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The boundless ocean of bones gave off massive sounds as it flooded into the fourth region, destroying trees and crushing rocks in its way, causing the ground to continuously tremble.

The ocean of bones devoured everything in its path, and it was even more terrifying than before. As soon as they sensed that something was off, countless creatures started to run for their lives.

The massive sounds were immediately detected by the four City Lords, and they turned into four rays of light that flew over. Seeing the endless ocean of bones, they felt incredibly shocked.

Afterward, they sensed Zhao Fu, who was in the middle of the ocean of bones, and they flew over. After talking, just like the other City Lords, they signed a High-Grade Contract, returned to their main cities, and expelled the people on their lists. They were unable to refuse Zhao Fu's conditions at all.

This caused everyone in the region to understand that the Undead Disaster was attacking their region, and everyone started to panic. Those who were part of the Qin Resistance Alliance looked quite bitter - if they had known this was going to happen, they wouldn't have joined.

When the ordinary players saw those people being expelled, they felt incredibly happy. Even though they temporarily couldn't leave the system main cities and would have some losses, at least they were still alive and were much better off than those who were fated to die.

Those who were in the wilderness didn't have any chance at survival, and the player factions in the wilderness could only destroy their villages and hide within the system main cities. The City Lords understood how terrible this disaster was, and because they didn't want so many people to die, they took in anyone who wasn't on the list.

Right now, all of the system main cities were packed to the brim, and many of the people's clothes were torn. The people also had terrified expressions on their faces. These people quickly ran into the system main city when the Undead Disaster had arrived, and they had personally seen how terrifying it was.

It wasn't something that humans could resist, and that boundless ocean of bones could destroy everything. Nothing in this world could defend against it, and because they were too weak, they could only run in fear.

Some people decided to dig holes and hide within the holes when the Undead Disaster arrived. However, they had to destroy their own villages and turn them into City Creation Stones, or they would be permanently destroyed by the Skeleton army.

Right now, staying alive was the most important thing, and most people didn't have the mind to think of anything else. Moreover, because the ground had been stained with the deathly aura, no one would be able to grow crops for a while, so there would be a great famine after the Undead Disaster passed.

The Undead Disaster started to wreak havoc in the fourth region, and the ocean of bones gradually covered the entire region. Cries of pain and horror sounded out all over the place, and the deathly aura covered the entire sky in that region.

The people outside of the system main cities fought bitterly to stay alive and hated Great Qin for causing this massive disaster. Those within the system main cities prayed, hoping that Great Qin would quickly stop this massacre and allow the world to return to peace.

However, praying was of no use because everything was within Great Qin's control. As such, they could only plead with Great Qin. Similarly, there was no use hating the heavens; they could only hate Great Qin.

The Undead Disaster grew bigger and bigger, and the sounds it gave off became more and more terrifying. After seeing the aftermath, countless factions were incredibly horrified and thought about joining together to destroy the Ying family.

Even the governmental factions thought about going all-out and disregarding the terrible consequences. Perhaps destroying the Ying family would be able to stop this disaster, but they didn't dare to act.

First, the Ying family was one of the five Great Families, and it had an incredibly deep foundation and controlled part of the military. If anyone tried to attack it, they would suffer disastrous losses. Only the governmental factions had the confidence to even attack the Ying family; even the other four Great Families didn't dare to do so.

The key thing was that they couldn't find Great Qin's Legatee and had no idea where he was, and it seemed that he didn't care about the Ying family. As such, even if they destroyed the Ying family, he might not even stop, and it might even make him even more furious, resulting in greater losses for them within the Heaven Awaken World.

That was the main reason. If they had known that Zhao Fu was Great Qin's Legatee, many factions would've chosen to destroy the Ying family at all costs.

Time gradually passed, and countless Skeletons continued to hunt down all sorts of living creatures. Regardless of whether it was a Human, Outlander, or beast, all of them ran for their lives.

Countless Skeletons excitedly chased after them, and a Skeleton holding a bone sword slashed out a large wave of gray sword light, killing five of the villagers they were chasing.

The Skeleton absorbed the gray aura that left the corpses, and its body trembled and once again went through changes.

First, countless traces of a gray aura covered its body, and the black spirit flame in its head continuously trembled. Its aura became more and more powerful as the gray aura around it started to change and turned into bone armor.

The Skeleton waved its hand, and a Skeleton horse ran over. The armored Skeleton flipped onto the horse and became a Skeleton Cavalryman.

Skeleton Cavalrymen had immense strength. Not only did they have increased speed and power, but they also became more intelligent. They were more than ten times more powerful than ordinary Skeletons, and they were even more ruthless and cold-blooded when killing living creatures.

Now that the Undead army had Skeleton Cavalrymen, its battle strength once again became more powerful. Standing at the center of the ocean of bones, a trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face.

Five days later, Zhao Fu ordered the Disaster Cavalry to start moving to the next region.

The ten Disaster Cavalrymen, who were covered with a black fog, drew their black swords and raised them. All of the Skeletons seemed to feel something and stopped before gathering together.

Seeing that the Undead army was finally starting to leave, the four City Lords let out a sigh of relief. However, after seeing the withered grass and plants, the barren land, and the ruined buildings, they couldn't help but sigh.

With the Skeletons added in the fourth region, the ocean of bones had become even larger, and it took just five days to sweep through the fifth region.

The gray clouds of deathly aura blocked out the sun, and there was no life on the ground. Everything was silent, and let alone the sounds of birds or beasts, there wasn't even the chirping of insects. There was only a deathly silence.

This was the most terrifying scene in this era, a disaster that wiped out all living things.

The boundless Skeletons continued on to the sixth region!

The Undead Disaster was simply unstoppable, and it destroyed everything in its path, causing the land that it passed over to turn into a defiled and cursed ground, showing everyone just how terrifying the Undead Disaster was.

Another four days later, the ocean of bones started to move towards the seventh region, leaving behind only a silent, deathly region.