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 They had never thought that Great Qin's Legatee would refuse so straightforwardly. All of the top factions in China were here; did Great Qin's Legatee want to go against all of China?

"Is Great Qin's Legatee truly refusing? Is there no room for negotiation at all?" one of the elders from the Ancient Clans was unwilling to give up and asked with a trace of hope.

After all, this matter concerned all of China, and if this Undead Disaster continued, it could shake the very foundations of China, severely injuring all of the Chinese factions.

A thick-eyebrowed middle-aged man from a governmental faction also asked, "Is Great Qin's Legatee determined to create this disaster? As a Chinese person, is he not even thinking about China?"

Facing these two people, who held immense power, the Ying family leader who made the announcement felt quite helpless as he replied, "Great Qin's Legatee has already made his decision, and this was told to us personally by his representative in the real world. We are unable to change his decision!"

The thick-eyebrowed middle-aged man coldly harrumphed as he said, "It's that person called Zhao Fu, right? I want to meet him personally."

The elder from the Ancient Clans also said, "That's right! Family leaders, please let us meet Zhao Fu and talk with him. This matter concerns all of China, so it's best to not make a hasty decision like this."

The other factions also asked for the same thing. They all wanted to at least try to persuade Great Qin's Legatee to change his mind.

Seeing this, the Ying family leaders had no choice but to leave and try to bring Zhao Fu here.

At that moment, Zhao Fu was eating his food while listening to Mu Guilin report on things in the real world, giving him knowledge of the various happenings in the world.

The family leaders once again returned. They could have sent some people to pass the message, but they still came personally. After all, if they sent someone else, Zhao Fu most likely would immediately refuse.

Since they wanted Zhao Fu to give them face, they also had to give Zhao Fu face. They hoped that Zhao Fu would go over because the Ying family was currently under immense pressure.

After hearing what the family leaders had to say, Zhao Fu felt quite annoyed, and initially, he didn't want to go. However, after thinking about it, he decided that since all of the top factions in China had come, he should at least give them some face.

Seeing that Zhao Fu had agreed, the family leaders smiled and quickly took Zhao Fu to the hall.

After stepping into the hall, Zhao Fu immediately became the focus of everyone present. As Great Qin's Legatee's representative in the real world, many factions already knew about him and knew what he looked like.

Countless people gathered over, and because Zhao Fu had a special jade medallion from Qiu Fengzi that could hide his Fate, he wasn't worried about other people finding out about his true identity.

Zhao Fu didn't waste any time and said, "Everyone, Great Qin's Legatee has already made a decision, and no one is able to change that. Now that the Undead Disaster has begun, out of the Qin Resistance Alliance members in the northern side, none will be spared. As for other matters, we will talk about them when the time comes."

After hearing Zhao Fu's words, the expressions of the people from the northern side became quite unsightly, and they could imagine what would happen next.

The other people also looked quite grim because Zhao Fu didn't say that the Undead Disaster would stop after ravaging the northern side. This meant that Great Qin's Legatee already planned to use the Undead Disaster to sweep across all of China.

Since this was the case, their factions would definitely be affected. If the Undead Disaster swept across the northern side, with its size, it would be impossible for it to not affect any other regions. If they talked about it when the time came, it would be way too late, and they would become prey for Great Qin's Legatee.

Who would be able to stand up to an Undead Disaster that had already turned the northern side into a living hell? It would simply be unstoppable.

"Little friend, as Great Qin's Legatee's representative, your relationship with him should be quite good. You should try to persuade him to stop: if the Undead Disaster continues, countless beings will die, and countless factions will be destroyed. If that happens, China will be greatly weakened, and it may even be invaded by other nations.

"Think about whenever China has been invaded throughout history; as a Chinese person, doesn't that make your heart ache and make you furious?

"As a Chinese person, you should think about the rest of your people!" The elder from the Ancient Clans tried to convince Zhao Fu and have him try to persuade Great Qin's Legatee.

The elder's words caused others to yell in agreement, "That's right! Think about China as a whole. Many of China's factions will be destroyed, and if we're invaded, we definitely won't have the strength to retaliate. The entirety of China will be in danger."

Many people looked at Zhao Fu and wholeheartedly tried to convince him to try to talk some sense into Great Qin's Legatee.

"Hahaha..." Hearing their words, which were essentially telling him to let Great Qin suffer for the rest of China, Zhao Fu couldn't help but laugh.

Zhao Fu's laughter made many people feel quite displeased, and they frowned as they looked at Zhao Fu. They were seriously and earnestly speaking, but Zhao Fu's laughter was simply too condescending.

Zhao Fu soon stopped laughing and said, "You don't need to worry about being invaded, as Great Qin's Legatee won't let any of them off either. They will be met with the same treatment, so you won't have to worry that they'll be strong enough to attack China.

"Also, as to the other lives, if they die, then they die. What does it matter to Great Qin? Everyone, Great Qin's Legatee won't change his decision."

"You're simply too selfish!" a person angrily yelled as he pointed at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu coldly glanced at him before asking, "Then are you not selfish? Is there anyone who isn't selfish? Currently, Great Qin has the power to destroy all opposing factions, so why shouldn't it use that power? Should it wait until you have developed so that you can resist Great Qin together? Right now, who views Great Qin as a friend?

"Since that is the case, why should Great Qin care about what you think, care about what you want, and care about those other living creatures? Great Qin cares not for your talks of justice and righteousness.

"If you're all really thinking about what's best for China, then submit to Great Qin and obey Great Qin's commands. Then, we'll be able to destroy all foreign nations, and Great Qin will be able to establish a never-ending dynasty. This will allow China to stand at the top of the world. If you're all willing to agree, the Undead Disaster won't harm any of you. However, would any of you agree?"

Zhao Fu's voice carried with it a formless aura that suppressed the entire scene, causing all to fall silent. None of the people present were able to answer him because everyone was innately selfish - who would be willing to give over the faction that one had worked so hard to build and the riches one had worked so hard to amass to someone else?