary person, he could understand them.

Great Qin couldn't control the Undead Disaster, resulting in countless players dying and for them to suffer great losses, but Great Qin had no other option.

Back then, the northern side's factions had acted against Great Qin incredibly ferociously and hadn't held back at all.

They had dealt a massive blow to Great Qin's businesses and caused tens of thousands of Great Qin's people to die. Facing such a large and arrogant alliance, the only thing that Great Qin could do was retaliate.

The Undead Disaster was the best option because not only could it destroy the northern side's factions, but it would also provide Great Qin with great benefits. All people were selfish creatures - Great Qin was selfish, but who in this world wasn't selfish?

Only the strong had the right to stand while speaking, and the weak could only kneel and beg for their lives. This was how the world was.

Zhao Fu didn't want to be someone who was weak, but he didn't want to harm the ordinary people either.

Zhao Fu could understand them when they cursed and insulted Great Qin, and he decided to change his thinking. At the same time, he decided to change the way he treated ordinary people in order to give them hope in this world.

Zhao Fu suddenly laughed, but this laugh was cold to the extreme and seemed quite cruel. With his blood-red eyes, he seemed incredibly terrifying.

"Then... I'll kill them all!"

Even though he could understand them, Zhao Fu still decided to kill those who opposed him, showing them no mercy. The ordinary people had become Great Qin's biggest obstacle, and if he didn't kill those who stood in his way, then Great Qin wouldn't be able to develop.

Zhao Fu had wanted to spare them, but since they were seeking their own deaths, Zhao Fu would give them what they wanted. As such, Zhao Fu decided to accept the declaration of war and had the Skeletons move towards the region where the ordinary players were gathered.

Within the seventh region, the Skeletons had developed another profession, which was even rarer than Skeleton Cavalry, which was Skeleton Mage.

The Skeleton Mages held a bone staff and could use magic. They had a gray cloak that covered their bodies and gave them some defense.

The Skeleton Mages had three skills. The first was a magic attack that could launch bone spears. The second was an Undead revival skill that summoned Skeletons using corpses.

Because the Skeleton Mages had a disaster attribute, the Skeletons they summoned also had a disaster attribute, but they weren't as strong as the ones that the Disaster Cavalry summoned.

The third skill was a summoning skill that could summon Evil Spirits. Evil Spirits were incorporeal spirits that were filled with wicked thoughts, and they could enter a person's head to control the person.

The addition of Skeleton Mages once again greatly boosted the Skeleton army's strength, and it increased the tactics the Skeletons had, making it even more difficult to deal with the Undead Disaster.

It had now been a month since the Undead Disaster had started, and the Heaven Awaken World had entered winter. It had become fairly cold, but because it was only the beginning of winter, it was enough to just wear an extra layer of clothes.

Most of the leaves had fallen, and the ground was covered with withered leaves. The tree branches started to darken, looking as if they had lost their vitality. At a glance, there was a sense of bleakness, and countless creatures started to enter hibernation.

During that month, the Universal Den had spawned three Wyverns. Great Qin's luck was quite good, and there were two mature Wyverns and a juvenile Wyvern.

The two mature Wyverns had Stage 5 strength and were incredibly powerful. Just the might that their bodies innately gave off was enough to scare ordinary creatures so much that they trembled.

The mature Wyverns were about 17 meters long and covered with gray scales that had a faint luster. Ordinary arrows were unable to pierce them, and they had sharp teeth, powerful bodies, and a powerful might that caused others to feel fear.

A mature Wyvern was more powerful than an ordinary Stage 5 expert. Moreover, as far as Zhao Fu knew, there weren't any Stage 5 experts - after all, all of the City Lords were only at Stage 4. In that case, a mature Wyvern would be able to destroy a few City Lords in a battle.

However, that was only against City Lords as individuals. With their City Lord Seals, they were too powerful, and a Stage 5 Wyvern wouldn't be able to take down a City Lord so easily. However, it would still be easy for them to kill ordinary Stage 4 experts.

By now, the Universal Den was an Advanced Den. Over the course of this month, the mature Wyverns had been going around killing everything, and they had gained EXP incredibly quickly.

Now that the den was an Advanced Den, it went from spawning a Wyvern every ten days to one every six days. Even though the spawning speed had greatly increased, Zhao Fu felt that it was still quite slow. In a month, it would still only be able to spawn five Wyverns.

It seemed that they couldn't just rely on the Den to spawn new Wyverns, and they would have to start breeding Wyverns. Great Qin had planted a lot of Dragon Incubating Celestial Grass, which would allow them to increase the hatching speed of many eggs.

However, they would still have to wait before they could breed Wyverns because they didn't have enough yet, and the two mature Wyverns were both male.

There were only three Wyverns that they could currently use, which was far from enough. As such, Zhao Fu didn't plan on using them, and he planned to hide them and use them as trump cards in the future.

Since Zhao Fu had chosen the region where he knew 15 million players gathered, he wasn't stupid enough to not make any preparations.

First, he called Xianru over and discussed with her some things before calling over the Black and White Impermanences.

They were officials in the Ghost World and had a good understanding of ghosts and Undead, so Zhao Fu asked them about some matters. After making preparations, Zhao Fu once again went to the seventh region.

By now, the boundless Skeleton army had finished rampaging through the seventh region, and a gray deathly aura covered the sky. The world seemed to be dead as a chilling aura spread throughout the region, making it seem like a land of the dead.

The ten Disaster Cavalrymen obeyed Zhao Fu's command and raised their black swords, causing a formless shockwave to ripple out. The Skeletons stopped moving as their black spirit flames shook and they gathered towards the Disaster Cavalry.

Soon, the massive ocean of bones, which gave off incredible marching sounds, flooded towards the eighth region. The deathly aura about them caused the sky and the earth to dim and for countless creatures to flee in terror.

In the eighth region, the 15 million players had constructed a five-meter tall wall, and all of the players excitedly waited for battle. With so many players gathered, they gave off a massively powerful aura that would be able to shock countless creatures.

Soon, a shocking battle would erupt in the eighth region.