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 The players in the four surrounding regions started to pass through the Void Zones with the help of the top-tier factions and gathered in the region that was about to be invaded by the Undead Disaster.

It was the first time so many players had moved from one region to another in the Heaven Awaken World. There were now 15 million players in one region, which was something that had never been seen before.

Countless factions' attention was gathered here - not just from China but from all over the world.

This battle would definitely be recorded in history because a battle of this scale was very rarely seen. Even with this many people, the factions weren't completely confident that they could destroy the Undead Disaster.

This was because they had no idea just how big the Undead Disaster was, but logically speaking, since a single person could take down roughly four Skeletons, 15 million people could take down 60 million Skeletons. Even if they were unable to stop the Undead Disaster, they would be able to greatly reduce its strength.

There wouldn't be too many Skeletons left afterward, and if they could gather another player army, they should be able to destroy the Undead Disaster.

Even if these 15 million players all died, they would still be able to accomplish their goal without adding to the Undead Disaster's numbers. In the end, the northern side's factions would still obtain victory.

So as to make sure nothing out of the ordinary would happen, Su Yan made plans in advance with the four City Lords and told them to work together to suppress Great Qin's Legatee.

These City Lords originally didn't want to involve them in a conflict between players, but after seeing the devastation of the Undead Disaster, they chose to stop the catastrophe together.

Su Yan had wanted a few more City Lords to join, but none of the City Lords from other regions were willing to join.

This was because it wasn't certain that the Undead Disaster would enter their region, and they knew that even if the Undead Disaster came to their region, they only had to pay a small price for their city to not be attacked by the Skeletons.

Even though only the four City Lords from the predicted region were willing to join, Su Yan believed that this would be enough. All they needed to do was suppress Great Qin's Legatee. Moreover, even if they lost this battle and the 15 million players all died, it would be fine if they achieved their objective.

The various factions were quite happy with Su Yan's plan, and they no longer felt that Great Qin's Undead Disaster was as terrifying. They all let out a breath of relief and started to praise Su Yan.

Su Yan's fame gradually grew, and he was deeply loved and respected by countless factions. Many large families' young misses started to look at him with interest, and Su Yan suddenly rose to the highest point in his life.

Elsewhere, Zhang Heng, riding on his donkey, also took notice of this matter. However, he felt quite complicated - he was unsure as to whether his senior apprentice brother's plan would work. Even though it seemed guaranteed to succeed, since he was facing Great Qin, this wouldn't necessarily be the case.

"Senior apprentice brother has been standing against Great Qin so many times, so it's impossible that Great Qin will let him off. Senior apprentice brother, this isn't worth it!" Zhang Heng sighed and continued to ride onwards on his donkey, not wanting to participate in this matter.

Su Yan then set another plan into motion. It was impossible that Great Qin didn't know what he was doing, so perhaps Great Qin wouldn't come to this predicted region and would instead turn elsewhere.

If that was the case, the player army that he had painstakingly gathered would be useless. They could take the initiative to attack, but they wouldn't have as great of an advantage. As such, Su Yan had to think of a way to force the Undead Disaster to come to this predicted region.

Within the predicted region, Su Yan had already ordered people to create defensive lines, using all sorts of methods to kill the Skeletons.

Now, Su Yan thought of a way to force Great Qin into this region, which was to send a declaration of war. As such, he publicly announced, "Great Qin, do you dare to fight?"

Not only would that raise his side's morale, but it would also lure Great Qin into this region. With how eager Great Qin was to fight and how proud it was, it would most likely choose to fight. Even if Great Qin chose to escape, it would be mocked to be a coward.

With Su Yan and the northern side's factions issuing declarations of war, everything became much more heated.

The participating players could feel their blood boiling, and with the confidence they had from the top-tier factions joining, they all started to post declarations of war on the Heaven Awaken World forum.

"Great Qin, do you dare to fight? Your elder's going to beat you so badly that you'll call me daddy!"

"Trashy Great Qin, do you still dare to be so arrogant? We'll teach you a lesson today!"

"Great Qin? More like Great Bin! You think you're all that and even dared to start an Undead Disaster. The northern side's factions are going to destroy it and show you who the true masters of the northern side are. You'd best piss off!"

"I bet Great Qin is scared. With so many people here, it's definitely afraid. It's a pity - I wanted to teach that idiot, Great Qin's Legatee, a lesson. Now that it has made an enemy of all of China, its fate has been decided."

"The northern side's factions are bound to win this time; we'll definitely slaughter Great Qin's Legatee for being so arrogant and domineering. I want to be the first person to piss on his head to wake him up. All he has is a Legacy; just who does he think he is?"

"That's right! We'll screw Great Qin's Legatee to death, screw his mother to death, and screw his sisters to death!"

People said whatever they wanted on the internet, and they used filthy language. All of the threads had many replies, and their content was usually just as bad. After all, it would be impossible for people who hated Great Qin's Legatee to sing his praises.

Now that Great Qin was obstinately clinging to its own course, almost all of China despised it, and no one felt any favorability towards it anymore.

Currently, the Heaven Awaken World forum was filled with these sorts of threads, and countless people cursed at and insulted Great Qin, venting out their unhappiness and anger.

Flower Moon, which was in charge of the forum, didn't intervene, and it instead had those sorts of threads listed at the top of the forum, shaping Great Qin to be a faction that was extremely evil. This way, Flower Moon would be able to attract more people to resist Great Qin.

Back then, Great Qin had shocked countless factions, seemed incredibly impressive, and been admired by all. Now, it was despised and hated by almost every Chinese person.

However, that was just how people were - they were easily affected by the crowd and would usually jump on any bandwagon presented to them.

Zhao Fu knew about these things, from the posting of recruitment threads to Su Yan's declaration of war to the cursing and insulting on the forum.

How could Zhao Fu not know about such a big thing? Otherwise, he would simply be too outdated in terms of information.

Currently, Zhao Fu expressionlessly sat in a hall, and he felt that he had done something wrong.